Is Marrying Millions Fake? A Million Dollar Question!!


Is Marrying Millions fake? Focusing on the financial factor there is a reality TV show called Marrying Millions that brings couples from different financial backgrounds. The show follows the everyday life of six couples who work hard on their relationship under the scrutiny of friends and family. Now as mostly the reality TV shows are made up. Is Marrying Millions real or fake?

Released in the year 2019, Marrying Millions is a docuseries that takes the stories of couples from different financial backgrounds who are deeply in love and wants to marry. The show explores the struggles and challenges they face from their families and friends when managing to mold themselves in each other’s profiles.

Answering if a reality television show is real or fake is one of the most tricky questions to be answered because no show or network directly admits what went into the making. In addition to that, most of the cast members that enter the reality shows, sign non-disclosure agreements that prevent them from revealing certain details of the show. Now, how to get the truth and explore if Marrying Millions is fake or not? Here we have the answer and we are definite that Marrying Millions is a real show but with some oddities.

Well, there is no reality show that has been forgiven by controversies and these controversies become the main weapon to verify if the show is real or scripted.

Is Marrying Millions Fake? I Wonder, How!

Controversies leave marks and these marks become the hint to deduce if any show is real or not. Scroll down and read the controversies of this show that might help to answer the million-dollar question Is Marrying Millions fake?  

#1 Gentille Chhun & Brain Blue Were Actors

Gentille Chhun And Brain Blue Were Actors.Is Marrying Millions Fake? 

Gentille Chhun (a real estate investigator) and Brain Blue (construction worker) came on the show in 2019 in its first season. Gentille has worked in a lot of films television series. Brain on the other hand has got 60 different entries on IMDB.

Talking of the controversy part. The 2019 married couple Gentille and Brain when took the step of breaking up, it was revealed that the couple doesn’t even have the marriage license associated with them. This let many viewers speculate if the marriage was fake and was only for the show.

#2 Some Of Marrying Million Stars Are Not As Rich! Not Everything That Shines Is Gold!

#2 Some Of Marrying Million Stars Are Not As Rich As They May Be Seen

We have a possible example of someone who appeared on the show as a millionaire but then turns out to have no money at all.  According to a report published by Los Angeles Times, Marrying Million’s cast member Sean Lourdes has left certain unpaid bills and he turns out to be one who has no money at all.

A report said that he pledged to give donations to the charity, he made checks but they later failed to clear. Another check he wrote for an Arena event he was sponsoring, didn’t materialize later.

#3 Some Of The Cast Members Tried To Get Editing Rights 

#3 Some of the cast members tried to get editing rights 

Bill Hutchinson and Brianna Ramirez that came on the show in season 1  became the primary interest of the viewers because of the age difference between them. The controversy that made people believe that show is fake is when in the first episode of season 1, Bill and Brianna were at the restaurant for dinner and one of Bill’s friends revealed on the show that Brianna was with Bill only because of his financial status.

It also came out that Bill’s lawyer asked for editing rights from the show, to cut the scene of his friend, but was denied. The show creators also didn’t cut the scene even when it was creating rumors that the show is fake. This point proves that Marrying Millions does retrain control on what ends up on the screen.

Final Words

Despite these oddities, how can we prove that the show is real? The last controversial points are clear facts. When Bill’s friend insinuates on the show that Brianna was with Bill only because of financial status. Bill signed a lawyer so that he gets the editing rights and can cut this scene from the show but the show didn’t give him the rights and said that even we don’t have any control over what goes at the end screen. This directly points out that the show is real and only highlights the real part of these couples’ lives. 

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