8 Immortal Superheroes In DC | Most Feared Heroes In Comics!


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be immortal? Looking at the most powerful immortal superheroes in DC, we can get the hint that their life isn’t all about unicorns and sunshine. Maybe immortality isn’t exactly a blessing to them, but it also benefits them from destroying enemies without having to worry about the time they have left.

Immortal superheroes are an essential part of the DC universe as humanity would not have survived for a long time without them. The concept of immortality in the DC universe dates back to the time of comics. It isn’t much available in the DC entertainment about the powers of the immortal superheroes compared to what you will find in the DC comics.

Most of the powerful superheroes in DC weren’t born with the gift of immortality. Many of them have surpassed years of training to receive the gift, while others were rewarded immortality for their doings. From heroes like Donna Troy, who was born with the gift of immortality, to Artemis, who received immortality after being involved in a crossfire amongst the tribes, many more DC heroes will live for eternity while protecting the galaxy from darkness. 

Now, let’s move ahead and find more about the most powerful immortal superheroes in DC other than their names. 

8 Immortal Superheroes In DC | Death Is A Joke To Them!

Superheroes are immortal until their work on earth is done. This is what we have always heard in the movies and superhero series. They will be here to protect us until all the darkness diminishes and we have a world full of love and light. Immortal superheroes are the precursors of peace and will do anything to keep humanity safe from the dark forces. 

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#1 Wonder Woman | The Strongest Amazon Warrior 

Wonder Woman: Immortal Superheroes In DC

Let’s start the list with the Amazon goddess and the oldest DC superhero, Wonder Woman. Diana is one of the strongest immortal superheroes in the DC Extended Universe and is a founding member of the Justice League. If it weren’t for Wonder Woman and her powers, the earth would have crumbled to darkness a long time ago. Recently, word came out that Wonder Woman is the daughter of the great Zeus, making her a demigod. Apart from that, Diana is also a part of the DC comics’ trinity, making her one of the most feared heroes in the universe. 

#2 Alec Holland | Green Member Of The Justice League Dark 

Swamp Thing: Immortal Superheroes In DC

Born from the chemical vats of the Louisana swamps, Swamp Thing is an immortal character in the DC comics who fought against many supernatural creatures from time to time. Before turning into the Green avatar, Swamp Thing was Alec Holland, an intelligent and determined scientist working in Louisana. After the explosion, he became a part of the Justice League Dark and became a big help in killing powerful supervillains. Over the years, Swamp Thing has become a powerful immortal superhero of the DC universe. 

#3 Superman | The Last Son Of Krypton 

Superman: Immortal Superheroes In DC

Between Superman and Wonder Woman, there is no doubt that Diana is the most powerful, followed by the man of steel. The last son of Krypton, also known as Kal-El, was not born immortal. Superman’s Kryptonian DNA enhances the metabolic and healing systems that allow him to age slower than others. However, his immortality is dependent on the radiation coming from the sun. If Clark stays away from the radiation for too long, he will lose his immortality and age like humans. 

#4 Artemis | The Mighty Warrior Of Amazon 

Artemis: Immortal Superheroes In DC

Artemis of Bana-Mighdall is an Amazon warrior who wasn’t born immortal like her other sisters. Artemis lived her life away from Queen Hippolyta’s tribe despite being an Amazonian after a conflict separated their tribes long before her birth. Artemis was given immortality as a part of a deal with Circe, the wicked sorceress of DC and Diana’s biggest villain. In the latest comics, Artemis is seen working as the Red Hood’s Outlaws member, helping to fight enemies, and has also aided Wonder Woman on various missions. 

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#5 Phantom Stranger | Mysterious Immortal In DC 

Phantom Stranger: Immortal Superheroes In DC

If we are talking about the mysterious immortals in the DC comics, Phantom Stranger has to be on the list. Phantom Stranger has unidentified origins in the universe, and the strangest part is that there are theories of his four possible origins. Phantom Stranger can travel across the universe at his will, and in the comics, he has worked with superheroes like Pandora and members of the Justice League Dark. Not only that, but Phantom Stranger is also a part of the Quintessence with many powerful superheroes. 

#6 Shazam | Partly Immortal Creature 

Shazam: Immortal Superheroes In DC

Before we discuss Billy Bastion’s powerful hero version Shazam, I have a question to ask. Did you know that Marvel and DC had a long-standing fight over Shazam’s name in the series? Shazam was originally known as Captain Marvel, but DC changed it after similarities with Marvel’s Captain Marvel. Now, coming back to immortality, Billy Bastion isn’t immortal when he is in his human self. If he is in Shazam form, then only he has immortality along with other superpowers. 

#7 Orion | Darkseid’s Biggest Enemy 

Orion: Immortal Superheroes In DC

Can you imagine the son of the evil monstrosity Darkseid becoming an ally with the heroes of the DC universe? Yeah, me neither, but Orion, the second son of Darkseid, has proven us all wrong. Born as an immortal, Orion was offered a sign of peace treaty to the Highfather and became a thread of hope between Apokolips and New Genesis. Despite gaining his powers from Darkseid, Orion is fueled with hate and anger against his father and has taken several deadly steps to stop him over the years. 

#8 Alan Scott | The Mystical Hero in DC 

Green Lantern: Immortal Superheroes In DC

Alan Scott, also known as Green Lantern in the DC universe, is a fan favorite because of his morals and empathy. Though he is a celestial creature of DC, his powers remain mysterious because they aren’t a gift from the Guardians of the Universe. Alan Scott is blessed with immortality and superpowers because of his mystical connection to a meteorite that landed on earth. He is a part of the Justice League of America and has protected the planet during several different attacks from the enemies. 

Final Words 

Though the world of DC comics is full of immortal heroes, only a few have surpassed others in terms of powers and become the most powerful immortals in DC. From helping fight against their blood to sacrificing their immortality for humankind, these superheroes have proven that darkness cannot take over as long as they are walking on earth. 

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