Is Thanos Good? The Good, The Bad & Thanos Above All!


Is Thanos good? The one question that can shake the balance of the universe and cause turbulence in the multiverse. I admit that Thanos is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe, but that’s all we know about him, right? Thanos is supposed to be this big bad guy with no chance at redemption, but what if that’s all he wants? What if Thanos, the destroyer of the universe, can be good? 

Thanos is an eternal deviant who rose from Titan, one of the most technologically advanced moons in the Marvel universe. Just like his father and brother, Thanos was also meant to be one of the most powerful beings in Marvel capable of beating the bad guys and protecting the universe. Instead, he grew up to be twisted in his way and soon became a follower of death and violence. 

Thanos started his journey with the Marvel entertainment comics and soon became everyone’s favorite Marvel villain with his cinematic appearance in Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Little did anyone know that the devil who nearly wiped half of the universe in the movie along with some of our favorite heroes would turn out to be a gem in Marvel’s What if? (2021) Thanos went rogue to get his hands on all six infinity stones, killed his daughter, and took innocent lives. However, they do say that there is a good little left in everyone. Despite his growing lust for power, Thanos always had a little melancholy holding him back. 

If you are intrigued to know more about the good side of Thanos, waste no time and scroll to read everything. 

Is Thanos Good Or Bad? 4 Deeds That Are Proof of His Sanity!

Like every other hero and villain in the Marvel universe, The Mad Titan has also gone through a devastating past that turned him into a monster. His past does not justify how he acted in rage, but it gives us a reason to have a little faith in him. Over the years, Thanos may have spent every second of his life planning the destruction of humanity, but he also did a lot of good things in between all of that. 

Most Marvel followers take it as shame when they learn Thanos was fascinated by the Goddess of Death. Loving the embodiment of everyone’s end can be devastating, but he was a child who grew up without the love of his parents and people. Loving Death captured his renunciation in the most natural way and made him smarter than most Marvel characters. 

#1 Thanos Was A Father Figure To Gamora!

Is Thanos Good? The Good, The Bad &Thanos Above All!

Say what you want about Thanos sacrificing Gamora in exchange for the soul stone, but it was only him who rescued Gamora when she was little. Gamora’s home planet and her people were slaughtered by the evil alter ego of Adam Warlock, aka Magus. At that time, Thanos changed the events of a specific timeline so that he could stop Magus and get some of his powers. Thanos may have made the decision for selfish reasons, but his plans involved saving Gamora. Thanos rescued Gamora from Margus and raised her like his own child. 

#2 Protected Asgard By Stopping Thor!

#2 Protected Asgard By Stopping Thor!

Many of you may not know this, but Thor was hell-bent on destroying Asgard in the comic series The Blood And The Thunder. The god of thunder was driven by a mystical rage that caused him to turn against his planet. To put an end to his insanity, Silver Surfer was brought to the Asgardian land. However, he could not help, the cosmic hero called the mad Titan to put an end to Thor’s drama. At first, Thanos was reluctant to help Silver Surfer but later agreed and even confined Thor into a prison. Eventually, when Thor recovered, he thanked Thanos himself and warned him never to look at Asgard. 

#3 Helped The Marvel Heroes To Defeat Nebula!

#3 Helped The Marvel Heroes To Defeat Nebula!

In Marvel comics, Thanos was very close to fulfilling his dream of assembling the Infinity Gauntlet and using it for his gen*cide plans. However, Thanos underestimated Nebula when he left her to die on the ship after their big confrontation. Assuming Nebula to be dead, Thanos went for his astral projection only to find that Nebula was in control of the gauntlet and was moving fast towards destruction. Soon, he called Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer to help him take Nebula down. It wasn’t easy for the heroes to trust Thanos, but once they did, they were hit with the realization that Thanos could be a good guy.

#4 Thanos Being Jealous Of Deadpool! 

#4 Thanos Being Jealous Of Deadpool! 

I can imagine Thor being jealous of Captain America for lifting Mjolnir, but never in my nightmares do I think Thanos is capable of jealousy. In the comic book Deadpool vs. Thanos, the two were placed in a competition against one another. However, the two end up being allies when Lady Death, aka Thanos’ once true love, gets kidnapped. Perplexed by Death giving attention to Deadpool because of his immortality, Thanos decides to get her back from the clutches of Eternity. If they didn’t get Death back, everyone in the comics would continue to live forever, which may have affected the flow of time in the worst ways. 

Final Words 

Thanos may not have brought world peace and planted roses and peonies, but time and again, he performed good deeds that even made the Marvel Gods and heroes believe in him. Thanos grew up with everyone hating him, so turning out to be the big badass villain should not come as a shock to anyone. However, looking at all the good things he has done, it should be easy to forgive him for his past actions. 

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