7 Immortal Superheroes In Marvel | Death Does Not Scare Them!


Immortality truly is a gift to many, but it sometimes comes as a curse for immortal superheroes in Marvel. Now, you must be wondering, why so? Those who are immortal are granted powers that can either benefit humanity or cause its destruction. Due to their immortality, servants of darkness constantly look for all the immortals they can lure to their side and destroy humankind. 

The concept of immortality is not a new thing in the Marvel Universe. It has been an essential part of comics for a long time, but many viewers haven’t seen it in the cinematic universe. Most of the immortal superheroes in Marvel comics haven’t made their entry into the cinematic universe yet except a few like Bruce Banner and Thor. 

The Asgardian God, aka Thor, is the oldest known immortal as he is an integral part of Marvel movies and TV series. However, if we see in the comics, there are many immortal superheroes you may not even know. These superheroes are blessed with an eternal lifespan to kill the enemies without worrying about the time and keep humanity protected. From Madame Webb to The Sentry and many more, they have sworn their immortal life to the safety of earth and the entire galaxy. 

Are you wondering who will make it to the list along with these two? Let’s move ahead and find out for ourselves. 

7 Immortal Superheroes That Have Embraced Death A Million Times!

Time has a different flow in superhero comics and movies. The mighty Captain America can survive 70 years in ice, whereas children can become adults in a few days. Writers and creators use the time according to their convenience to shape the heroes and mold a story in a direction that the audience will love. 

#1 Madame Webb | Cassandra Webb Is Blessed To See Future 

Madame Webb | 7 Immortal Superheroes In Marvel

Most of you may not know her, but Madame Webb, born as Cassandra Webb, is an essential part of Marvel Comics. Madame Webb was born blind with a neurological condition known as myasthenia gravis. Due to this condition, she developed paralysis, but its side effect helped her gain powerful psychic abilities. Madame can see the future in the blink of an eye and use her telepathic powers to travel across space in seconds. 

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#2 Bruce Banner | The Incredible Hulk Is A Powerful Immortal 

Hulk: Immortal Superheroes In Marvel

Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, is the longest living superhero in the cinematic universe who is an immortal. Bruce Banner became the giant green monster after taking the super-soldier formula during a failed experiment. The serum combined with gamma radiation and resulted in the birth of the big green guy. Though Hulk has used his powers to save humanity most of the time, it does not take him a minute to destroy everything when he gets angry. 

#3 Hope Summers | The Most Powerful Immortal Mutant

Hope Summers: Immortal Superheroes In Marvel

The gorgeous and one of the most powerful superheroes of Marvel comics, Hope Summers, is also an immortal. She is the most powerful Omega level mutant in the universe and is the daughter of cable. A prophecy says Hope will either be the greatest defender of humanity and mutants, or will be the cause of everyone’s destruction. Throughout the years, she is seen serving humanity, but she has been a target of the enemies forever because of the prophecy. 

#4 Wolverine | The Oldest Mutant In Marvel 

Wolverine: Immortal Superheroes In Marvel

Like Hope Summers, Wolverine is also a mutant and one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel. Wolverine is one of the oldest superheroes as he was born in the 19th century. His age and immortality combined make him one of the most potent mutants in the universe. He is also blessed with healing powers that no other superhero has. In most Marvel comics, the wolverine is seen living well into the future while most of his comrades have died. 

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#5 Franklin Richards | Immortal With Mind-Bending Powers 

Franklin Richards: Immortal Superheroes In Marvel

Richards is an important part of the Fantastic Four team and an immortal with mind-bending powers. Using his abilities, Richards can bring thoughts to life and often alter reality. In one of the alternate universes in Marvel comics, Franklin Richards single-handedly killed two celestials and proved his worth. Not only that, but he has also managed to take down Galactus himself and make him one of his messengers. 

#6 Thor | The Asgardian God Of Thunder

Thor: Immortal Superheroes In Marvel

Magic is one of the most significant forms of immortality in any universe, and Marvel is not far from it. Asgardians not only have magical powers, but they are also scientifically advanced, making them an excellent example of immortality. The celestial land of Asgard has a magical fruit known as the Apple of Idunn that grants them immortality. Due to this apple, the all-father Odin lived for thousands of years, and we have seen Thor also living far into the future with kids and grandkids. 

#7 Nightcrawler | The Villain Turned Superhero 

Nightcrawler: Immortal Superheroes In Marvel

Kurt Wagner, aka the Nightcrawler, is next on the list of immortal superheroes in marvel. He is the son of Mystique and Azazel and was born as a teleporting mutant. Kurt has demonic blue skin and is a member of X-Men’s team. Though he began his journey by participating in the circus events against X-men, it wasn’t until he sacrificed his soul and was resurrected that he changed his mind. After the resurrection, Kurt gained more powers, but they came with a considerable cost. Kurt is an immortal, but he can feel the pain of every injury his body sustains. 

Final Words

Immortal superheroes and villains are a big part of the Marvel universe but a more significant part of Marvel comics. Many immortal comic characters are yet to appear on big-screen, but hopefully, this may change with the upcoming Marvel phase 5. Until then, you can enjoy the comics and come here to find more about the comic characters unknown to you. 

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