Top 5 Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers


It is no longer a topic to debate: if you want to succeed as a travel blogger, you must maintain a good social media presence. It is essential to help your targeted audience so they can find you with some useful resources. Instagram has become a popular social media channel for travel bloggers. This platform focuses more on images and visual content; even if you post a short video clip, it gets huge engagement.

However, to get the most benefit from using Instagram for travel blogging, you must consistently post mesmerizing images and stunning video content. As this process requires lots of effort, many travel bloggers avoid using this social media channel. But not using the platform can be a big mistake. In order to succeed as a travel blogger, using Instagram is essential as it will drive traffic and make a consistent user base to help you monetize your audience. 

For example, if you get 100k followers on your Instagram account and later launch your travel book and sell it at $10 to even 500 of your followers, you will earn $5000 (excluding taxes). So if you also want to grow on Instagram and build a genuine audience base, here are the top 5 tips that will skyrocket your growth.  

Top 5 Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers 

Know Travel Niche

Top 5 Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers 

Instagram boasts roughly 2000 million active users on its platform, and these users log in at least once a month. Most users love consuming travel content and spotting stunning images and video clips of wonderful destinations. While all of this sounds great, it would not be so easy to gain engagement on IG from the first post onwards. 

Hence, as a travel blogger, you must start your research to understand an underserved audience base. This will help you discover a low-competitive niche to start working on. If you find out one of the niches and start uploading stunning visual content, your post will get better visibility and engagement. 

Learn To Write A Compelling Instagram Caption

Top 5 Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers 

As a travel blogger, you should not only pick a niche for your IG account, but you should also learn to write compelling IG captions. A well-written caption can add tremendous value to your post and help it get viral and more visibility. In short, whenever you take some brilliant photos or videos of traveled places, you must also add a short caption explaining what makes this place or moment special.  

An interesting or thought-provoking caption will entice the users and help them understand what makes that place special. When your post is fully edited and posted with a short caption that can hook the audience, it can get around 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments. All these activities will boost your reach on Instagram and help you gain new followers. 

More followers mean more attention from the brands willing to hire travel bloggers to promote their products or services. 

Edit Your Traveling Photos And Videos Clips

Top 5 Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers 

Instagram content can get viral in seconds, not minutes. Hence, you must understand this crucial term as an indicator that you must post professionally edited images and video clips that engage the user in a meaningful way. Opt for the Instagram video maker tool if you don’t know video editing so that you get the best and trending music, effects, transitions, and more. Using such a tool, you can find many elements and easy methods to trim your IG videos.

All these efforts are worth doing because, ultimately, they will help you grow your profile and get more leads for your next travel destination.  

Use IG Stories And Engage With The Audience

Top 5 Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers 

After the launch of the IG stories features on Instagram, it was used by over 250 million people in just one year. The number was far more and even greater than the total number of users using Snapchat. At present, almost 500 million people are using Instagram Stories every day. That is a great indicator that using the Instagram Stories feature for your travel blogging can deliver the best results.  

You do not need to share stunning videos of traveling places. You can use behind the scene moments and such similar content to give your audience a glimpse of how you run further activities to provide them with engaging content. Also, in the caption, you can add the website link to allow followers to get more such content on your official website. That would be a great way to get new followers on Instagram and drive referral traffic to your travel blog.  

Optimize IG Posts And Promote Your Account

Top 5 Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers 

It’s not enough if you only upload various types of posts on your Instagram account. You must also invest time optimizing your IG profile and posts. 

You can use IG analytics tools to understand which posts perform well and when your audience is engaged. These tools suggest keywords and Instagram tags make it easier for travel bloggers to post highly optimized content. In short, make use of any analytic tool in order to understand which of your IG content resonates best with your followers and which type of content you should post for further growth, and revise your content accordingly.

Additionally, it’s also a good idea to promote your IG post on other platforms; doing so helps you drive followers from different sites. You can start hunting for some media publications that can give a place to your IG posts and travel experience. It’s one of the best strategies to grow your Instagram profile exponentially.  

Final Words 

Instagram is one of the best social media channels for travel bloggers. If you love traveling, you must try this platform and post some engaging and useful content for your audience. Use the Instagram growth tips that we have discussed in the post and see a significant boost in your profile and number of followers. 

Cherry Sharma
Cherry Sharma
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