30 Interesting Facts About Love and Heartbreak


Love and heartbreak can be two of the most confusing and universally relatable concepts to understand. As a result, many individuals naturally want to know more about how love works, what makes us feel it, and what makes heartbreak hurt so badly. 

Endless love songs, movies, books, and TV shows have been made for decades in pursuit of understanding love and heartbreak. Since the beginning of time, truly, people have shared stories and facts about love and heartbreak, be it cautionary tales or personal experiences. 

Of course, science cannot answer all the questions of the heart, but there are some psychological reasons that make up our choice in partners, our snap judgments, and what happens to our brains as we experience love and heartbreak. 

The Facts About Love

The Facts About Love

When you fall in love, you might feel like a “crazy” person. Love can significantly alter who we are and how we are perceived.

A person in love might behave in ways they haven’t behaved before. They may even temporarily lose their sense of self. 

Love might also make individuals realize other temporary insecurities they hadn’t felt before. Love can make anyone feel like they are walking on air, feel like a new version of themselves, or feel happier than they may have ever imagined they could.

The problem with love is drawing a distinction between true love versus. lust or obsession. It can be difficult to know the difference, especially when you are in the midst of a new relationship.

Generally speaking, pure love should cause more feelings of elation and empathy than feelings of anxiety and fear. Lust and obsession cause anxiety and fear sugarcoated by an appearance of false love. 

The Thing About Heartbreak 

The Thing About Heartbreak

Heartbreak can make you feel like you are literally broken. And truth be told, you might have actually figuratively fractured your sense of trust, commitment, and confidence. 

After a breakup, it’s understandable for anyone to feel forlorn; heartbreak can make us question our priorities, the people we trust, and the world we thought we were used to. These feelings can come in waves, but when it is bad, it can feel really, really bad. 

The Facts At Hand

The Facts At Hand

There are scientific reasons why we feel certain ways with love and heartbreak. 

With these experiences, certain chemicals are released. Physical intimacy can be even more cause for attachment and the chemical attachment style. 

Your subconscious is hard at work when it comes to love and heartbreak, and you might struggle to understand exactly what is going on. 

Below you will find some of the most common reasons why people behave the ways they do when it comes to love and heartbreak.

Facts To Remember

Facts To Remember

The following facts about falling in love, being in love, and managing heartbreak are not only interesting to read, they also provide important insight into what goes on in our minds throughout these stages. 

This sort of information can help you understand your own feelings better and go into your next relationship better prepared and more emotionally-conscious.

  1. Humor is said to insinuate intelligence.
  2. Falling in love is intoxicating.
  3. Laughter is contagious.
  4. Falling in love can act as a stress reliever.
  5. Heartbreak can cause trauma to the body.
  6. The butterfly sensation is actually anxiety.
  7. Distance does not make the heart grow fonder.
  8. Physical attraction can depend on the subconscious intent of the relationship.
  9. Photographs can be incredibly healing.
  10. Cuddling can release serotonin.
  11. It takes approximately three months to move on from a relationship.
  12. People tend to have sporadic eating tendencies in the midst of heartbreak.
  13. Love can cause intrusive thoughts.
  14. Love is addicting and therefore heartbreak can feel like withdrawal.
  15. The concept of the possibility of “platonic friendships” is debated among professionals.
  16. Bone structure is a subconscious consideration partners make.
  17. Being broken up with can cause a fabricated attraction towards the partner who ended the relationship.
  18.  The behaviors of love are often compared to the behaviors of OCD.
  19. Eye contact can cause a deeper connection.
  20. Love causes personal growth.
  21. Genetic makeup can be an indication for attraction.
  22. Couples who meet each other in situations of potential danger are more likely to fall for each other faster.
  23. Kissing is a powerful way to increase empathy between partners. 
  24. Breakups are frequently caused by a power imbalance.
  25. You will subconsciously know if you like someone in a matter of minutes.
  26. “Finding yourself” after a breakup is a real thing.
  27. It usually takes men longer to move on after a relationship ends.
  28. Cheaters are said to have lower IQs.
  29. You can fall in love at first sight.
  30. Music can change the way you and your partner interact.

Love and heartbreak are undoubtedly unique and powerful experiences, and many of us will experience both multiple times throughout life. Understanding where they come from and how they can influence who we are helps us better balance self-care and self-preservation with the natural desire to seek out companionship and, ultimately, true love.


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