Is Scarface Based On A True Story? Is Reel Scarface = Real Scarface?


"Okay, Here's The Story. I Come From The Gutter. I Know That. I Got No Education, But That's Okay. I Know The Street, And I'm Making All The Right Connections. With The Right Woman, There's No Stopping Me. I Could Go Right To The Top." 

The famous monologue of Tony Montana from the film Scarface (1983) explains all his past, but how much does it resemble the real story of Al Capone, and is Scarface based on a true story? Let’s read!

Directed by Brian De Palma, Scarface was inspired from Scarface Shame of The Nation a 1932 film directed by Howard Hanks based on the lives and crimes committed by Mafioso Al Capone. Scarface starring Al Pachino, tells the story of Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee who entered America without any penny, takes the job at a food shop in Miami, and then makes his way to become the most influential dr*g lord.

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Oliver Stone, who wrote the script for this movie, experimented with the story of Scarface (1932) and came up with the character of Tony Montana. His character was inspired from Tony Camonte of the original film who shared the story of Al Capone’s life. Well, according to the facts the movie is a made-up version of real-life gangster Al Capone. Let’s read how much is Scarface based on a true story of the most notorious dr*g lord?

Scroll and read because there are several facts that will make it crystal clear on the query if the reel scarface is made up or totally copied from Real scarface.

Was Scarface Adapted Or Fabricated? Is It A Real Reference?

Highlighting some points from both Montana and Capone life, we have assembled differences and similarities between Montana from the film Scarface and the real-life Scarface Al Capone that will help readers understand, How much the film was based on the real-life of the dr*g lord Al Capone?

#1 Is Tony Montana’s Character Made Up Or Copied?

Is Tony Montana's Character Made Up Or Copied? Is Scarface Based On A True Story?

As Tony Montana’s character was inspired from Tony Camonte of Scarface (1932), therefore, he was shown as a notorious dr*g lord Mafioso Al Capone. Both Montana’s and Capone’s stories also match as they were the major crime bosses in the city, both were attacked, and the highlight!!!!! both have a scar on their faces. 

Though the movie does not depict how Montana got his scar, but Capone got his scar in a bar when he insulted a woman and didn’t apologize. Her brother slashed Capone’s face with the knife and he got 83 stitches.

#2 The Scarface Chainsaw Scene Make It Watch Worthy!

The Scarface Chainsaw Scene Was based On A Real-Life Event.

The most memorable scene from the movie Scarface (1983) was the chainsaw scene. It was based on a real-life event. Oliver Stone, the screenwriter of the movie, walked through the FBI and DEA files and came across a real-life chainsaw event during the war on dr*gs period. 

Stone, the screenwriter dramatized the scene in which Hector and Tod attempt to rip off Tony and dism*mbers his partner Angel in a gruesome manner. However, there is nothing in the scene that relates to Al Capino’s life and incidents.

#3 Capone & Montana’s Rise | No Hands Under Illegal Involvment!

Both Capone & Montana Rose When The Government Banned Illegal Products.

The ban of illegal products by the government became the reason for the rise of both, Tony’s and Capone’s empires. In Tony Montana’s case, the crackdown on coc*ine and war on dr*gs helped him rise to power.

Whereas in Al Capino’s case, the prohibition on alc*hol, pr*stitution, and dr*gs led him to create a big black market for these products and become the most influential gangster.

#4 Al Capone And Montana Were Bad As* Killers!

Al Capone And Montana Both Were Ruthless killers

Both Capone and Montan were ruthless killers. Capone killed many of his rivals, blew several establishments in 1920 that did not sign the deal with him or refused to buy liqu*r from him, oftentimes these establishments contained more than 100 people who died during his attacks.

Montana also performed some crooked killings that involves the murder of Emilio Rebenga in exchange for a US passport, the Colombians murder blood bash after setting up the c*caine deal, the killing of Frank for planning Tony’s assassination, and Alberto for avoiding jail time. Ohh, and how to forget the Final m*ssacre that took his life.

#5 End Of Montana’s And AL Capone’s Era!

Death of Montana And AL Capone

Capone and Montana, the real big gangsters and dr*g lords, face their death very differently from each other. AL Capino witnessed a silent death because of a heart attack and died in his mansion. 

Montana died when a bullet hit him during the final m*ssacre. While fighting off Sosa’s Henchman, Sosa’s top assassin, the Skull sneaks up and shoots Tony in the back.

#6 Montana & Capone Enjoyed Luxury!

#6 They Both Lived And Owned Big Mansions And Drove  Expensive Cadillacs

In Florida Capone owned a big mansion in Palm springs that cost him $40,000. The estate where Scarface was filmed was sold for 12 million dollars.

Both Capone and Montana owned Cadillacs. Capone owned a 1928 V-8 Town sedan Cadillac covered with 3000 Ibs of steel armor and bulletproof windows while for the film Scarface Montana owned a Porsche 928.

Final Words

So yes, the article clears out that Montana’s story was not solely inspired by Capone. Scarface had few bits and pieces which were inspired from the real story but not the entire craft. Also, I forgot to mention that Montana’s story was from rag to riches, a Cuban immigrant who established his empire from scratch. In contrast, Capone was involved in gangs from childhood and was an Italian immigrant. If you want to watch movies that are categorized as good war movies, you can visit our home page for more entertaining stuff and lifestyle advises.

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