Survivor Viewers Want To Know What’s Going On With James Voice! Season 43 Participant Worries Fans! 


Survivor Viewers want to know what’s going with James voice!

Survivor, one of the longest American Competition Shows on CBS, came up with its new season on September 27, 2022. Hosted by Jeff Probst, the show is nearing its finale.

One the recent episode aired on November 9, fans noticed the change in James Jones’s voice. James, who’s one of the strongest contestant, has a strong voice too. However, the same day he was a little scratchy and raspy. But what’s wrong with his voice?

Survivor viewer’s want to know what’s going on with James’s voice. If you are also curious, check it out here. 

Survivor Viewer’s Want To Know What’s Going On With James Voice

With each passing episode of Survivor 43, a reality competition show, James Jones, one of the strongest competitors seems different, specially his voice. But what could be the reason? Is he losing his voice!

Well! Who knows! James Jones might actually be losing his voice; he does seem to be at verge of losing his voice! For the past few episodes of the show, his voice seems a little scratchy and raspy. While some fans find his raspy voice attractive, some are worried!

There are numerous speculations. According to some fans he seems to have hurt his throat, which makes it difficult for him to speak, the way he used to. 

According to some fans it could be some sort of allergy. While others blame it on the setting of the show. Since it is a survival show, there won’t be healthier food or safe drinking water available for the contestants. Sleeping outside, these people are left out in the wilderness. Living under such conditions, it is not surprising that one of the contestants has damaged his vocal cords.

But this is not it!  Some of the viewers of the show believe that the production is responsible for it. One of the fans wrote that James’ voice sounds like that because his voice is not being picked up at a specific frequency.

What Could Be The Real Reason Behind James’ Distorted Voice?

Survivor Viewers Want To Know What’s Going On With James Voice!

These are all assumptions; the real reason can only be explained by the production or James himself. We can’t really believe these theories. So, it’s better to wait for any authentic source to come up and solve this mystery about James’ voice.

While some have shown fear, others are praising his voice!

Yeah! It might seem a little surprising but some fans love James’ voice as it is. Hai Giang, former Survivor contestant, tweeted that James’s voice is cool. In fact, fellow Survivor 43 contestant, Lindsay Carmine tweeted that she smiles every time she hears this voice.

Final Words

Survivor 43 is still a few weeks away from its finale and only 10 contestants are left to fight for the game. It’s still hard to tell who’ll end up winning the grand prize of 1 million dollars.

Survivor season 43 is broadcasted every Wednesday at 8pm on CBS and Globe. Follow every episode and enjoy the fierce battle between the last ten contestants.

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