Is Queens Gambit True Story? Here’s Something That You Should Know!


Here comes another Netflix series that has buzz around is Queens Gambit. Fans are asking Is Queens Gambit true story? We know you are one of them, right? Unveiling truth is going to be very interesting for you!

The Queens Gambit has turned out to be a popular entertaining miniseries on Netflix and the fan club of Beth Harmon is on a rise. The series is a dramatic version of a novel with the same name, of 1983 written by Walter Tevis. Though the plot is based on an individual, it has its roots in history.

When it comes to unveiling the Queens Gambit true story, yes, it is a true story and there is a lot of connectivity. Beth draws similarities with the famous chess prodigy, Bobby Fischer. Many have recalled her female Fischer. Dylan Loeb McClain in an interview stated that the series has covered over 10 years, from 1958 to 1968 collides with the peak of Fischer’s career. Both have an affinity for top-quality fashion.

With all this in mind, here’s everything that you must know about it. 

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Is Queens Gambit True Story? Interesting Truth About The Story! 

Another significant thing that will catch your attention is that the games played by Harmon in the series are based on real competitions that took place in Latvia and Paris. Like Harmon, Fischer also had hardships in his personal life. Similar to Harmon, Fischer also suffered intense paranoia and schizophrenia.

Is Beth Harmon An Amalgamation Of Real Chess Prodigies Including Bobby Fischer?

Do you Believe Queen’s Gambit Is A True Story? Here’s Something That You Should Know!

While acknowledging the source of inspiration, Tevis brought up some names. They were Grandmaster Robert Fischer, Borris Spassky, and Anatoly Karpov, all of them were active in the chess scene when Tevis was writing the novel. 

The career of Beth draws its similarities a lot with Bobby Fischer’s. He was born into a Jewish family in Brooklyn, which was financially weak and became a household name through the game of chess. His achievements resemble Beth’s. Other than being talents, both of them learned Russian for playing. Also, they were haunted by inner devils- Beth by drugs and Fischer by mental illness.  

The ending of Fischer’s life went into the hands of paranoia but we hope that the story of Beth ends on a bright note. However, it has an open end with no hints of a next season. So let’s wait and watch!

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About The Shades Of Tevis’s Struggles With Addiction In The Series!

Queen’s Gambit True Story| Interesting Truth About The Story! 

In the novel, Beth falls for an addiction to a fictionalized sedative named Xanzolam. Tevis has used his own experience for developing this trait of hers. Beth’s dependency on drugs has its roots in Tevis’s experience when he was diagnosed with a rheumatic heart and was injected with heavy drug doses. 

The Chess Matches Are A Dramatic Model Of Actual Matches! 

Is Queens Gambit True Story? You'll Be Shocked To Know!

Queen’s Gambit’s true story has another interesting fact and that is match scenes. According to the lens of McClain, the moves of Beth were based on the moves of the famous competition in Latvia in 1955 and a game at the Paris Opera. 

For sure the audience cannot differentiate between real and dramatic chess moves but their correspondence shows little intricacies. 

How Viewers Have Taken The Queens Gambit? Are They Really Liking It?

Is Queens Gambit True Story? You'll Be Shocked To Know!

Without having any questions, we have found that the series is getting a warm reception from audiences and critics.

The announcement was made by Netflix on November 23 regarding the streaming of The Queen’s Gambit. As a result, almost 62 million households tuned it within a month. 

According to Netflix, some notable wins are:

  • The series has made its place in the list of The New York Times bestseller. 
  • Google has witnessed a surge in the searches for ‘how to play chess’ after the advent of this series. 
  • There is an increase in the number of players on 
  • The series has ranked top 10 in more than 90 countries. 

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As of now, the IMDb score is 8.8 out of 10. As per the stating of, the cinematography is breathtaking and the images have been carefully imposed. After the release of the series, many people have developed their interest in chess.

It’s not a wonder to guess why people are falling for it!

Are There Some Hints For The Queen’s Gambit Season 2? I Know You Are Excited!

Is Queens Gambit True Story? You'll Be Shocked To Know!

After much excitement for the series and Queen’s Gambit’s true story, the second season might be in the thought of the producers. 

The producer, William Horberg in an interview expressed his happiness to see people loving the show where they want to spend more time with these characters. Further, he added that the series has got a satisfactory ending.

Taylor shared her thoughts that it’s surreal for her to see people waiting for the second season because they never thought about it. The statement “There’s never going to be a second series” must be heartbreaking for you. I am going through the same!!!

Can The Queen’s Gambit Become A Musical? Can You Imagine Those Performances?

Is Queens Gambit True Story? You'll Be Shocked To Know!

Yes, here comes a piece of good news for the Queen’s Gambit fans! It was confirmed in the press release of March that the series will become a stage musical after the entertainment company will gain the stage rights of the novel. 

Though there is no information about where the stage musical will be hosted, it is unlikely that it will be homed in New York City. 

Well, it will be quite interesting to see the upcoming moves of these series. The fan following of these series will surely reach its peak after its conversion to a staged musical.

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Final Words 

The Queen’s Gambit true story has made audiences feel more connected to the series. I am sure you are one of those and are on the list of its fan club. Though the protagonist is fictional, we can clearly relate it with some real personalities, including the writer of the novel. So, if there is someone whom you know has not seen this series, ask him to watch it soon!

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