Is Instacart Worth It? 5 Pros and Cons Of Instacart!


Instacart is an awesome place for getting deliveries when you want them. From late-night deliveries to shopping when you want, Instacart gives you a lot of flexibility as a customer. As a side hustle, too, Instacart offers you full-service shopping positions. You can work when you want and how you want. So is Instacart worth it? Let’s consider both options and find out!

First, let’s see what Instacart offers as a service. Instacart has a very wide presence across the United States and Canada. Instacart works with 40000 grocery stores and has a huge catalog of 500 million items and counting. For a customer, it’s great as you can get your hands on anything you want at any time.

But is Instcart worth it? If you are a customer who has no time for groceries, then Instacart is worth it. You can have groceries delivered to your home, or you can put in your order and pick up the groceries yourself. As a side hustle, Instcart has respectable payments and does pay regularly. Depending on your financial situation, it can be worth it.

Saying Instacart is worth it is a very broad generalization. Though in its favor, we can argue that Instacart enjoys very positive reviews overall. The app has great customer service too. If you want to delete your account or cancel your Express membership, Instacart will deploy customer representatives to assist you, no questions asked.

Is Instacart Worth It? Weighing In All The Parameters!

Is Instacart Worth It? 5 Pros and Cons Of Instacart!
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To see whether Instacart is worth it for you, things need to be understood objectively. How? As a customer, you need to see the pros and cons of buying groceries online versus buying them yourself. Definitely, the convenience is a great pro, but there are other costs attached to it all. As a full-service shopper looking to make money, there are pros and cons attached to it too. Let’s take each of the two cases and see is Instacart worth it?

Using Instacart As A Shopper | Is Instacart Worth It?

Is Instacart Worth It? 5 Pros and Cons Of Instacart!

Instacart is available to use on desktop as well as your mobile. We know most of the apps we use today are used on our smartphones, and Instacart has a very intuitive and beautiful app. The user interface is friendly, and almost everything can be found easily. There are several 24×7 and late-night delivery stores associated with Instacart, which make the service available all the time. 

1. Stores like 7-Eleven, CVS, Publix, etc., are open round the clock, thus making it possible for Instacart to deliver 24×7. You also have access to more than just groceries. Stores like Aldi, Target and others associated with Instacart mean any household items, including but not limited to medicines, personal items, etc., are available at all times. 

2. The pricing that Instacart offers may make it worth it for some, not others. For every order, Instacart charges a service fee that is at least 5% of your delivery total. If you want the items delivered to your home, then delivery fees for Instacart start at $3.99 and can change depending on the distance from the store. Price thus becomes one of the most important criteria in choosing Instacart.

3. If you have no time to do grocery shopping and use Instacart every week or fifteen days, then it makes sense to subscribe to Instacart Express Membership. The membership costs $9.99 per month or a much cheaper $99.99 billed annually. Using the Express Membership, you can avail free delivery for orders above $35 and reduced delivery charges of 1.9% of your delivery total. Therefore, the frequency with which you order can be a defining criterion.

4. Another criterion you should consider when thinking is Instacart worth it or not is the availability of stores. Though Instacart has a huge presence, it still has a very sparse presence in rural America. There are fewer stores, and personal shoppers aren’t always available. This means Instacart is an inconvenience rather than a convenience. If the stores are far away, you will pay a lot more in delivery charges.

5. Speaking of charges, some items in Instacart stores are priced much higher than what’s available at other places. Since you can shop from one store at a time, you don’t have the flexibility to choose the cheaper option. If you are looking for better deals, you are better off shopping yourself, and Instacart isn’t worth it then.

Using Instacart To Make Extra Money | Is Instacart Worth It?

Is Instacart Worth It? 5 Pros and Cons Of Instacart!

If you are looking to make some extra money on the side to pay for your expenses, you can try becoming a personal shopper with Instacart. They offer decent pay and have a smooth onboarding process. But you also need to know there are two kinds of jobs Instacart offers. One is the full-service shopper who does the shopping and the deliveries. The second is the in-store shopper who only does the shopping and customer pick up the grocery themselves.

If you are looking for flexible work and have vehicle access, you should become a full-service shopper. While as if you are looking for a guaranteed hourly wage, you should look at becoming an in-store shopper. The hourly wage is around $11-$17 depending on where you live, and the hours are capped at 29 hours per week. You can make around the same money being a full-service shopper along with extra tips. The only thing missing is a guarantee since you can make money sometimes and sometimes you can’t if you don’t get any orders.

Final Words

So is Instacart worth it or not? It will depend on your situation. Where you live and what your goals are will also dictate whether it is for you or not. Personally, as a customer, the convenience of getting groceries anytime is worth the small fees. While if I were looking to make some extra money, the hourly wage that Instacart affords is pretty decent too. As covid has taught us, home delivery is a huge demand.

There is a great need for delivery workers. You can read our post about tips and tricks on how to use Instacart right to boost your deliveries and make more money! Let us know in the comments section below if you have any more issues. We will try our best to help you out!

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