Is Million Dollar Listing New York Real? Get Ready To Be Surprised!


Despite being an Emmy nominated show two times, nothing can stop the question ‘Is Million Dollar Listing New York real?’ from popping into the viewers’ minds. The series might have run successfully for the past nine years, but the question about its authenticity remains the same. Is Million Dollar Listing New York real or just another fakery show added to the long reality TV series list? 

MDLNY is a famous American reality TV series that digs deep into the lives of four real estate agents and how they tackle the property owners in Boroughs, New York. The show is a spin-off to the popular reality TV show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Viewers have been following the show loyally since 2012, but now they have started to ponder over different aspects of the show. 

Reality TV shows have taken over the viewers’ watchlist from the past few years, and this increasing popularity has prompted different networks to release more reality shows every other day. However, the abrupt release of too many shows has made fans realize that they are starting to lack their authentic taste because most of them are following a script. Now, the rumors have begun to swirl around the World of Wonder’s real estate series MDLNY. 

So. let’s move ahead and see what the creators have to say about the ongoing controversy regarding their show Million Dollar Listing New York. 

Is Million Dollar Listing New York Real Or Fake? Fans Think The Show Is Nothing But A Sugar Coated Lie!

Million Dollar Listing started in Los Angeles, but it became an overnight sensation with Fredrik Eklund, Steve Gold, and Ryan Serhant in the New York edition. The three real-estate agents have taken the show to a new level of popularity with their drama, but sometimes the content makes us cringe a bit, and we cannot help but think whether the show is scripted or not? 

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The Plot Of Million Dollar Listing New York | How The Real Estate Show Works? 

Tyler Hitman: Is Million Dollar Listing New York Real? Get Ready To Be Surprised!

Everyone loves investing in real estate, right because? It is a solid investment, but what happens when you decide to make a purchase in New York? The real estate value spices up quickly in Boroughs, New York, and that’s where the realtors from MDLNY come into the frame. New York’s Boroughs serves as one of the hottest locations for some of the wealthiest buildings in the country and is apt for the riches to spend their money.

Even though the wealthy have a lot to spend, looking at Manhattan’s current market rate, an average home in the locality will be available from a starting price of $1 million. The realtors from the show follow several brokers and their negotiations while buying and selling the properties. 

How Much Of The Show Is Edited? Truth Revealed With A Blast From The Past!

How Much On The Show Is Edited? Truth Revealed With A Blast From The Past!

During each episode of the show, we see potential customers come and look at the property; there are few negotiations, they settle for an offer, sign the agreement papers, and voila, everything is done. Only if buying and selling property was as simple in real life as it is made to look in reality TV shows. It’s not all about handshakes and signatures.

There are inspections, applications, title searches, and many other things that involve real estate. It indicates that most of the negotiation is edited or not even discussed because, trust me, it takes more than a month to settle everything. How do we believe that the deals we see being made on the show are even genuine? 

Holly Parker: How Much On The Show Is Edited? Truth Revealed With A Blast From The Past!

In an interview with The New York Times, Holly Parker, who worked as a broker during the first season for Douglas Elliman, revealed that not everything is depicted as how it happens on Million Dollar Listing New York. The broker also revealed that sometimes the shooting is done at properties already sold to different people, and most of the show is make-believe. That is, it follows a script to gain the audience’s interest. 

Another broker Michael Lorber who also worked for Douglas spilled some hot beans regarding the show’s production. According to the ex-broker, most scenes were reshot because the producers felt a lack of drama and curiosity. Many scenes were often recreated by the camera crew and shot at different times of the day. More than half of the deals made during the show end up getting canceled while the audience does not know about it. 

Ryan Serhant Comes For Defence | Calls Rumors Completely Baseless!

Ryan Serhant Comes For Defence | Calls Rumors Completely Baseless!

Though many former cast members have stated that MDLNY is as fake as MTV’s Floribama Shore, real estate agent Ryan Serhant who has been a part of the show from the very beginning, has something different to say. As per reports from The NY Times, there was an incident where he once jumped into a pool of one of the houses that were listed. Jumping into the pool was his idea and not something orchestrated by the producers. 

Moving on, Dottie Herman also had a few words to add to the controversies. “The producers might throw an extra party or two during the show, but they would never film something that isn’t true.” So, they want us to believe their statements rather than the facts stated by the previous members of the show. I mean, who are you even kidding? 

Final Words

Million Dollar Listing New York Real might be fake, and many have started disliking the show for the same reason. Though the show seems unreal at the moment, many people don’t mind the fakery and have no issues watching it. 

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