Is Thanos Stronger Than Hulk? The Big Guy Fights Cosmic Tyrant!


Is Thanos stronger than Hulk? Being a Marvel entertainment fan, who do you think is superior amongst them? Is it Thanos, the Mad Titan, the destroyer of humanity, or Hulk, the big green guy who loses control easily? 

The striking resemblance between Thanos and Hulk has always let various fandoms compare the two immortals in Marvel and conclude the winner. Some of them have considered Thanos a winner, while many are adamant that Hulk wins the match. Without proof of their fight in the Marvel universe (except one time), it can be tough to decide the winner based solely on comic books and movies, but hey, what’s a challenge without fun, right? 

Thanos may have given Hulk a taste of his own medicine in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) but a punch and a few kicks do not make him stronger than Hulk. We all need a fair winner of this match, so let’s skip the commentary and go straight to take a look at their powers. 

Is Thanos Stronger Than Hulk? World Breaker Hulk Can Help Kill Thanos!

An influential member of Nick Fury’s team Avengers with superhuman strength and immortality or a powerful cosmic tyrant with God-like powers, the battle between Thanos and Hulk is bound to end up with many casualties. Hulk may have gone hand-to-hand against enemies like Abomination and Galactus, but that does not tell us anything about his fighting efficiency against Thanos. There are equal chances for Thanos to win by smashing Hulk out of the way for all we know. 

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1# The Birth Of Hulk & Thanos | The Story Behind Their Origin 

Is Thanos Stronger Than Hulk? The Big Guy Fights Cosmic Tyrant!

Hulk was created as an outcome of an experiment gone wrong with Bruce Banner. Due to the exposure to massive amounts of gamma radiation, Bruce Banner’s blood got infected, which turned him into the big green guy. The amount of gamma present in Bruce’s blood makes Hulk stronger than any other Avenger with extraordinary powers but limited intelligence. The big guy’s limited intelligence causes a trigger in his mind and it turns him powerful each time he gets angry. It is only after Hulk’s complete energy depletion, he can turn back into Bruce Banner. If not, someone else has to calm him down to turn him back into the human form. 

Thanos’ birth took place on one of the most technically advanced moons of Saturn known as Titan. Born to Eternals A’lars and Sui-San, Thanos was rejected by his mother at the time of his birth. Due to his monstrous appearance, Sui-san even tried to kill him but was stopped by her husband. Right from his birth, Thanos was fascinated with death, and growing up, he became so obsessed that he started killing millions of people and destroying planets because he lusted for power. As he was a Titan, Thanos was born with the supreme powers and the intelligent mind of a Titan.  

2# Is Hulk’s Power Enough For Killing Thanos? 

2# Is Hulk’s Power Enough For Killing Thanos? 

Throughout the years, Bruce Banner has managed to control his anger which has lent him an upper hand in control over the big guy. Due to this control, Bruce Banner was also able to create a more powerful Hulk by combining the big guy and his human. As a result of this creation, Professor Hulk was born, who managed to go for a long time without reverting to Banner’s human form. Professor Hulk is the most intelligent version of the big guy but not enough to defeat or even challenge Thanos for a fight. 

In an alternate timeline, a more robust and angrier version of Hulk is known as World Breaker Hulk. He is by far the only version of Hulk to exist who can destroy the earth with a single punch. Hulk turned into the angry beast, World Breaker after his wife was murdered brutally. The World Breaker Hulk is so powerful that he emits gamma radiation and is able to shake the earth while walking. World Breaker is probably the only version of Hulk who cannot only defeat but kill Thanos. 

As for superhuman Hulk, he has minimal to no chances to win a fight against Thanos. Thanos is an intelligent individual, whereas Hulk is one big messed-up ball of anger. Thanos can use his intellect to outsmart Hulk easily and take the upper hand in the fight the same way he did in Infinity War. 

3# Thanos Or Hulk | Who Will Be The Winner?

3# Thanos Or Hulk | Who Will Be The Winner?

From the comic books and movies, it is evident that Thanos has always won the fight against Hulk. Be it on earth or any other planet, Hulk’s anger always got the best of him and made it nearly impossible for him to beat Thanos. Till now, Thanos has only fought against superhuman Hulk. In the future, if he ever gets to put up a fight against World Breaker Hulk, the chances for him to win are less than zero. 

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Final Words 

World Breaker Hulk is the only version who can successfully beat Thanos in his own game. Superhuman Hulk holds back in a fight because he still has a bit of humanity left in him due to Banner’s presence. However, World Breaker Hulk has no humanity left because of his revenge, making him a better opponent. 


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