Is Fiction Real Or Fake? Find This Mind-Boggling Answer Here!


You must have come across a lot of fiction-based content that has aroused curiosity and forced you to question- Is that for real? Though your mind knows the truth, your heart says otherwise! Still wondering- is fiction real or fake? 

We all grew up reading and hearing all sorts of mythical characters, magical stories, adventurous legends, and fairy tales. These fictions were as wild as our imagination could be! And for the sake of entertainment, we loved them wholeheartedly.

So, if the question arises- Is fiction real or fake, any straight yes or no would not do justice. It creates an imaginary world, creativity, and perspective of super cool writers and dreamers (just like me!). The fiction is as old as the human race. It is a product of our legacy and reflects the creativity of our previous generation!

There must be some fictional characters or legends on whom you had a crush or wanted to be just like them! Such fictional magic is still in the air. Come with me, and explore the answer to this mind-boggling question below! 

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What Is Fiction All About? Let Us Get The Basic First!

After reading the word ‘fiction’ the first thing that comes to mind is that it must be someone’s imagination that inspired its formation. We do not associate it with the real world instead, we think of a parallel world which only exists in our imagination! 

The timeline, scenarios, events, characters, and places become so real and appealing that we forget it to be fake! Even the word ‘fiction’ means ‘to form’ in Latin that does its essence. So, the crux of fiction is based on imagination. But wait…there is something more to know!

Are All Fictions Real Or Fake? The Hottest Question Ever!

Don’t you feel weird to accept that it is not real after reading your favorite fiction completely? We are so invested in the story and characters that we begin to feel them. So, instead, we see them as an interpretation of the writer that might be based on their imagination and intuition.

However, we must not forget that fiction reflects an actual society. So, it carries a lot of information based on actual events, characters, and experiences of the authors or people in general. Thus, not all fictions are real or fake; they partially borrow every segment as per the writers’ desire.

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How Is Fiction Different From Non-Fiction? Are Non-Fictions Free From Imagination?

 Is Fiction Real Or Fake? Find This Mind-Boggling Answer Here!

If fiction is a place that can accommodate all of your creativity and imaginations, then non-fiction is a reflection of reality, mirroring facts and data. Non-fiction is not like story-telling prose, instead, it explores real events and characters. It might contain information on fiction also but only for information purposes, for example, historical fiction!

To put it simply, fiction is a result of author’s imagination. Most short stories, fairy tales, and novels are a result of this imagination. While placing characters in these pieces of writing, a few elements can be taken from true incidents. But this not brings any difference to fiction. For instance, you must have noticed the fictional town of Derry in Stephen King’s novels. But the fact is that this town is an inspiration from the hometown of King.

Besides this, a writer often uses extra elements like special narrative techniques. This makes fiction more interactive and appealing. Wherease no such technique is used while writing non-fiction. It’s only focuses on facts and true events.

Realistic Fiction And Unrealistic Fiction

Is Fiction Real Or Fake? Find This Mind-Boggling Answer Here!

The pieces of writing that fall under this category are written a way that they become believeable. That’s becuase they may narrate everyday life events, usual experiences, heartbreaking, or anything that is common. And these are the things that make fiction bit realistic. Even readers starts resonating with the story and find it more connecting.

On the other hand, unrealistic writing does not bear similarities with the real world. Usually, when we say something unrealistic, it is noted as criticism and might be the result of flaw in writing.

Why Is Slash Fiction So Popular?

Is Fiction Real Or Fake? Find This Mind-Boggling Answer Here!

Slash fiction can be understood as another version of a fictional person. Under this comes, erotic stories or characters falling in love with the same s*x. While writing slash fiction, one has to pay attention to disclaimers.

The reason behind high demand of slash fiction is because it deals wih s*x, a highly intriguing topic for people. That’s why most readers prefer reading it for the sake of enjoyment. And those who belong to the LGBT community feels more connected to such stories and novels. Have you also read one such story?

Is Non-Fiction Work Available For Us? Are You Into Them?

Future Of Fiction World | Does Imagination Will Earn You A Living?

We all have read non-fictional work in our schools and colleges for the sake of knowledge. This category includes a biography of famous people, specific skill-based coursebooks, news or event-related articles, literature based on a real timeline, and the traveling experiences of famous people. Each detail containing real and verifiable data falls under the non-fiction category.

When it comes to fiction, we cannot leave the topic without discussing some famous fictional writers. Over the past few years, we have been enjoying the writing pieces of J.K Rowling, Ernest Himmingway, Danielle Steel, John Grisham, and many more.

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Tips For Writing Fiction | Note Them Today!

Is Fiction Real Or Fake? Find This Mind-Boggling Answer Here!

If you are into writing, then learning these tips is going to help you a lot.

Try to come up with strong characters and should be associated with impressive dialogues. Besides this, landing these characters in an unexpected situation is always going to make your work successful. By doing so, you add thrill and excitement to the plot.

Most importantly, you should be clear about your idea and view. With a confused mind, you can never write something out of the box. For this, make sure you have relatable characters and suitable events with proper placement.

Future Of Fiction World | Does Imagination Will Earn You A Living?

Future Of Fiction World | Does Imagination Will Earn You A Living?

Certainly, fiction-writing has a future and will remain so till the end of time. Otherwise, where will all the creative people go. (And what will I write???) No matter how imaginary fiction writing is, it will always have a special connection to our hearts.  

And the best part is you can earn a living too, just by outpouring your imaginary thoughts on paper (on Word File, for digital writers). Keep writing out-of-the-box stories, gripping novels, and awesome short stories daily! 

Final Word

Fiction is the large ocean for all dreamers, creative minds, and unique personalities (just like me!) where we can outpour our thoughts, imaginations, and perspective as we want in a parallel world. Let us build a utopian world together!

Sabira Fatimi
Sabira Fatimi
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