7 Best Apps To Check Instagram Followers And Unfollowers For iOS | Unfollow Your Unfollowers Today!


While building a large following on a social media platform like Instagram, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on Instagram followers and unfollowers that you keep gaining and losing. However, now with the help of many technologically advanced apps, you can get the statistics with one click, and that too, without spending any money.

Your follower-to-following ratio says a lot about your personal and business account. Everyone knows that follow-for-follow is an effective way to increase IG followers but on the other hand it is difficult to keep a check on the users who unfollowed you at the end of the day. The task becomes tough, especially for those who have a personal account because they can’t take any help from the Instagram analytics feature.

To keep your organic growth in check, you can take help from the following Instagram followers and unfollowers apps. So, let’s begin with the followers & unfollowers app for ios in the following sections.

7 Best Apps To Check Instagram Followers And Unfollowers For iOS | Record Your Organic Growth!

Where to look for unfollowers for Instagram ios? How much do you need to pay for unfollowers app for iPhone? Don’t worry about spending any money because most of the apps listed below are free to use and they also have a very basic user interface. Now, without any further discussions, let’s get started with the list.

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1# Followers For Instagram

7 Best Apps To Check Instagram Followers And Unfollowers For iOS | Unfollow Your Unfollowers Today!

Followers for Instagram is an application used to check who has followed and unfollowed your account in the past week. With this app, you can check the statistics of your Instagram account in just one click. You can check who you aren’t following back, and who isn’t following you back. The app tops the list because it is free to use and you can also access all the features of the app. Now, there is no need to buy Instagram followers as you have this app to keep a check and even maintain a good ratio.

What are other benefits of Instagram unfollowers ios? There is more to the app than just followers and unfollowers. You can check the users who have blocked you and those who are stalking your account. You can also check the most liked post and your targeted audience.

Features Of The App

  • Bulk unfollow.
  • View stalkers and ghost followers.
  • Free without ads. 

2# Mass Unfollow App

7 Best Apps To Check Instagram Followers And Unfollowers For iOS | Unfollow Your Unfollowers Today!

Mass Unfollow App is considered the best app for checking Instagram analytics. In 2021, most of the Instagram policies have changed and the app complies with all those policies. You can mass follow and unfollow users from the app. The app helps you to check ghost followers too.

You can block and unblock your followers with the Mass Unfollow app in bulk. You can delete and dislike posts in bulk. The app supports multi-account so no need to change accounts.

Features Of The App

  • Bug-free.
  • Supports filters and tags.
  • Unfollow users in bulk. 

3# UnFollowers For Instagram +

7 Best Apps To Check Instagram Followers And Unfollowers For iOS | Unfollow Your Unfollowers Today!

Now is your chance to find the pesky unfollowers who have unfollowed you and played a part in your low engagement rate. With UnFollowers For Instagram + app, you can keep an eye on all the followers you have gained and unfollowers you have lost. the basic features of the application are free to use but by spending a little money, you can get access to all the premium features of the platform. Let’s know more about ios Instagram unfollowers features.

Features Of The App

  • Track new unfollowers.
  • Track new followers.
  • Track followers you don’t follow back.
  • Track users you follow that don’t follow you.

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4# Followers – Tracker Insight

7 Best Apps To Check Instagram Followers And Unfollowers For iOS | Unfollow Your Unfollowers Today!

Followers – Tracker Insight lets you keep a track of your followers and unfollowers by preparing reports and providing users a day-to-day analysis. With a free version of the app, you can track your regular growth but with a premium account, there is a lot more than you can do. You can take the subscription for Followers – Tracker Insight and start observing your organic growth on a daily basis.

Features Of The App

  • Keep a track of followers and unfollowers.
  • Top viewers on your account.
  • Mutual followers with other accounts.
  • Manual search option.

5# Social Scan: Followers Tracker

7 Best Apps To Check Instagram Followers And Unfollowers For iOS | Unfollow Your Unfollowers Today!

If you want to take your research a step ahead and see how many of your followers or business rivals are hiding their stories from you, then you can start using Social Scan: Followers Tracker. Social Scan is an application that keeps a track of your Instagram followers, unfollowers, users who are stalking your profile, accounts that have blocked you, and much more. Imagine how much growth your Instagram account will show once you start using such a powerful tool.

Features Of The App

  • Detailed story analytics.
  • Who followed or unfollowed you.
  • Who all are hiding their stories from you.
  • Support for multiple accounts.

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6# Tracker For Instagram

7 Best Apps To Check Instagram Followers And Unfollowers For iOS | Unfollow Your Unfollowers Today!

The tracker for Instagram keeps data of all the new followers and unfollowers. You can monitor your post performance and reach with a single click. You can check where your audience is from? You can track your account engagement and the users who blocked you. 

Tracker for Instagram is a free app but you can purchase a subscription as well. The additional subscription gives you access to additional insight like best commenter. The app is worth the subscription because of its versatile features. 

Click on the lost followers’ button to see a list of your recent unfollowers. You can also check your followers by checking out your ghosts, seeing who’s posting nearby, tracking your likes per photo, and so much more with this app.

Features Of The App

  • Track followers’ insight. 
  • Monitors profile engagement.
  • Check users who blocked you.   

7# FollowMeter For Instagram

7 Best Apps To Check Instagram Followers And Unfollowers For iOS | Unfollow Your Unfollowers Today!

Checking new followers and recent unfollowers is never easy, but not with FollowMeter for Instagram. You can check your weekly followers and unfollowers with just one click. You can check your most viewed post and story through this app. You can also check the post reach and most liked posts. 

Features Of The App

  • Check total likes and average likes.
  • Check the numbers of gained and lost followers. 
Final Words

All the apps mentioned above are designed to provide you with Insta account insights, your audience, the most-liked post, and the post reach. All the apps are 100% safe to use and don’t share your data with third-party applications. 

How do you track Unfollowers on Instagram iOS by using FollowMeter?

You can track followers and unfollowers by using the FollowMeter app. First, you will have to download the app from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Then, open the FollowMeter App. Enter your Instagram username and password. It will pop up on your Instagram account’s followers and unfollowers information on the screen.

Which is the best app to check Unfollowers on Instagram?

Some of the best apps to check Unfollowers on Instagram are- Follower Tracker and iMetric for Android devices. You can use Unfollowers & Followers Track, InstaFollowers, and Reports: Followers Tracker for iOS devices. However, Followmeter for Instagram is best for both Android & iOS.

What is the best app to unfollow on Instagram iPhone?

The top 5 best apps to unfollow on Instagram iPhone are- Mass Unfollow for the Instagram app, Unfollow App for Instagram, Follow Cop, Unfollow for Instagram – non-followers and fans, and Follower Insight for Instagram.

How do you see who unfollowed you on Instagram in 2022?

Now, you can see who unfollowed you on Instagram 2022 easily. Go to your profile. Tap on the Lost Followers Tab. It will pop up a list of people who have unfollowed you. You can also see them by using Instagram’s analytic feature by tapping on the Ghost Followers option.

Is AI grow safe?

No. AI grow is not safe. In fact, it will corrupt your account and threaten your private information. As per reports, there is a financial risk as well for using AI grow.

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