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If it wasn’t for Robert Downey’s Iron Man, then Marvel Cinematic Universe won’t be where it is today. Despite years of speculation going around Iron Man 4, Marvel fans still haven’t heard a single announcement regarding the same. For the past few years, Robert Downey Jr has been in talks with Marvel President Kevin Feige. So, what is keeping them from starting work on the new Iron Man movie? 

Robert Downey Jr will forever be Marvel’s billionaire Tony Stark aka the Iron Man. More than a decade ago, Marvel laid the foundation of its cinematic universe with RDJ’s Iron Man and forever changed everyone’s favorite superhero. With Iron Man, MCU established new standards in superhero movies and moved forward creating a franchise worth $23 billion. 

Robert Downey Jr’s character Tony Stark became an instant hit after the release of the first-ever movie. In all of its glory, RDJ has starred in 10 Marvel Cinematic movies till now, including the record-breaking Avengers: Infinity War followed by the last film in Marvel’s phase 3, Avengers: Endgame. In 2019’s blockbuster superhero movie, the actor bid farewell to one of his favorite roles. Even though Iron Man’s story may have ended with the final film, strong rumors are indicating an upcoming project titled Iron Man 4. 

Now the question arises, ‘Is Iron man 4 releasing or not’? Let’s solve the mystery and find out the answers for ourselves. 

RDJ To Return With Iron Marvel 4 | How Is The Sequel Working? 

Tony Stark’s I Love You 3000 from Avengers: Endgame became the most iconic line in the franchise, but it left all of us in a lot of pain. The fact that those were his last words from the movie left all the Marvel fans heartbroken. Only one thing can make all of the pain go away and it is a new Iron Man movie. So, are we going to get one, or is Marvel going to crush all of our dreams once again? 

Downey Teases A New Movie | Spilling Beans On The Ellen Show! 

During Robert Downey Jr’s appearance on The Ellen Show, he revealed many interesting details regarding his plans with Marvel. During his conversation with the show host, Ellen DeGeneres, Downey revealed that Marvel has lined up a bunch of movies and series in the coming years. He also went on to say that, “Marvel has big ideas for releasing their upcoming movies, and currently, we’re in the middle of a negotiation.” 

When talk show host Ellen popped the question regarding Iron man 4, the actor could not hold his excitement and admitted that there is a new movie in the works. However, a long time has passed since the statements came out, and still, there is no update for the film. So, there is a good chance that Marvel has dropped the plan and is moving forward to phase 5 without any concern for everyone’s favorite superhero, Iron Man. 

Marvel Begins Working On Phase 4 | Iron Man’s Legacy To Continue! 

Ironheart on Disney+: Iron man 4

It may come as a surprise to many who were hoping for a new movie, but Marvel has decided to break your hearts. As per reports, Marvel is well past the Iron Man movie and is now focusing on continuing his legacy in Phase 4. The billionaire philanthropist will rule our hearts and the Marvel franchise with upcoming Disney+ shows like Ironheart and Armor Wars. 

Ironheart will introduce a new character, Riri Williams, to the Marvel universe. Riri will be the creator of a new iron man suit and will succeed him when he is in a coma from the comics. In contrast, Armor Wars will pay tribute to the billionaire’s closest friend and ally, War Machine. Armor Wars story will focus on the 1980 Marvel comics in which Tony Stark is after a group of people trying to steal his armor designs.

Armor Wars on Disney+: Iron Man 4

However, the biggest disappointment with Marvel’s Armor Sets is that it will not feature the comic’s main character, Tony Stark. Some fans even say that the story of Armor Wars would have made the perfect plot for Iron Man 4, but I guess that wasn’t good enough for Kevin Feige, and he dropped the idea at all. 

The writers of Infinity War also had a lot to say about the franchise opting out of the billionaire’s movie. MCU has come on top of every other franchise from the past few years and earned huge brand recognition and loyalty from the followers. It allowed them to branch out to multiple animated and cinematic series, along with riskier projects like Guardians of the Galaxy

Final Words

While looking at the current circumstances and the busy schedule of Marvel Studios, it is hard to think that we can see a new Iron Man movie release anytime soon. However, there is a chance that the Studio will change its decision in the future and give fans what they have wanted for a long time. 


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