Is Cruel Summer 2021 Based On A True Story? Let’s Make It Clear Once-In For All!


Actual true stories don’t necessarily make good TV, and writers change the stories in one way or another to make the show more appealing and entertaining. but sometimes, movies and tv shows are made in such a way that even their stories are fictional, they do appear real to viewers. A new series that launched this year naming Cruel Summer also managed to question many of its audience is Cruel Summer 2021, based on a true story?

Created by Bert V Royal and premiered on April 20, 2021, on freeform, Cruel Summer is an American teen drama thriller television series. Set in the year 1990 in the fictional town of Skyline, Texas, the show unravels the story of two teenage girls and the repercussions on everyone’s lives as one of the teenage girls went missing, and the other took over her life.

Since the show addresses various themes, including jealousy, teen depression, and desire for validation, and is based on kidnapping that is very like the real-life disappearance cases, viewers sense the show as the incidents that happen in reality and believe that the show is real. But is Cruel Summer 2021 based on a true story? The answer is No, and we have ways to prove it.  

Be with us because we are going to unravel the points that prove that the show is just a drama for television that is not based on any true story. Scroll down, and please read the full article.

Facts About Cruel Summer 2021 Yelling That The Show Is Not Based On A True Story

Let’s start with the Plot and then give details on why we consider that the Cruel Summer is not based on a true story. While-Reading the plot there is a chance that you might wish to watch the show, for that we have made a subtopic at the end of the article.

The Main Highlight Of The Story | Know The Plot!

Is Cruel Summer 2021 Based On A True Story? Let’s Make It Clear Once-In For All!

The story is set in the fictional town of the skyline, texas, in the 1990s, of two teenage girls Kate Wallis, the most popular and beloved girl in the town, and Jeanette Turner, an awkward outcast. Every episode in the series focuses on the same day over the course of three years: 1993, 1994, and 1995 and alternatively narrates the incidents that happened from the viewpoint of Jeanette and Kate.

The story follows, when Kate disappears without any trace, Jeannet, the outcast girl took over Kate’s life. After a year, when Kate was found alive, she accused Jeannette of witnessing her abduction and not reporting it to anyone. This made Jeannette come to the gunpoint of all the people in the town and soon became the most despised person in America.

Is Cruel Summer 2021 Based On A True Story? 

Is Cruel Summer 2021 Based On A True Story?

With so many historical cases adapted in films and TV shows, it’s natural to believe that the suspenseful tale occurred in real life. The show Cruel Summer also created a strong and clear picture among the viewers that made them believe that the show is based on a true story that highlighted the main issues and crimes that usually do happen in real life. Now, we have points that prove that this show is not a true story.

  • If the show/movie is based on a true story, then it’s mentioned in the posters and well written in the trailer, but nothing mentions that this show is a true story.
  • IMDb also categorizes this movie as mystery, thriller, drama, and there is no mention of docu-drama, which points out that it is not a true story.
  • Looper and Deadline, in their writeup, also don’t mention that this series has any connection with a real story.

These 3 points are enough and prove the show not to be based on a true story.

The Cast Of Cruel Summer

The Cast Of This Show- Cruel Summer

Olivia Holt stars as Kate Wallis, with Chiara Aurelia (Gerald’s Game) as Jeanette Turner. Also among the cast are Froy Gutierrez (Teen Wolf), Blake Lee (Parks and Recreation), and Erica Muse (Smite). 

The series creator Bert V Royal also wrote Easy A: starring Emma Stone and Dog Sees God. 

Where To Watch And Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date

The Cast Of This Show- Cruel Summer

Well, those who wish to watch the show can stream it on Freeform, Hulu Amazon Prime videos. If the series is not available in your country, you can use VPN services and change your location.

As the mystery continues in its final episode, it is definite that there will be next season of the show, and the fans waiting eagerly for the show, let me tell you the season is set to be premiered in 2022, which means next year.

Final Words

Here I conclude this article. Share if you find the information valuable. We have also covered some other articles in which we reveal if the shows that claim to be reality tv shows are really true or just scripted and fake. One article from that list is “Is the housewives real or fake.” Give it a read. You can explore other articles on the same niche from our site.

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