Is Karma Real? Explore The Most Important Secrets Of Karma!


Is Karma real? Since our childhood, we have grown up hearing the utmost importance of Karma and its impact on life and the afterlife. It has been rightly said, “ As you will sow, shall you reap” or “What goes around comes around”.

The first-ever mention of Karma can be found in the Hinduism text Rigveda, written around 1500 BCE. It kept appearing in different religious books of Buddhism, Jainism, and that too with some modifications.

For ages, people have firmly believed in Karma and its implications. There are various interpretations and perspectives provided by scholars of all ages that suggest that Karma is real. It is ingrained in our lifestyle, whether it can be associated with luck or cosmic justice, we will get the taste. Yes, I do believe that Karma is real and does exist. I have many reasons too! Do you think the same? 

No matter what Karma-school of thought you belong to, there are still many questions left that keep us wondering! You are on the right page, then! Join me in this quest and explore some of the highly anticipated thoughts right now!

The Truth Of Karma | Which Definition Best Suits Its Essence?

Is Karma Real? Explore The Most Important Secrets Of Karma Here!

In the most simple word- Karma is the course of an action that you do knowingly or unknowingly! Of all the intellectual interpretations, this is the generic one. It is based on an intertwined relationship of behavior and its fruits!

It means that whatever you do will directly bear on yourself, your surroundings, and associated people. Your actions and thoughts will become the foundation of your future. If your deeds are good, fortune will favor you. If you have done wrong to others, Karma will show you the same days, making it a real thing.

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3 Forms Of Karma | Which Form Suggests The Real Version Of Karma? 

Different religions and scholars have come up with their interpretations and logic that it gave birth to three forms of Karma. It will help you to understand the reality of Karma and how it affects one’s life!

Sanchitta Karma Ideology | Cycle Of Previous Births

It strongly believes that you will have to pay for whatever you have done in the past, not just in this life but in previous births. It accepts the current situation because Karma has given you as a reward for your past deeds. Though it sounds filmy, you must have heard and felt this once in your life! Who knows what you did in your previous life? Making us wonder is it for real? 

Agami Karma Ideology | Build Your Today To Reap It In Future

The Agami Karma philosophers strive for today, do their best now in the hope that they will be rewarded in the future for their patience, perseverance, and good deeds. They teach us that Karma is real, just keep hope. They try to correct their past mistakes by doing something good to escape from creating any negative Karma. 

Prarabdha Karma Ideology | Everything Is Predestined!

Followers of this ideology believe that no action is in their control. They are destined to live in this way or behave in a certain character because it is their destiny and the fruit of their previous action. They are trapped in the Karmic Chakra, where they are getting rewards or punishment in the present. It cannot be changed. Such ideology makes us wonder about the reality of Karma and its existence!

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Implications Of Karma | Is Karma Real?

We all agree on one thing that there is something that does exist is- Karma! However, you can either take this concept real or just an illusion of mind! Yes, Karma is a very thought-provoking philosophy. It has an immense impact on our psychology, real events, and thought processes. 

It is a powerful tool to cultivate focus and discipline in life. We tend to believe that if we do foul things, it will certainly impact us in this life and the afterlife. Or maybe it is just an escape route from worldly chaos! No matter what you adhere to, it is an energy that regulates our life to a far extent and exists for real.

However, one should not turn blind and take it negatively every time. Any misconception could be disastrous for a prosperous life; the same goes with this philosophy. Instead of getting trapped in this cycle, it is better to excel and focus on today to make the coming days more fruitful. Hold on the karma reign by yourself!

Most Important Laws Of Karma | Did You Know All Of Them?

Karma is all about actions and reactions. Some of the fundamental laws are the bedrock of this philosophy, making it a reality. Though these are generic truths, it’s worth revising them! Find out how many laws you were aware of! 

  • Cause And Effect– Whatever you have done knowingly or unintentionally, you will reap in this world.
  • Do Karma– Do not wait for any magic or wait for divine intervention, instead of doing the action to create your path and attain your destiny.
  • Take Responsibility- You must take responsibility for your deeds instead of blaming actions on others.
  • Patience Is The Key- Yes, to achieve the goals, you need to do Karma and be extremely patient to reap the fruits. Good things take time to happen!
  • Inspire Others To Make a Difference In The World- This is very important because your action somehow impacts others’ life and the cosmic surrounding. You must emit positivity and good vibes to gain the same in return!

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Final Words

In the end, somewhere deep down, we all know that Karma will hit us back in this life, for sure. We need to create good Karma, contribute to society, and help people, not for the sake of rewards but for being humans. After all, in reality, Karma is deep-rooted in human conscience!

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