Instagram Reels Trend Report 2023 | Looking Back At The Trends That Went Like A Zoop!


As a content creator, be it for Instagram or any other social media platform, keeping yourself updated with the trends is as important as breathing. For content creators on Instagram, the #1 thing that can help them retain engagement and followers is everyone’s favorite reels. But with so many Instagram reel trends coming every other day, how do the content creators keep up with it? Enter Instagram reels trend report, a one-stop destination for all the creators curated by the platform, for the platform!

Now that we are almost reaching the year-end let’s take a moment, calm ourselves down and appreciate ourselves for making it this far. Over the year, Instagram has seen plenty of reel trends come and go. While some trends, like the ‘Prom Queen,’ were an eye-opener, others, like ‘My money don’t jiggle jiggle,’ fancied our tickle and taught us some new dance steps! 

Each month a new edition of the Instagram reels trend report comes out and rounds up the most dominating reels trends in it. This helpful guide is made especially for Instagram content creators and provides an in-depth look at the reels that are trending, the trending Instagram audio, and how to make these Instagram reels

Instagram Reels Trend Report 2022 | Remembering The Year’s Biggest Trends!  

Instagram Reels Trend Report 2022

Instagram reel trends not only help the content creators on Instagram, but they also help others who are using the platform to promote their businesses, products, etc. Okay, let’s take an example to understand the concept in a slightly better way. For example, a content creator is using the “Emo girl” trend to show off her dancing skills, while on the other hand, a make-up artist can also use the “Emo girl” trend to show off her exceptional make-up skills. The “Emo girl” trend is helping the content creator gain followers, while at the same time, it can also help the make-up artist gain a few clients. 

Okay, now enough with our chit-chats. Let’s get going and start with our annual round-up of the Instagram reels trend report 2022. Where we tell you what the biggest reel hits of this year were, along with every small nick and nack about them. Yes, we are going to go into a detailed report and break down all the biggest reel trends of this year into smaller divisions just for you. We will be taking a look at each Instagram reels trend report 2022 and analyze what happened in the year so far! 

Instagram Reels Trend Report January 2022

Starting with the first month of the year, let’s see what the reels trend report for 2022 looked like. Well, since it was a new year and a new month, there were plenty of major updates in the reel trends and Instagram audios that were bound to happen. And oh boy! There definitely were plenty of them. 

Instagram Reels Trend Report January 20, 2022

Instagram Reels Trend Report 2022

At the very beginning of the year, Instagram blessed up with not one but three different Instagram reels trends, and that too from completely different genres. Let’s see what they were!

Prom Queen 
Instagram Reels Trend Report 2022

A great way to start the year was to spread a loud and clear message about body positivity and empowerment in the community. Especially in times when everybody seems to be keen on using some sort of filter, it is important to teach people to love their bodies and that all body sizes are the same. With Beach Bunny’s prom queen playing in the background, all you have to do is look straight into the camera, with one-half of the screen recording a selfie video while the other showing the real you without any filters. 

Audio – Prom Queen by Beach Bunny 

Silly Bounce 

What better way to start the year than getting all silly and crazy with your friends on the gram? Nothing, right? Now, who said the trend was only meant for the beginning of the year? You can still do this silly Instagram trend with your friends and cousins for a little fun. Well, all you have to do is bring together your group of goofsticks and film your reel at 2x speed. Walk around the room in small steps to Minimusicman’s crazy upbeat music Crazy La Paint before you start jumping up and down. 

Audio – Crazy La Paint by Minimusicman 

Puff Puff Pass 

Who won’t want to show off their glow-up at the beginning of the new year? Hardly anybody would pass this opportunity. But if you have missed this chance, you can still participate in this reel trend and end your year with a big glow-up bang. Lip-sync to Nicki’s verse from the hit song New Body and just when the lyrics hit “puff puff pass,” record your transition to your glow-up. So, take your cameras, start dancing to the beats and upload the reel today. 

Audio – New body by 2shaddy 

Instagram Reels Trend Report March 2022 

With the year slowly taking over and people adapting to new styles and updates, what was coming up next in the reel trends? Well, you will only know that when you go through our specially curated Instagram reels trend report March 2022. Come on now, let’s get rolling!

Instagram Reels Trend Report March 2, 2022

Here are the major reels trend updates that were on the top of the world in March 2022. Let’s take a look at them one by one and see what we can remake once again by this year-end. 

Major Bag Alert 

Now, we all can agree that the prices for even fulfilling your basic lifestyle requirements have gone way above the charts. And a creative and sharp-minded Instagram creator never leaves any chance he/she gets for content. So, this time our creators decided to turn their misery into our entertainment by filming a reel showing the culprit behind their ‘expenses.’ Dance to the beats of DJ Khaled’s song Major Bag Alert while filming your financial situationship. 

