Is Alone Fake? The Truth Behind America’s Popular Reality TV Series!


While watching survival-based reality TV series like Man vs. Wild or Alone, have you wondered – Is Alone fake? or even Man vs. Wild because of the grave situations participants face. For a second, you may even think that Bear Grylls’ show can be authentic, but there is something about Alone that will make you wonder about its authenticity, right?  

If you are wondering what Alone is and what we are blabbering about, then let us give you a quick introduction. Alone is a popular American reality TV show that hosts ten contestants as they have to survive alone in the dangers of wildlife. Through the show’s run, the show’s contestants are provided with a camera and equipment which they have to use to document their experience in the dark. 

You must be wondering why anybody would risk their lives and live in such deadly conditions? There must be a prize behind it, right? Well, guess what, you are right. The last person to survive the wilderness for the longest time gets $500,000 as a reward. All of this may sound okay to you, but viewers have accused the show of being staged over time. Many viewers think that people can’t survive on their own in dangerous forests without any help from the outside world. 

So, what do you think is true? The rumors or the show? All your answers will come to an end if you will scroll down below.

Is Alone Fake? How Do The Contestants Survive? 

If you are given a chance to survive on an isolated island, how would you perform? Will you be able to stay away from your family without any resources? Or you will think of it as a staged reality TV show and participate? The reality TV show, Alone explores the weaknesses and strengths of the survivalists on an isolated island but is it all true? Is everything that we see on our TV screen authentic? 

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Is Alone Staged Or Authentic? Survival Of The Strongest 

contestants: Is Alone Fake

The biggest fact that makes Alone stand out from the other TV shows is that the contestants are alone on an isolated island. They don’t have any backup or camera crew or directors of fellow members along with them. All the contestants are scattered in different parts of the forest, which makes the show more interesting. Besides, if you have followed the show for a long time, you will understand how contestants have captured their journey. They have to shoot their adventures themselves without any help from the crew. 

When the day ends, the batteries and memory cards are replaced with fresh ones, so they don’t face any trouble while shooting. Once done, all the recorded footage is collected and analyzed by a team of associate producers. The team decides which part of the footage goes on the screen and what remains undercovers. To make the recordings look more thrilling, the footage is carefully edited to add intensity and drama to the situations faced by the contestants. 

What Do The Contestants Eat? Is There Any Help From The Production? 

Lynchburg contestant: Is Alone Fake

If you think that the team gives the contestants food, you are wrong, dear reader. When it comes to food and shelter, all the contestants are on their own. The way the footage is intensified and shown to us leads us to believe that the situation of a contestant is disastrous. However, it is nothing like that in reality. If a survivalist is careful and intelligent enough, they can easily find something to eat in their surroundings. 

Another benefit that contestants have is that they are only a small distance from civilization. If they ever think that the situation is getting out of hand, they can take help from the people around them. In addition, contestants are not forced to live in such conditions. If contestants are not capable of surviving on the island, they can withdraw at any time. All they have to do is send a signal to the rescue crew using a satellite telephone. The last one remaining wins the cash while the others are acknowledged for their participation, but they aren’t given any money.  

Safety Standards Of The Show | Are The Contestants Left To Die? 

contestants surviving: Is Alone Fake

In an interview, one of the show’s former contestants from season 2, Larry Roberts, revealed that producers don’t leave the contestants to die in the open. The team makes frequent checks to keep track of the contestants’ safety. All the participants are given GPS trackers that they are required to carry all the time. Through the tracker, the team can track a contestant and reach the destination without wasting any time in case of any fatality. According to the former contestant, the producers’ check-in with the contestants at night through a simple ‘Nightly Check-in’ text. 

All the information leads us to believe that the creators of the show have kept the environment controlled for the contestants’ survival. However, they are still out on their own on an isolated island where they have to survive themselves. If a situation turns out to get worse than expected, contestants are provided with medical help, and they can tap out any time. So, we can state that the reality TV series Alone is not scripted, but we cannot claim it to be 100% authentic because the producers control a few aspects. 

Final Words 

We are always led to believe that reality TV shows are staged with scripts, camera set-ups, and massive production. However, a few stand out from this crowd, and Alone is one of them. The show is as accurate as it can get with the contestants responsible for documenting their adventures and survival on an isolated island. 

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