Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement In 2021


Having a good Instagram engagement is every creator’s dream. Good engagements help you reach new heights of success and stable growth; your Instagram account must show a positive increase in its followers and other insights. To get accurate ideas about follower count you may check out Instagram follower trackers.

Nowadays, Instagram has become a primary platform where every other person comes to show their talents. Some of these include a brand manager, a small business owner, bloggers of many different genres, home bakers, artists, and much more. The list is practically endless. You can use the platform to sell products, set up an Instagram shop, and much more. 

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Somewhere while competing in the race to go ahead of your Instagram followers, creators and bloggers often end up losing their Instagram engagement and followers. Worry not because we have shortlisted some of the best ways to help you and your Instagram account grow. These tips will help you reach your targeted audience and leave a good impression on them. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Jump straight into the article below to know how you can improve your Instagram engagement. 

Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement In 2021

In this post, you will not only find ways of increasing your Instagram engagement, but you will also find how you can improve your content, maintain consistency, amongst other things. 

Find The Best Time To Post 

Best Time to Post: Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

The biggest reason your Instagram engagement might be going down the hill is the time you choose to post your content. It can be true that you are choosing the wrong time to post, or you are not posting regularly or consistently at all. 

Posting your content at the time when your audience is the most active can have a significant effect on your Instagram followers and engagement. You can keep track of your profile analytics and discover which time will suit your audience the most while posting content. 

Another reason your posts are not reaching enough audience can be irregularity in uploading the content. If you are making content regularly, you need to share that with your audience regularly as well. Suppose you have uploaded one post on Monday morning, and when you are posting another one on Thursday evening, how do you think this s going to go well with your audience? 

I have said this a million times before; I will say it again consistency is the Key to Everything. As a creator or a blogger, it is tough for you to take time out and post regularly. You can play smart here and start scheduling your Instagram posts

As of now, you cannot schedule your posts using the platform itself, but you can use any of the third-party scheduling apps. With these apps, you can schedule your Instagram posts for up to a month. Imagine the amount of time you will end up saving with these tools and the boost it will give to your brand’s engagement and followers. 

Engaging Instagram Stories

Engaging Stories: Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021
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Another factor that can help to increase Instagram engagement is stories. Instagram story is the best way and the easiest way to interact with your audience regularly. You can upload your brand’s products on the stories, prompting the viewers to ask questions regarding the product. 

You can also add the question sticker to your Instagram story, insert questions like What Products you Want, How Can We Help You, and much more. When your customers get a chance to share their opinions with you directly, it will establish a feeling of loyalty towards your brand. 

You can also engage your followers in interesting trivia and quizzes using the quiz sticker. This is also a great way to boost your Instagram engagement and followers. You can also track how many votes each option has received and how many people have voted in total. 

Besides the quiz sticker, you can also add countdown stickers with pictures of your upcoming collection. Or you can add the sticker to the limited edition collection that has just gone live on your page. There are a lot of other ways in which you can make your Instagram stories engaging- use stickers, paint brushes, throw some gifs here and there. It all depends on your creative skills.  

Rich & High-Quality Content

Quality Rich Content: Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021
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With the recent change in the Instagram algorithm, the platform now prioritizes posts that are rich in both content and quality. If the platform feels the content that goes live on your feed is capable of attracting engagement in a shorter period, it will shoot the post at the top of your followers’ feeds. 

Be very sure that you are indulged in making content that is engaging in terms of fun and creativity. Take your good time in researching for ideas that you will be used in making the content. Take a notebook and note down all the ideas that come to your mind; make a table comparing the pros, cons, and fun levels of each idea. This way, you can decide better what content is worth going life onto your feed. 

Keep an eagle’s eye on the quality of your content; your viewers won’t be pleased to see the content that is blurry or lacks quality in any way. Use a good quality professional camera while shooting for the videos, Instagram Reels, and IGTV tutorials.

Also, don’t just upload pictures on your feed. That isn’t going to prove beneficial to increase Instagram engagement. You need to take your creative skills to the next level and start making video content like IGTV tutorials and Instagram reels. Keep up with the trends and challenges of the reels to keep your account updated and trendy. 

Test New Genre Of Content

Experimenting and Testing: Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021
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Another factor that can help to increase Instagram engagement is experimenting. I know you are scared that experimenting may lead to a dip in your account but trust me taking a risk is always worth it. 

You don’t need to change your style or aesthetic completely; just make a few changes here and there that has the potential to keep you ahead of everyone else. One experimental post each week is enough for testing. But when you upload such posts, be sure that you are checking your analytics regularly.

A few ideas that will help you to get started may include memes, picture portraits, selfie videos, user-generated content, behind the scenes, your moments, etc. Not only posts and reels, but you can also experiment with your Instagram stories. 

Shareable & Saveable Content

Save and Share: Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

Because of the frequent changes in Instagram algorithms, Instagram saves, and shares have become more important than ever. If you want to increase Instagram engagement, you must focus on making content that is both shareable and saveable. Your audience should be prompted to hit the save and share buttons once they lay their eyes on your post. 

If you are working for your brand, you can share posts that encourage people to style one top in different ways or a tutorial on styling a dress for date night. These are the types of posts that have the potential to be saved and shared by a huge number of female audiences. 

Similarly, if you are a travel or a lifestyle blogger, you can make content that you know has a higher chance of being shared among friends. The number of times your content is saved and shared is directly proportional to the increase in your Instagram engagement and followers. 

Describe Your Brand 

Brand Description: Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

Share an honest and loyal description of your brand with the audience. Don’t upload anything that you know is not true. Share the reality of your brand, including the feedback and suggestions you receive from your customers.

Authenticity is a big player in terms of increasing your Instagram engagement, engagement, and followers. When you share the positive as well as the negative side, it is bound to have a long-lasting impact on your followers. You are building a connection with your audience at a deeper level than anyone else. 

The audience can relate with you easily because you have kept everything about your brand and yourself crystal clear. You are sharing what you and your brand are with the audience. 

Final Words

These are all the tips and tricks that you can use strategically to make a growth in your Instagram engagement, your followers’ count, and the web traffic on your page. Besides these, some other factors that can help your account to grow are live Instagram sessions, following an aesthetic, making use of Instagram tools, being fun and creative, and above all spread a message of love and positivity through your account. 

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