The Importance of Shoes in Fashion | 5 Reasons that Elevate Your Unique Style Statement


Understanding the importance of shoes in fashion industry is very important if you are looking to stand apart from others. Only a good sense of clothing and style is not enough to make a difference. Instead, you need to focus on your shoes and make an impression that will last for a long time. 

When I say that fashion holds an important place in society, do you only consider clothing as a part of it? If that’s what you are doing, then you are moving in the wrong way. When I say fashion, I include shoes in that field as well. No matter how much money you spend on your designer outfit, you won’t make a good impression until you don’t have a good pair of shoes to match your look. 

Even if you are not wearing the best clothes that aren’t in trend anymore, a good pair of shoes will elevate your look in a few seconds. They will quickly shift the focus from your dress to your feet and make you the star of the party. If you did not know about these things, then my friend, you are in dire need of understanding the importance of shoes in fashion. 

Now, you know that I am a good friend; I cannot see you making a fool of yourself at the party. I have curated a list of reasons to help you understand why we give so much emphasis to our footwear while dressing up. 

5 Reasons that Explain the Importance of Shoes in Fashion

Understanding the importance of shoes in fashion is very important and easy but there are many when it is the little things that take time to be understood. For the following reasons, we hope that you will identify how important place shoes have in our day-to-day life.

What Value is Fashion Providing?
What Value is Fashion Providing?

#1 They Make a Great Impression

The Importance of Shoes in Fashion

Even before clothing, shoes are the first thing that anyone will notice about you. It is common, and even you must have done it many times. It is natural human behavior to judge someone based on their sense of styling their shoes. If you are not careful about the type of shoes you have decided to wear on a date night, trust me, you will never get on a second date with the same person. 

It is why so many people talk about the importance of shoes in fashion and hold an important place in your style guide. So it is necessary to know the importance of shoes in the fashion industry and incorporate some of the tips you learn into your daily routine. Just because you chose to wear sports shoes with a formal all-black suit, your date will think that you are insane. Do you want that to happen? No, right. 

#2 They Keep your Feet Squeaky Clean

The Importance of Shoes in Fashion

Not only will the shoes provide an extra layer of cushion to your feet after your socks, but they will also add a layer of protection to your feet. You want to wear crocs and go hiking, after which all the dirt will hug your feet immediately. Instead, you will wear your sports shoes or hiking shoes and then go out on the trip with your friends. 

It is one of the biggest reasons why I always say shoes are important in fashion. Your one right choice can add a lot of difference to your day. Similarly, you cannot wear open-toe flats on a rainy day because you don’t want your feet to get dirty. What will you do? You will wear casual shoes. 

#3 They Make You Stand Apart from the Crowd

The Importance of Shoes in Fashion

If you have a good sense of style and know how to style your shoes well, then trust me, you will make a big difference at the party. Some people don’t pay much importance to this aspect of fashion and think that nobody will notice it but trust me everybody will keep staring at you if you don’t pick the right choice. If you are someone with only one or two pairs of shoes, you might want to add more to your collection. 

Different types of shoes work at different times of the day, and the same goes for other occasions. The shoes that you wear with a formal look will not work for a casual and fun date night or on a trip to the mountains with your friends. Understand the essence of good shoes and invest in them accordingly. 

#4 They Help You Express Your Style 

The Importance of Shoes in Fashion

Like clothes, shoes are also a form of art and can help you express your style. With time, the shoe industry has discovered so many different and funky trends, from color blocks to color-changing shoes. You can find any type that will easily fit your mood and personality. 

The great thing about shoes is that there is no risk of trying out new trends like clothes. You will not feel uncomfortable with the shoe trends, and you can try them on without having to think about them for even a second. For me, shoes are the best thing that I will ever own, and experimenting with different looks is what I love the most about them. 

#5 They Complete your Wardrobe 

Your wardrobe will always remain incomplete without some great pair of shoes. Honestly, there is no fun in buying trending designer clothes if you don’t have a good pair of shoes to style them with. Shoes to clothing are what a soul to a body means. Without a soul, the body is nothing, and without shoes, the clothes don’t make any sense. 

When you have shoes in your wardrobe, you can easily experiment with different looks and find the one look that will suit you the most. It can be your go-to look, while the other shoes in your wardrobe will remain reserved for different occasions. 


There aren’t any more words than this that can justify the importance of shoes in fashion. I hope with this blog, I have helped you understand the importance of good shoes in the fashion industry. Remember that the right pair of shoes can elevate your complete look, so be sure about how you will make an impression with them next time. 

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Antra Koul
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