Instagram Name Change Prank | This Prank Will Make You Look Stupid For 14 Days



Instagram Name Change Prank: From ‘Butter Chicken’ To ‘Kadhai Paneer’, People Roast Friends Tricked Into Changing IG Usernames and Let me tell you Butter Chicken that’s not just the name of my favourite dish but also my Instagram handle.

Sounds Confusing?

Well, my friends Urff Pagalpanti wale dost tricked me into changing my user name recently.

Are you guys laughing at me?

Trust me. It happens with me And, before you laugh at me, I am not the only one.

Nowadays, Several people have been pranked by their friends into changing their Instagram name.

In a recent challenge/prank called the ‘Instagram Name Change’, people are tricking each other to change their username to something funny.

The catch being, they ask you to do it twice. And, once you do that, Boom! You’re stuck with the username for 14 days.

Instagram Name Change Prank

Sounds Exciting but sad too.

Read on to know why.

If you are an avid Instagram user, you must have come across different, weird, and even funny names that your Instagram friends must have started using. If you still don’t know what the sudden change it, it’s part of the Name Change prank. Due to this trend on Instagram, users are asked to change their names twice (the name that comes after @ on your Instagram profile) under the garb of a fun challenge.

Another trick that might convince people to change their names two times on Instagram is that if a person changes the name and uses another suggested name, their accounts will get linked.

However fun the challenge may sound, you should completely avoid it as you won’t be able to change your name before 14 days after doing it twice. This is because, last year, Instagram changed the number of times a user can consecutively change his or her name on the platform. If this is done twice, users will be restricted from doing so for another 14 days. This was done to limit the number of times a user changes his or her name on Instagram.

If a user tries to change the name for the third time, users will be blocked to do so and a message will be displayed stating that you won’t be able to change the name before 14 days.

Hence, if you don’t want to get stuck with a hilarious or stupid Instagram name for two weeks, just avoid falling prey to the new Instagram prank.

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And, as if the embarrassment of having such a hilarious username is not enough, people are now roasting victims of the mischievous prank.