Is Fortnite Dying in 2021| The Doom of Battle Royale


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The concerning statement that is making rounds on the internet for some time now is Is Fortnite dying. Fortnite is a game played and loved by people of all ages, from kids to adults but the real question here is, for how long will the game manage to please its audience with new updates, seasons, and maps? 

Fortnite came into the lives of gaming players in 2017 and since then has seen considerable growth in its popularity charts. The game is played by over 6 to 12,00,000 players and has more than 350 million registered accounts. However, the numbers aren’t enough to predict the future of a game. Are they? 

Is Fortnite dying? Is it true? The online multiplayer action battle game that became popular for its battle royale mechanism is on the lower side of the rating chart for quite some time. There can be numerous reasons behind it, from the launch of Apex Legends Crossplay to rival competitions like Roblox Games doing well in the market. 

Without looking at some facts, it won’t be easy and fair to answer the question Is Fortnite dying. Let’s examine past events, history, and the reasons behind the sudden growth and decline of this game and then conclude an answer to the audience’s question. 

Is Fortnite Dying|The Truth Revealed 

Is Fortnite Dying

Since its release, Fortnite has seen many new updates, seasons, weapons, features, and much more. It’s not essential that the players will be happy with every new update and feature. When the new maps were released with season 2, many players released slogans globally stating #RIPFortnite. The players insisted Epic Games get back the old maps and get rid of the new maps. 

Is Fortnite dying

However, Epic Games does not always need to work according to the player’s demands. So, they did what they thought was best for the game’s future and continued to roll out the new maps and the Black Hole event, which also made a lot of fans upset. Eventually, the anger left many players, and they have gone back to playing; these movies affected the popularity of the game significantly. 

If we go to Google Trends and search for Fortnite, we will see that the graph is not stable. There are many high peaks and lows, but most of the chart is declining, which means that Fortnite is losing its popularity gradually. Epic Games is trying its best to keep the game moving forward and launch new events, but how many of them will keep the players hooked to the game? 

Is Fortnite Dying

During the beginning of Covid and lockdown impositions globally at the beginning of 2020, the number of Fortnite players saw a rapid spike as people had nothing to do. With this spike, the official Twitter handle of Fortnite celebrated the success, but shortly it turned into disappointment. Soon after this growth, both Apple and Google Play Store removed the game from their platform resulting in the company filing a lawsuit against them. However, there has been no ruling in the case till now, so we don’t know if the game will ever get back on these platforms. 

This being said, the players can enjoy the game till it is here because sooner or later, the game will see a very sharp decline in its popularity. Soon there will be a day when the answer to the question Is Fortnite dying will be yes.


Though we cannot give you a definite answer to the statement Is Fortnite dying as it is now in Epic Games hands to decide whether they will go ahead with more updates of the game or not. However, we can say for sure that Fortnite has seen a sharp decline in its popularity over the years, and with so many new games launching, it is bound to see a drop in the future.