Is It Possible For Young Artists Reach Fame On Spotify?


Spotify has been quite useful for musicians when it comes to music promotion. The platform has millions of daily users and can be an excellent vehicle for success as an artist. However, promoting music on Spotify requires lots of effort to make it work. What can you do? This guide will highlight some useful tips on how to promote your music regardless of the genre on Spotify.

Benefits Of Using Spotify 

Is It Possible For Young Artists Reach Fame On Spotify?

One top benefit of using Spotify is its popularity. The music streaming app makes it easier to reach a wider audience and gain new followers. Also, more people will identify your music and style and this can help the musician to gain loyal fans. 

As the musician gathers more fans, their chances of being picked up by the algorithm increase. It is simply a foolproof way to push music organically. 

Promote Your Music On Spotify

Is It Possible For Young Artists Reach Fame On Spotify?

To use Spotify to the fullest, artists must claim their Spotify for Artists profile. While it may not seem like much, this profile allows artists to pitch unreleased music to the editorial team of Spotify, it also opens a path to verification and gives the musician a chance to see in-depth streaming data and analytics about their music performance. 

Below are other ways to use the streaming platform to the fullest. 

Use Pre-Save Campaign 

While releasing new music, artists are encouraged to use a pre-save campaign or pre-release campaign that basically keeps fans up to date on the music before the release date. This is a great way to ensure that all your fans save the prerelease and don’t miss the launch date. 

Such fans can increase your chances of entering big editorial playlists or other beneficial playlists to give the artist access to more listeners. 

Create Playlists

Is It Possible For Young Artists Reach Fame On Spotify?

This is a subtle way of selling your music. Simply create a great playlist of songs in the same genre with your music including your songs and other artists’ songs. It could be a workout playlist, work playlist, transit playlist, or anything that appeals to a certain demographic. 

Some musicians work with other artists to create a collaborative playlist. This is essential because it gives both musicians the opportunity to gain new listeners from both sides.

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Add Links

Is It Possible For Young Artists Reach Fame On Spotify?

While promoting music, artists often use other mediums such as social media and even press releases. A good practice would be adding Spotify links to other marketing materials. This doesn’t have to be too crazy, a simple link to your Spotify pre-save list or QR code to make it easier for people to find you will do the trick. 

Strategic Releases

Is It Possible For Young Artists Reach Fame On Spotify?

To get more streams, artists must release music strategically. This means releasing more music regularly. It is a good way to keep fans interested and will give them a reason to return. Also, the algorithm rewards artists who are strategic with their releases. 

This may be a problem for some because it takes time to create a masterpiece. However, musicians can bypass this problem by creating a masterpiece track that fans love. As time passes, they can create another version of the same song or add a different beat just to make it more interesting. 

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