America’s Got Talent of National Broadcasting Company claims that they are trying to find the best talent in the country, but is America’s Got Talent fake, or is it as real as it claims to be? Over several years, like every other reality or competitive show, America’s Got Talent has come under the limelight. The show has faced some significant allegations that the competition is rigged and accusations are not nearly as genuine as they tell on the small screen.

After telecasting Max Major’s magic act on America’s Got Talent live shows, many viewers questioned the stunt was fake. Miraculously, along with Mandel, the virtual audience drew the same thing on a paper that Max predicted would happen before the show. The audience members had confirmed that the producers told them to draw before Max’s act even started. It sparks a lot of controversies and debates about is AGT fake or scripted?

However, one US show accepts all sorts of talent around the globe. In contrast, whereas other shows tend to focus only on singers. That is what makes America’s Got Talent amazing and unique. Simon Cowell creates the reality show; the show’s format has more than a billion viewers since it began airing and has aired in 194 territories worldwide. 

In this article, you might find AGT is pretty amusing, but you may also be surprised to know that some of the things shown in your favorite show may be fake. Here’s below what we found about America’s Got Talent. 

The Untold Story Is America’s Got Talent Fake or Scripted? 

The Untold Stories of America’s Got Talent is being seen by millions of viewers each week; everyone must agree that producers exploit, trick,  and embarrass contestants for views. The false contestant backstory is created to make the audience more emotional; other contestants’ stories may have also been exaggerated. 

Show May Pit Contestants Against Each Other

In AGT, Season 2, Cas Haley claimed that producers in his green room manipulated him to get a young female contestant to cry on camera during the audition process.

Haley said that we were all in the green room, waiting to perform, and suddenly there was a young girl who was with her mom. She went out and auditioned; a producer came back to the holding room and told us, Yeah!!! She made it, let us give her a big hand and when she came back. We all cheered for her, and she just burst into tears.

Jokes Are Allegedly Prescreened

Is America's Got Talent fake

Several comedic acts said that they are requested to submit their jokes to the producers in advance to make sure that they cleared network standards and didn’t clash with the family-friendly values of the show. Prescreened and potentially watered-down jokes? Now, it’s no laughing matter.

Some Contestants Fake Dramatic Stories

As the show turns out, it seems it doesn’t readily check the contestant’s backstories. For instance, AGT Season 7 contestant Timothy Poe claimed that he was a war veteran and learned to sing after he was hit with a grenade. 

But later on, it emerged that Poe forged the military photo that he submitted to the show. The army disputes his claims of being injured in an IED explosion and having been hit by a grenade.

Fake Cheer of Audience

is America's got talent fake

According to the internet post by Whipchick, the show uses plants to get the crowd going. The post state that the audience was seeded with plants, paid to be there, the locals who lined up for tickets instructed, and knowing who wins. If someone next to you jumps up or makes an X, you have done it, too!’ After learning that contest, judging, and voting are rigged, I don’t know why it surprises me so much that the audience in the show is rigged, too.

Some Acts Are Seriously Dangerous

According to a Reddit saying, a performer had 20 seconds to escape from the car would he down the road. After half of the walkthrough of his performance, he dropped his key. I forgot to mention he was blindfolded. Ofcourse, he started feeling around for the car key, and at the last minute, he finds the key, and he escapes. Just like, I think the producers had made him drop his key for more drama and suspense.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we cannot say that AGT is entirely fake, but some elements in the show are rigged. Anyone who can tell you otherwise is ignorant. The acts are performed by the real people with significant and unique talents they came up with. 

The process of voting is mainly legit, similar to the US presidential elections. There is a bias opinion for certain acts chosen by the producers to have more scripted elements, more air time, etc. 

That is much more pronounced in the earlier stages of the competition, where the producers can eliminate any of the acts they feel aren’t marketable. Producers give the judges signals to put specific actions through and stop others.


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