Is Jerry Springer A Real Judge? The Public Of America Demands Answers!


America’s popular journalist and broadcaster Jerry Springer recently returned to the small screen with his new show Judge Jerry (2019). Springer’s appearance may bring back a lot of memories for you but it has also stirred a new question, Is Jerry Springer a real judge?

Springer is a former lawyer and politician, who is best known for his performance in his talk show, The Jerry Springer show (1991). The entertainment show became popular for all different reasons like fistfights and Jerry’s cussing. However, it also made the audience think about whether Jerry is a real judge or not?

Definitley Jerry was not a judge during his former show but have things changed since the last time or is it still the same? Let’s find out!

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Is Jerry Springer A Real Judge? A Gavel And Judicial Robe Isn’t Enough To Become A Judge!

Popular media personality Jerry Springer’s show titled The Jerry Springer Show (1991) became the talk of every well-known tabloid back in the day because of different controversies. The popular talk show was on air for 28 seasons from 1991 to 2018 (until its cancellation) and made Jerry a famous personality. Known for his outrageous behavior on the show, often covered by beeping cuss words, many accused Jerry Springer of being a fake law expert. 

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The Jerry Springer Show | A Peep Into Jerry’s Legal Personality!

Is Jerry Springer A Real Judge? The Public Of America Demands Answers!

Even if Jerry Springer’s Talk Show attracted controversies, there is no denying that it was a pop culture phenomenon. The show not only boosted Jerry’s career but also holds significant importance in many other shows and movies. Many popular shows like The Simpsons (1998), The X-Files (1993), Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996), and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) featured the actor playing himself. 

The Jerry Springer Show focused more on sensitive political issues that often landed the show in trouble in its first season. After an unsuccessful first season, the makers decided to spice things up for the ratings and changed the show’s format. In the newer seasons, the topics discussed in Jerry’s courtroom varied from infidelity to broken marriages and other relationship squabbles. These topics often made the guests over-emotional, and they ended up in heated arguments and fistfights. 

Details Of The Jerry Springer’s Show

No. Of Seasons: 28

Runtime: 43 min (per episode)

IMDb Ratings: 3.7/10

Streaming Platform: Hulu 

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Is Jerry Springer Qualified To Help The American Public? What Does His Background Say?

Is Jerry Springer Qualified To Help The American Public? What Does His Background Say?

Most of the shows hire actors who do not have real-life experience with their character’s profession, but Jerry’s case differs from others. Jerry Springer is a real judge with no control over America’s criminal cases. Springer is an arbitrator, also known as a civil court judge. Jerry may not have the power to send the criminals to jail, but he can help settle an argument between the two parties by ordering the accused to pay a fine. 

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Jerry wasn’t always a civil court judge. Before entering his new show, Judge Jerry (2019), Springer took a course to be qualified as a judge, which made him eligible for the show. Jerry’s Juris Doctor degree from Northwestern University and his political background also made the process a lot easier. Apart from that, he was also a partner in Sudman & Springer’s law firm, which made him a wise choice for the show.  

Jerry’s transition from a lawyer to a court judge makes his judgment final and legally binding during the show. Guests coming on the show cannot find any loopholes to escape his statements, which makes the experience more thrilling. The legal transition has also pushed Jerry Springer to keep his demeanor more serious than his previous show. 

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How Judge Jerry Provided Springer A New Experience? Is Jerry Springer The New Face Of Justice?

The veteran TV host’s latest venture (Judge Jerry) is a daytime television show where Jerry handles the situation in a more sophisticated manner. Unlike his last stint, where he could lean back and let the situation escalate, etiquettes are a matter of concern this time. The cases brought to Jerry by the public of America are not a joke anymore. They may not be high profile and scandalous, but they are of utmost importance in their way. 

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Details Of Judge Jerry Show

No. Of Seasons: 3

Runtime: 20 min (per episode)

IMDb ratings: 4.3/10

Streaming Platform: Fubo TV and Pluto 

Final Words 

Jerry Springer is a real judge, and for him, the transition was a one-day thing since he was already a lawyer and wasn’t involved in any illegal activities. Start streaming the show today, and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below. 

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