Insider Details Of American Idol Auditions After Wrap-Up In Nashville!


American Idol is an American television series based on a singing competition. In February 2023, ABC will premiere season 21 of the series on ABC. The final auditions for the upcoming season finished with the wrap-up in Nashville. Soon after the wrap-up of the auditions, the insider details of American Idol auditions are in the news. 

Let’s find out the untold stories of the American Idol season 21 contestants. 

Insider Details Of American Idol Auditions | Stories Of The Contestants

Earlier in May this year, ABC renewed American Idol for season 21, whose final auditions wrapped up in Nashville. Additionally, auditions were recorded in Las Vegas and New Orleans earlier this fall.

The selected singing contestants must compete in Hollywood week to find their way to the semi-final, and only 24 contestants will qualify. This singing completion series will have Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry as judges and Ryan Seacrest as host. 

The news revealed behind the scene stories of American Idol contestants Haley Slaton Myles, Elijah McCormick, and Branson Anderson. 

What Are The Untold Stories Of The American Idol Season 21 Contestants?

Insider Details Of 'American Idol' Auditions After Wrap-Up In Nashville!

The American Idol season 21 contestant Haley Slaton Myles was also seen in the eleventh season’s Hollywood Week. She fell in love with her fellow contestant Jordan Myles even after being eight months pregnant. They married afterward and are now parents of around ten months old Jaelyn.

Elijah McCormick of North Carolina also qualified for Hollywood Week. He planned for the American Idol after he completed his graduation in 2019. But unfortunately, he met with a burning crash and was in the hospital for around 2 months and 19 days. He also underwent ten surgeries. Finally, after recovering, he performed in three online and final in-person auditions to confirm his seat for Hollywood Week.

Branson Anderson from Moapa Valley in Colorado, who didn’t qualify for Hollywood Week, revealed his audition journey to the local newspaper “Mesa Valley Progress.” He stated in his interview that he decided to try for American Idol when the second time a producer reached him.

He also mentioned playing the original song in the first online audition. The judges called him for the third in-person audition round in Las Vegas in late September. Anderson spent his time in Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas doing photo shoots and film interviews along with the audition.

Additionally, American Idol crew members recorded the performance of the last season’s winner Noah Thompson, runner-up HunterGirl and audience favorites Dan Marshall and Fritz Hager at Skydeck.

A ticket to Hollywood Week normally goes to about 64 contestants from the three “judge cities.” When they advance to that stage of the competition, they will have to sign binding secrecy agreements and declare they have no past mistakes, including any criminal convictions. This Hollywood Week, usually films in December, gives the top 24 contestants who qualify for the next round, which is the semi-finale.

Final Words

After wrapping up the different stages of the audition round, the insider details of American Idol auditions are in the news. You are now familiar with the inside stories of Haley Slaton Myles and Elijah McCormick, who qualified for Hollywood Week.

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