Is Ghost Hunters Real Or Fake? Ghost Stories, Are They Even Real?


Paranormal TV shows have become a common sight on everyone’s Netflix and Amazon screens these days, but with the increasing amount of paranormal-based shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, viewers started questioning their authenticity. Thoughts like Is Ghost Hunters real make a place in viewers’ minds and until their thoughts get cleared, they have no interest in watching the show. 

The popular reality TV series Ghost Hunters made its way to everyone’s hearts and minds in October 2004 and remained there for a long time until its end in 2016. However, the show was well-received by the audience and the critics alike that prompted the producers to revive Ghost Hunters for two more seasons in early 2019. Apart from the regular seasons, Ghost Hunters also featured 12 specials. 

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Over the course of 12 seasons and 243 episodes, the show featured a lot of paranormal stuff for its audience and gathered a huge fan following. The show had such a fan base that it became the only paranormal show to attract 3 million views per episode at some point during its runtime. Gradually making its way to popularity, Ghost Hunters became successful enough to receive its two spin-off series Ghost Hunters Academy and Ghost Hunters International. With so much popularity into its kitty, isn’t it obvious that Ghost Hunters would have turned to scripts and fake drama at some point? 

If you are here to know more about the truth behind Ghost Hunters and whether the stories featured on the show are true or not, scroll below and read the entire details. 

Is Ghost Hunters Real? Show Creators Have A Lot To Say! 

Ghost Hunters features TAPS founders Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes who along with a team of paranormal investigators visit different places that are known to be haunted and are a hub for paranormal activities. Their task is not to find the proof of paranormal activities like Nick Groff did for Ghost Adventures. All they have to do is investigate the paranormal locations and if they find any proof of paranormal, they try to prove it isn’t true. 

Like many other reality TV paranormal shows, Ghost Hunters also follows the same old pattern where the teams are seen with their hands full of electronic equipment. In each episode, you will see the team wearing some old fuzzy shirts while they are on their mission to prove that paranormal does not exist in the given location. Only when they reach the location, it is already night time and instead of their claims, they are welcomed by some witchy-woo stuff like a black cat or items scattering in the location. Then, the camera shifts to the site, and their viewers see a slight blur or light coming from a deep end. 

Is Ghost Hunters Real Or Fake? How Much Truth Is There To The Ghost Stories!

One of the founding members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, Grant Wilson while speaking to the New York Times in 2009 said that Ghost Hunters is nothing like a regular paranormal show. The team members are doing something that no one has ever done before. They are busting the myths that date back centuries when it comes to a particular site. All they try to do is reveal the truth behind the ghosts that many people claim to see. Talking about the authenticity of the series, Wilson said that he or his team isn’t changing any process that will help them get a stronghold on the entertainment factor. 

Whether the show is unscripted or not, Ghost Hunters managed to run successfully for eleven seasons excluding the revival seasons, the spin-off series, and the standalone specials. Till now, Ghost Hunters is the only reality TV show for Syfy that can be counted in the list of longest-running TV shows. Well, the fact does not speak much for the authenticity of the series but it speaks a lot about its popularity. Sadly for the revival series, Jason Hawes wasn’t able to make a comeback because of his own show Ghost Nation that featured members Cohorts Tango and Steve Gonsalves from Ghost Hunters. 

How Jason And Grant Made Ghost Hunters Happen? The New York Times Was A Big Helping Hand! 

How Jason And Grant Made Ghost Hunters Happen? The New York Times Was A Big Helping Hand! 

In 2002, at the time of Halloween, The New York Times published an article about the paranormal investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. The article was published with respect to their discoveries in the field of paranormal and their personal experiences. Once the article became a hit and went viral, the dynamic duo started receiving requests from a number of producers. Initially, the two did not have any intentions of appearing on a show and declined the numerous offers but when Craig Piligian (owner of Pilgrim Films & Television) approached them, they couldn’t bring themselves to refuse the offer. 

The reason behind them accepting the offer was the fact that Craig didn’t want to change anything about their work process. While Hawes was on the Alternative Route Podcast in 2018, he said that Craig only wanted his team and him to carry the camera and other equipment. He also said that Craig had mentioned that if we don’t do it, someone else will and they will use the field for representation. However, Wilson and Hawes wanted to represent the field in a particular way, so they agreed to the show. 

Final Words 

There aren’t any solid confirmations or proof that indicate Ghost Hunters is scripted. At the moment, we cannot say whether Ghost Hunters is real or fake but the least that we can say is, Ghost Hunters is one of a kind paranormal reality TV series and there is nothing that you won’t like about it. Even if the show’s theme looks like the other paranormal series, once you start watching the show, you will realize how different it is. 

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