5 Crazy Illuminati and Celebrities Conspiracy Theories


Ever wonder why things are happening entirely unexpectedly in the celebrities’ life. Is there something that we are not a part of? I guess yes, and most of us believe that it is Illuminati. Illuminati and celebrities hold a strong connection with one another.

Illumination is believed to be a strong organization, which finds it traces back to the days of the year 1776. This organization was formed to oppose certain bizarre things taking place back in those days, like a strong belief in superstition, no opposition for the vital powers, and many unknown secret agendas.

Illuminates were believed, yet not proved, were people interested in black magic and hence kept their identity closed. They were thought to be responsible for the things that are not in the hands of humans. The theories and beliefs of people for them are poles apart, and this organization is said to be confusing by so many authors and writers.

Writers, Philosophers, Researchers, etc., claim that the understanding of illuminates is confusing, but claimed that they hold certain powers or thoughts to change things through magic. Now how much this is said to be accurate, is questionable, or must have been under research, we cannot tell or answer.

But one thing that we can discuss today is about the secret celebrity members of the Illuminati Society and not-so-common theories associated with it. The Illuminati and celebrities who are associated are John Cena, Michael Jackson, Undertaker, Paul McCartney, and Justin Beiber.

Let us discuss some of the celebrities’ theories that are said to be under the impact of the Illuminati.

Insane Illuminati and Celebrities Theories

Following are the top 5 Illuminati and Celebrity Theories, discussed regarding what people believe.

#John Cena and his Beast Sign

John Cena is one of the top American wrestlers who is a part of this secret society. He is one of those members who has tried several times to indicate that he is one of them.

One of the incidents is when he makes a shape of six using his hands is said to be the number of the beast, which is believed to be a driving force of illuminates.

Another incident that people avouch is his line that he usually uses for a rocking entry, “you can’t see me,” indicating him as an Illuminati member. All of them are secretly on a mission. This statement by John Cena has some meaning. In contrary to which, we can see him very well.

#POP singer Justin Bieber

POP singer Justin Bieber
Source: The Mirror

Pop Singer Justin Bieber is said to be a lizard in the form of a man. It was believed, and hence the videos were viral on the internet, people say.  

The first video of his was of him walking out of an airport, and suddenly the color of his body changed a bit similar to little pattens on lizards’ bodies. It is said to be a theory, and hence I find it unbelievable.

Another video from the courtroom got viral when he was found rolling his tongue, similar to how lizards do with their tongue.

Hard to believe, yes I know, but it is said to be one of the top Illuminati Celebrity theory.

#Michael Jackson and his soul

Michael Jackson and his soul
Source: NDTV.com

World’s No. 1 dancer-singer Michael Jackson is believed to be a preeminent member of the Illuminati society.

It is hard to believe that the same person had the power to control the in and out of his soul. It is pretty spooky. I feel.

It is believed that Michael Jackson was not fond of meeting people and after events and shows used to spend most of his time alone.

It is scary, but do illuminates have to be frightening, not proved, so it’s questionable.

#Undertaker- a reborn soul

Undertaker- a reborn soul
Source: The Focus

I am damn sure that while growing, one of your friends might have told you that Undertaker is dead, and to clean the earth, his soul is goofing around. Is it believable? I feel, No.

A soul is believed to be hovering around and doing all of his WWE fights. Are we serious? But if this is true, then Undertaker is a member of the Illuminati society because these activities are only performed there, I suppose.

#Paul McCartney is Dead

Paul McCartney is Dead
Source: YouTube

It is was believed that Paul, a well-known songwriter, music director, and film producer is said to be dead during a car accident that took place in the year 1967.

But Paul McCartney is alive and was last seen in Jimmy Kimmel Live show, where he clarified that people still suspect him of being an Illuminati member. Do you believe that?

To clarify this, he also came out with a song called “Paul Is Live,”; which proved to be the opposite of the plan for which it was released. People started suspecting more of Paul’s death.

These were some of the unbelievable conspiracy theories which we still don’t feel whether to believe or not to believe. But if you know some more conspiracy theories, do let us know in the comment section. If you want to get away from such theories, you should watch anime series, because there are a lot of reasons to watch anime series.

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