The most asked question, Is IPL Scripted? The conspiracy theory and several people claimed without any proof. These theories continued to evoke suspicion without any solid evidence. Recently, a cricket journalist very close to the Indian Cricket team said that fixing in cricket is possible. 

Social media has given a voice to all these rumors. Thus, there are a lot of theories on the platforms that claim the IPL Matches are scripted. We know you all are curious to know whether the matches are scripted or not. Of course, no one does any research and jumps to a conclusion depending on the match’s result, even though it makes them short of moron. But it’s okay. Who cares? Everyone wants to become cool by doing gossip about trending stuff.

We are a die-hard fan of IPL, and if anyone asks us about these rumors, then there is a clear and straight answer No… Sometimes we, too, get frustrated by the fixing allegations, non-performance of the star player, and mistakes by umpires. There were many occasions when we started believing that the matches were fixed but think once if the BCCI is spending a lot of money, they monitor all the matches for fixing and betting. 

There were some incidents when BBCI deployed its anti-corruption team to intervene in the match-fixing scandal. As per the sources, the last year’s IPL matches in UAE were also framed under corruption charges. 

Is IPL Scripted? 

Dhoni's controversial Run-Out
Source: Crictracker

Again, we will say no… Sometimes there was some human error on the field that forced you to believe the match is fixed; if you are a fan, you must know the MI vs CSK 2019 IPL final and the uncharacterized Dhoni’s Run-Out. The biggest reason that sowed the seed in our mind that the whole IPL is scripted. But there were hundreds of incidents that can make you believe that the IPL is neither fixed nor scripted.

Myth Buster 1

Mayank Agarwal outrageous save
Source: Sportstime

Some of you considered IPL as a drama movie, but no, Mayank Agarwal had made an extreme save on the boundary lines to deny Mumbai-India a six. This save could cause an injury to Mayank but he still decided to save the boundary for the sake of winning, and it is recorded as the finest save in the history of IPL. How can someone say this ‘boundary save’ is scripted? Why does a player risk his life? Think twice! Does this outrageous effort be scripted?    

Myth Buster 2

Glenn Maxwell
Source: Instagram

In IPL 2013, the Mumbai Indians secure Glenn Maxwell for $1 million during the auction, whereas the batsman’s reserve price is just $200,000. Everyone says that the IPL is scripted, they why MI paid a massive amount for a player single player. The whole cricket was shocked with the MI decision of buying a player for $1 million. 

Bizarrely, in IPL 2014, “Chris Gayle aka The Big Show” was secured by Kings XI Punjab for another million dollars. The buyers have decided to buy him for his form that will surely help them against other teams. He responded well with 517 runs at a strike rate of 198.08. He single-handedly takes KIXP to the top of the table.

The question remains the same, but if IPL is scripted, why MI and KIXP spend a million bucks on players if the matches were scripted and already know the outcome?

Myth Buster 3

IPL Trophy
Source: IPL

If the IPL is scripted, then I really feel bad for poor bookies. If they script the IPL in advance, then it would be the best anti-corruption move ever. There will be no more fixing, betting, and everyone would know in advance what will happen in the next season. The thrill and drama maybe increase… But guys, it takes a lot of effort and time for a player to achieve its dream than a tweet without cricket knowledge. 

Myth Buster 4

Chris Lynn's spectacular catch
Source: Source Youtube

In IPL 2014, Chris Lynn’s spectacular catch against Royal Challenger Bangalore sparked the debate on best fielding efforts. Since the IPL started, there are many outrageous fielding moments have been caught on the camera. The fielding efforts by the top sportsmen to make their team win make the game most thrilling. How could someone tweet bad about such a gentlemen’s game? The players are risking their life to mark a win on the fields. There are many moments when players got severely injured, and they had to leave the game in between. Why would a player risk his career for a scripted tournament? 


We cannot change someone’s mind. Everyone has a different mindset some believe the game is scripted whereas some believe players are working so hard to make their team win. As we all know that the IPL is an easy way to select in National team.   

Guys, it is a never-ending debate. The less we argue on is IPL scripted? The more we enjoy the game. The IPL 2021 is here, share your favorite team and why you support that team in the comment section. 

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