7 Internet Slangs & its Unexpected Alternate Meanings


We are living in very comfortable zones of communication through digital platforms like Instagram or Facebook. With the massive growth of digital platforms, we all have memorized internet slang. We are using many Internet slangs with unexpected alternate meanings just like that, without knowing its meaning so, I believe we all have the curiosity to know what else do these slangs mean.

Internet slangs are so much in use that we are also habitual of using them in our day-to-day conversation, and they are no more just a part of the internet World. They have become universal as well local at the same time. The unexpected meaning of these slangs had existed before the evolution of our digital platforms, I suppose.

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Some of the most commonly used Internet slang are L.O.L., I.D.K. (my personal favorite), O.M.G., PLZ, B.T.W., B.F.F., and many other slangs, which completes our Internet Vocabulary. What are the alternate meanings of these slangs? Do you want to know?

Let us read what this Internet abbreviation stands for and discuss the detailed meaning other than what we know from the internet world.

7 Popular Internet Slangs with Unexpected Alternate Meanings

Following are the seven popular and the most used internet slangs with an unexpected alternate meaning, which we are not aware of-

1# L.O.L.- Is it an emotion, or is it related to Medical Residency?

L.O.L.- Is it an emotion, or is it related to Medical Residency?

L.O.L. is the most used slang used on every meme, joke, or even in between a conversation that happens in or out of the digital scenario. L.O.L., I know, you never thought it is a part of medical residency. L.O.L. stands for ‘Little Old Lady.’ It is an expression to identify the patient’s state, and its advanced versions are used to describe more about the patient, used explicitly for females.

2# I.D.K.- just like this slang, I Don’t know what does it mean!

I.D.K.- just like this slang, I Don't know what does it mean!

IDK is my favorite, as I send this to everyone whose conversation I am not aware of. It is primarily used within the digital context, and if you speak it just like in your normal offline conversation, people might find it strange. IDK, on the contrary, is a kid card known as the ‘Iden-A-Kid’ Card for the kids residing in the U.S.A. used widely for a visit to a Walmart or any local fair for identification purposes. It was considered the largest identification drive in the United States.

3# O.M.G.- Is God related to Motorbikes, I Wonder?

O.M.G.- Is God related to Motorbikes, I Wonder?

O.M.G.! We all are surprised with these unexpected meanings for the Internet Slangs. To express any strong, whether it is distress, surprise, or something we never experienced, O.M.G. is what comes out of our mouth. For internet users, it means Oh my God! You might have heard it from Janice- Chandler’s girlfriend in F.R.I.E.N.D.S., but she used the complete phrase. On the contrary, O.M.G. also stands tall for ‘Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.’ This gang is generally a group of bikers riding Harley Davidson.

4# BRB- Be right back because you have to press the big red button.

BRB- Be right back because you have to press the big red button.

As the title says it all. BRB is the most used acronym during a general conversation. Whenever someone is taking permission to leave the conversation but will be joining soon, he/she is informed with an acronym BRB- be right back. On the contrary, BRB is also referred to as the Big red button, which is not assigned to a particular surrounding but is assumed that leads to destruction. It also somehow depicts a fictionalized event, which never took place and is associated with World Wars.

5# B.F.F.- Best Friends Forever because we use Binary File Format.

B.F.F.- Best Friends Forever because we use Binary File Format

B.F.F. is a much-used acronym that defines a friendship or a love bond, where the opposites pray or are hopeful of a long-lasting company and therefore refers to one another as B.F.Fs.

B.F.F.s what I believe is the most overrated thing on Internet; nobody uses it on an everyday use anymore. But B.F.F. is also related to a technical term which is Binary File Format. It is a coding term used by the computer-operators to store their files and find out their binary results. People who know Binary File Format can be one another’s B.F.Fs, I am sure.

6# F.M.L. – I am applying for a Family & Medical Leave

F.M.L. – I am applying for a Family & Medical Leave because F#*K My Life

The openness yet, the layered conversation can be made through these acronyms; FML represents the situation you are going through, which do not do good at all. It stands with a cuss word and ends with Life- F*#K My Life. On the contrary, if you are working somewhere and you want to apply for a Family Medical emergency, you use Family & Medical Leave for that particular day.

7# R.O.F.L.- I might be Rolling on Floor Laughing because I know its unexpected, Meaning

R.O.F.L.- I might be Rolling on Floor Laughing because I know its unexpected, Meaning

ROFL is an exaggerated version of L.O.L. when you think the conversation is so funny that you might fall on the floor and laugh out loud. But ROFL is also used as a gaming abbreviation by so many users, playing Clan of 52 Medievia, where it stands for ‘Rouges of the Forbidden Legion.’ It is pretty intrinsic and hard to explain this term; if you are interested in playing the best online games, you might have come across ROFL a lot through Clan of 52.

So dear Netizens, these were some of the most used acronyms on the Internet and we never thought these acronyms possess an unexpected meaning, which neither you nor I were aware of. Next time you use one such Slang, you will be back to this article for reference.

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