Is Murderville Scripted? Well, Let’s Unravel It!


We are back with another article regarding Netflix’s new show Murderville. The difference is that it’s not an ordinary TV series like we usually binge on. This show happens to have a unique format and an interesting twist in its storyline. In this article Is Murderville Scripted? We’ll certainly give the answer that you’re looking for and also will give you an insight into the show.

Murderville (2022) follows the story of the character Terry Seattle played by Will Arnett, who is an ungraceful senior detective going through divorce proceedings with Rhonda. Later, he faces several difficulties in his professional life and his personal life due to various reasons related to his present and past life. The interesting aspect of the show is that we get to witness a new celebrity in each episode that joins as a detective on a new case but has no clue what to do whatsoever. 

Now, it’s about time that we get down to brass tacks. We know you’re here to find out if the show Murderville is scripted or not. So, let’s not make you wait any longer. To directly answer your question, we have to say that Murderville is partially scripted but not completely. The show undoubtedly has numerous improvisations throughout the episodes, but the most brilliant part is that the celebrities who appear on the show get no script at all. They walk into the set blind without any kind of script and have to play along accordingly as the story moves forward.

We’ll say it’s an amazing concept applied to a TV show if you ask us. How fun would it be to see those celebrity guests on the show moving around clueless with the clumsy Terry Seattle.

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Is Murderville Scripted? Let’s Get To The Bottom!

Is Murderville Scripted? Well, Let’s Unravel It!

We have already mentioned the show’s structure and how it affects the storyline. Filled with improv moments and the unscripted acting of the celebrity guests as detectives moving around clueless following Terry’s footsteps create the perfect balance if you ask us. Murderville is a great blend of improvisation and scripted moments.

Are Actors Independent Contractors?
Are Actors Independent Contractors?

Apart from the brilliant concept that the creators of the show have applied in making it a distinctive show, Murderville has its serious moments as well. The character of Terry Seattle has showcased an astounding performance along with his former wife Rhonda Jenkins, played by Haneefah Wood, and Amber Kang, played by Lilan Bowden, a government official who helps Terry with some of his cases.

It is also extremely interesting to see Terry’s character dealing with an internal crisis, where he has not been able to get over the death of his partner Lori Griffin played by none other than Jennifer Aniston, in a plot where comedy and humor take more priority.

Murderville is based on the BBC Three TV series Murder In Successville by Andy Brereton and Avril Spary. The show was released on 3rd February 2022 on Netflix with six episodes.

This show has interestingly dealt with the angle of solving murders and balanced it with humor and comic relief, now if you want to binge on some dark and thrilling murder mysteries, we certainly have a lot to offer.

  • Developed By: Krister Johnson
  • Cast: Will Arnett, Haneefah Wood, Lilan Bowden, Phillip Smithey
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes & Runtime: 6 (29-35 Minutes)
  • IMDb Ratings: 6.8
  • Rotten Tomatoes Ratings: 74%

How Is Murderville Different From Murder In Successville, The Show It Is Based On?

Is Murderville Scripted? Well, Let’s Unravel It!

Well, as we know, the show is an adaptation of the British series Murder In Successville, but there are certainly major differences. Krister Johnson, who developed the show, kept in mind that the Netflix series will be different in its format in comparison to the British series. For instance, in Murder In Successville, the story takes place in a town where everyone happens to be a celebrity but all played by impersonators. Whereas in Murderville, the primary focus of the show remains on Terry Seattle and the new detectives that join him in each episode.

Johnson also wanted to explore Will Arnett’s character on how he deals with his personal and professional life and balances it. He also wanted to have fun with the other characters on how they deal with Terry, who is clumsy and awkward most of the time.

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Which Parts In Murderville Are Scripted?

Is Murderville Scripted? Well, Let’s Unravel It!

Apart from all the improvisational situations and the celebrity guests who all are clueless as they haven’t been provided with a script, the show does have its scripted moments. For instance, the relationship that Terry Seattle has with Rhonda Jenkins, the Chief, who is going through a rough time as their divorce proceedings are going on. Situations like this cannot be created without a script.

Another example would be the actors, who play the roles of suspects or the murder victims, performing in a very nuanced and professional way providing important clues to the new detectives and pushing them in a specific direction. So, these aspects are really difficult to be pulled without a script.

Who Are The Celebrity Guests On Murderville?

Is Murderville Scripted? Well, Let’s Unravel It!

We have witnessed several celebrities appearing in different TV shows before as new characters, but in Murderville, we see them as who they are. On top of that, we get to see them perform without any formal script. How brilliant is it to watch your favorite celebrity on a TV show moving around clueless as they don’t have a script to learn their dialogues from?

Here are the celebrity guests that appeared on Murderville.

  • Conan O’Brien 
  • Marshawn Lynch 
  • Kumail Nanjiani 
  • Annie Murphy 
  • Sharon Stone 
  • Ken Jeong 
  • Jennifer Aniston (Special Guest)

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Is It True That The Guest Stars Were Clueless When They Walked Into The Set Of Murderville?

Is Murderville Scripted? Well, Let’s Unravel It!

Well, that would certainly be a YES! Krister Johnson specifically claimed that the celebrity guest stars had no idea of what their walking into, as a matter of fact, they were seeing the set for the first time. The only information the guest stars had was that they would be solving some kind of murder mystery without a script handed to them and also that Will Arnett was the primary focus of the show.

In the first episode, we could see that Conan O’Brien goes in the wrong direction that is because the camera blockings were done beforehand with a stand-in. That is the reason we see Terry Seattle guides him where his actual mark was so that he was placed properly in front of the camera.

Johnson also mentioned how the rehearsals used to take place with the rest of the cast in the absence of the guest stars. They would only be called when everything else was set up and done.

How Many Episode Does The First Season Of Murderville Have?

Is Murderville Scripted? Well, Let’s Unravel It!

The show is just a couple of months old, as it was released on 3rd February this year. We only have the first season to binge on, which has 6 episodes in total with a runtime of 29 to 35 minutes. Each of the episodes features a new celebrity guest as Terry’s new partner and helps him solve murder mysteries.

Here is the list of the episodes of Murderville.

  • The Magician’s Assistant – 1 Episode
  • Triplet Homicide – 2 Episode
  • Most Likely to Commit Murder – 3 Episode
  • Murder by Soup – 4 Episode
  • Heartless – 5 Episode
  • The Cold-Case – 6 Episode

Will There Be A Season 2 Of Murderville?

Is Murderville Scripted? Well, Let’s Unravel It!

Well, Netflix, as of now, has not announced anything officially regarding the renewal or cancellation of the second installment of Murderville. Having said that, the creator of the show, Krister Johnson, has certainly mentioned that the frontman of the rock band Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, would be an amazing guest in the second season of the show.

Johnson has also confessed that whether or not Dave Grohl becomes a part of the show, he would love to have guests who will be charming and fun to work with and will take things very enthusiastically.

Johnson has also mentioned that the whole idea behind Murderville is not to simply get the best improvisers in the industry and put them in the show. The primary intention of the show is not to impress people with a great crime story but to watch actors do something that they have no clue of when dropped into an impossible and horrible situation.

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Final Words

I hope this article was helpful and informative enough. TV shows like the Netflix original, Murderville is certainly special in its way as it happens to be quite different than any other standard TV shows, especially that are available on Netflix.

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