Audio – Major Bag Alert by DJ Khaled ft. Migos 

Back In The Days 

No one knows what the future holds for us. Whether we’ll make it to the age where we’ll be able to see how we’ll look when we have aged. If we age like fine wine or if we have faces full of wrinkles and all! To hop onto this trend, first you have to use the filter ‘e_nasonaova_ for an old age effect. Then use a new filter, ‘1997 video cam’ by Bryant, to film your youth self from the 90s. Edit both the reels for a transition video, and use any of your favorite 90s tracks in the background. 

Audio – Any popular track from the 90s 

I Do Not Have Time For This 

There will always be days when you won’t feel the best of yourself, and your energies will also be very low. It’s okay. Everybody needs a little time to recharge, but there is one more way you can use to let out your frustration. Lip sync to the audio posted from Netflix’s popular mini-series Inventing Anna and let everyone know you really don’t have time for this!

Audio – Inventing Anna’s audio from Netflix’s February 16 reel 

Instagram Reels Trend Report March 16, 2022

The next reels trend update for March came up with a loud and clear message for body positivity, doing what you love, taking care of yourself, and everything fun! Let’s now take a look at all the reel trends that gave both the creators and the audience a chance to grow and reflect on different things. 

Define Feminine 

Starting things with a bang, the following week of March challenged all the notions that women should supposedly have to pass as feminine. Define Feminine was a breakthrough on Instagram as thousands of content creators came together and filmed multiple reels defying all the stereotypes laid down by society for women. Whether it’s the curves that women should have or body hair they shouldn’t have, put it all out there!

Audio – use the part ‘Define feminine, I am feminine’ from Doja’s song “Woman.”

Emo Girl 
Instagram Reels Trend Report 2022

Emo Girl reel trend should not be really hard to break down. Ain’t that right, fellow Instagrammers!? All you gotta do is film a makeup transition or an entire head-to-toe transition video to your favorite emo girl look. Embrace your look with the types of makeup you want, along with the type of outfit you plan on wearing. 

Audio – Emo Girl by Machine Gun Kelly ft. Willow 

Back It Up 
Instagram Reels Trend Report 2022

Back It Up was a wholesome Instagram reel trend that had everyone describing the situations where they would ask people to back off when approaching them with something wrong or anything that remotely describes the same. It could be your barista approaching you with the wrong coffee order or hugging a sign that you are least compatible with!

Audio – Back It Up audio by kervo.dolo 

Artist In Spotlight – @avrillavigne

March also came as a huge surprise for Avril Lavinge fans, who were desperately waiting for a new track from her. The pop artist released her seventh album titled “Love Sux” in collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker. The singer also celebrated the 20th anniversary of her first album, “Let Go,” and reminded everyone why she is still the reigning queen of pop. The pop queen was also awarded the title of “Modern Icon” by Alternative Press and, right now, is enjoying her Canadian tour the most. 

Instagram Reels Trend Report March 30, 2022

It Seems like Instagram reels were really on a roll during March 2022. Why, you may ask? Well, that’s because content creators and Instagram audiences witnessed not only one but reel trend updates for three weeks. Well, that may or may not be a big thing for you, but for creators, it certainly was!

Creative Process 

As the name suggests, Creative Process, is an Instagram reel trend where you just have to do one simple thing. Record a reel where you are showing off your artistic skills with a nice and energetic musical tone playing in the background. Your artistic reel can capture any creative process step-by-step. It can be you painting, making sculptures, taking up resin DIY projects, or anything else. So, my fellow Instagrammers, what are you waiting for? Get up and unleash your creativity! 

Audio – any track of your preference 

Time Flies By 
Instagram Reels Trend Report 2022

It’s about damn time that we start feeling a little nostalgic about growing up. Okay, even if not all but those who are 90s kids can take part. Right? Apologies for calling y’all out like that, but I myself am a 90s kid, and last I checked it’s been a decade since I became a fan of The Winx Club. So, all of you, take out your pictures from the past and record a reel where you show how fast time really flies by. And about the music part, don’t worry because we have settled that down too! You can let Come a little closer play in the background while editing the reel. 

Audio – Come A Little Closer by Cage The Elephant 

I Think She’d Like You 
Instagram Reels Trend Report 2022

Is your friend/sibling feeling a little down lately? Do you want them to know how proud you are of the way they have grown up? You might be living a little far away from them, but that does not mean you cannot do anything for them. How about making them an Instagram reel where you take random pictures of them as a kid and adult with the lines “I think she’d want you to live.” Trust me. They want this reassurance and a small boost of motivation more than anything right now. 

Audio – Birthday Cake by Dylan Conrique 

Trending Music Tracks For Instagram Reels Trends March 2022 
Musical Track Artist 
Hoop Earrings Pardison Fontaine 
SunshineLatto ft’ Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino 
Just A Cloud Away Pharrell Williams 
Artist In Spotlight – @latto777 (Rap Queen Of Atlanta)

Making it big since day 1 in the industry, Atlanta’s rap Queen Latto once again made history back in March 2022. In the same month, the hip-hop artist dropped her much-awaited album, 777, which no doubt created history once again. 


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