Is Gotham City Real? Pack Your Bags… It’s Picnic Time!!


I am everything that Gotham needs me to be,” not me cool a*ss, I am talking about the city of Superman’s BFF, Batman. He is the one whom Gotham deserves, but where the hell is this hellish city, and is Gotham city real? Let’s find this city on the globe of fiction movies.

There will be no one on the planet earth who has never seen Gotham. Well, if you don’t know about Gotham city, it’s a big shady city where criminals live in harmony with the poor, and there is a man who dresses up like Bat and jumps around the building and destroys the harmony of the city. 

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Yes, I am joking, you know it right!! You know the story, and I don’t want to repeat the story and make the stuff boring to read. However, if you have packed your bags and are going to spend your vacations at the Gotham paradise, you will only find the place in the Christopher Nolan fictitious world as the city doesn’t exist on this planet.

However, if you want to explore this city, not in reality but from the sight of the entertainment fiction movies, then we can help you out.

Is Gotham City Real? The City Of Batman!!

Gotham City is a place of thugs, killers, mafias but was the city the same from the starting and what was the history of the city? Here we will explore the city together, and I will share some interesting past stories about this city, so get ready for the Gotham ride!!

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1# What Is The History Of Gotham City? 

Is Gotham City Real? The City Of Batman!!

The Batman movie fans must have been mastered the history of Bruce Wayne’s story, but they might not have gone through the history of Gotham city. Those who have never opened this subject then let me tell you the history of the city is quite interesting.

Gotham city was founded in 1635 by the Norwegian mercenary Captain Jon Lagerquist, later taken by Britishers and became the big site for major battles. Years later, Alan Wayne (Bruce Wayne ancestors), Edward Elliot (Thomas Elliot’s ancestor), and Theodore Cobblepot (Oswald Cobblepot ancestors) became the founding father of Gotham and constructed the Gates of Gotham.

After the battles, the city became the sin place where some of the American founding fathers summoned a bat demon, and its influence started spreading to the whole town. That was not the end because the comics revealed that a Ra’s al Ghul released a deadly virus in the town. However, when the people of the city started recovering, a major earthquake hit the city that made the government cut the Gotham city from the US.

2# How Beautiful Is Gotham City And Who Lives There?

#2 How Beautiful Is Gotham City And Who Lives There?

For those of you searching for some beautiful destination to visit during the holidays, Gotham is the place you will never select. When the deadly virus was released in the city and later hit by the earthquake, the government cut the city from its main part and cut their food supplies and every other facility. 

The situation created havoc in the city, in which the people faced poverty, hunger, lack of education, making them do whatever they needed for survival. This also made the city the hometown for many illegal activities where criminals and mafia lived. 

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3# When Did Batman Came To Gotham City?

#3 When Did Batman Came To Gotham City?

As the crime rate of Gotham starts to cast its shadow on the other part of the city, the Batman came for the protection of the people, but what happened that made Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, enter Gotham?

The story starts in the childhood of Bruce Wayne when he sees the death of his parents. As the crime rate of Ghotam offshoot and started to reflect on the other part of the city, the Wayne family got killed by some of the thugs. This incident kick-started the journey of Bruce Wayne to become the Batman and control the crime of Gotham city.  

4# Is The Gotham City Real?

#4 Is The Gotham City Real?

There is no Gotham City in the real world, and it’s the place you will only see in the DC universe. In the TV and movies, Gotham’s location was also never specified. Still, it was hinted that it represented some locations of New York City, including a city map that resembled the locations across the West River from Guernsey city in New Guernsey.

Later in the 2016 film Suicide squad, it was made clear that Gotham city resembles the state of New jersey with DC’s extended universe.

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Final Words

Although Gotham city is not real, the city puts out the devastating idea that can happen when the government becomes corrupt and stop working. In that scenario, the place will be disastrous, and there will be havoc all around, do you think the same? Drop a comment down here!!

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