Is Halloween Wars Real? Food Is But The Show, May Be!


Halloween Wars is an American reality TV food competition show which is based on the Halloween theme that premiered only in the 4th week of October. The show sets the competition between five teams made up of cake sculptors, sugar artists, and pumpkin carvers against each other to make the ultimate Halloween theme food display using their unique craft and skills. The winner of the show bags home the prize money of $50,000. Let’s me take you into each and every detail and also find out Is Halloween Wars real or fake and staged?

The show first premiered on October 2, 2011, on Food Network and now entered its 11th season. Halloween Wars is under the production of Super delicious. The production house of Cupcake Wars and Cake Wars. Season 11 of the Halloween Wars is hosted by actor and paranormal investigator Zak Bagans. The judges include Aarti Sequeira and Eddie Jackson.

Though this year, there are some changes in the show that includes two judges instead of three, no pumpkin cravers, no spine-chiller rounds, and a reduction in the prize money from $50,000 to $25,000. If I talk about the legitimacy of the show and ask, is Halloween Wars real? Well, it’s safe to say it is not a pre-scripted show, which means the show is real, but How can I say that with such certainty? It is because the show Cupcake Wars was also real that shared the same production house as that of the show Halloween Wars. 

Let us read more in detail about this show and see if certain aspects point toward the fakeness of the show, covering The latest changes made in season 11. Scroll down and get all your answers for the show Halloween Wars.

Is Halloween Wars Staged? Let’s Get Deep Into This Spooktacular Food Show 

Going through the show rules and rounds in detail will make you clear if the show is staged or real. Without further wasting any time, let’s start with the rounds in the show. 

#1 How Halloween Wars Is Played? 

As this food competition is short-lived and premiered only for four weeks in October, each episode contains two rounds named Small Scare and Spine Chiller, the name suggests the meaning. Each week the team has to take part in these challenges.

The first round is the Small scare, where contestants have to create a small interpretation of spooky Halloween cake and candy in a combined dish within 45 minutes time limit. The one team who wins the first round can select the pumpkins of their choice and an extra assistant for the second round.

Is Halloween Wars Real

For the second round, Spine Chiller, the teams have to create a bigger, more scary, and immersive structure based on a horror scene that must also serve the taste elements connected with the theme, and for that, the teams are given a time limit of 5 hours. For example, teams have to create A scene depicting a vampire battling a zombie using pumpkin, candy, and cake in their dish. Every week is the nomination, and the team that survives in making the best Halloween food display wins with the prize money.

#2 New Upadtes & Changes In Season 11 Of Halloween Wars

The show made a lot of changes for its new season, and the fans are not happy about that, including the release date, prize money, and no pumpkin carvers. Yes, I mean was it necessary?

What's Changed In The New Season 11 Of Halloween Wars

# Changes In Premier Date

When Halloween Wars was first released in 2011 with its first season and till season 10, the show was used to premier during the Halloween month of October, but things changed in 2021 during its season 11 that premiered in September. The main reason that could be linked is the pandemic that changed the schedule of its filming. 

# Judges And Prize Money 

Now Zak Bagans is the new host of the show who is a ghost adventurer and an actor. There are two new judges in the show irrespective of three. Aarti Sequeira, an Indian American cook, Eddie Jackson, an American chef, and former football cornerback. Taking off the prize money from the winning amount is slashed to half from $50,000 to $25,000 to what was offered in the season 1 -10. 

# No Spine Chiller 

Every episode of the Halloween Wars used to have two rounds. The first one, called Small Scare in which the teams have to make their own small scary Halloween dish representation within 45 minutes, and the second round, Spine Chiller, in which the teams have to make a big horror scene-based dish that should also taste good within 5 hours, Unfortunately, this season cancels the Spine chiller round.

# No Pumpkin Cravers

Season 11 also has no pumpkin cravers, which was the main highlight of the show. The fans also say that without pumpkin cravings, the show is mostly like other baking competitions. The reason for this change was the pandemic that made the creators film the show in June in Utah, way earlier than the Pumpkin season. 

#3 Certainly, Fake Halloween Wars?

#3 What Could Possibly Be Fake About This Show?

This is a show of creativity and skills in food crafting, and there is no sense in making a show like that a pre-staged one, so it is safe to say that the show Halloween Wars is certainly real

Some points that we think could be fake about the show include :

# Teams With Funky Names

Each team is made of three people with their specialty in cake crafting, candy making, and pumpkin carving. Usually, these teams are given wacky names by the writers and show producers. Some Best examples of team names include ‘2 Ghouls and a Guy’, ‘No Guts No Gory,’ ‘Corpse Crushers’, and ‘The Underbakers.’

# Fights Could Be Pre-Planned

In any competition, there are chances of small fights between team members, and these incidents become the way for the producers to make the show more spicer by telling the participants to react in a way that adds a certain story to the program and gives the audience a small entertaining factor. Impressive!

# Hosts & The Scripts 

What to say in the episode and what joke to crack all these things are mentioned in the host’s script, written by the writers. The host prepares these scripts before the shoot to deliver the best experience to their viewers. 

Final Words

In the end, I would say that the show is real, and there is nothing that is scripted by writers and producers when it comes to the real challenges between teams in preparing their dishes. The participants work hard and put all their creativity into preparing their spooky Halloween dish to win the show. If you think there is something fake about this show, be free to tell us in the comments. 

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