Is The Illuminati Real? The Truth Behind Extraordinary Beliefs!


The secret society of the Illuminati is always on top of the list when someone starts discussing an elite group of people, supposedly “ruling the globe”. It’s true that Illuminati wasn’t always some fancy-schmancy telltale story but a lot of time has passed. That is why, people nowadays are having a hard time believing these age-old entertaining concepts and are asking, “Is the Illuminati real?” 

Long ago, Illuminati was referred to as a secret society that only operated for a decade with the ambition to rule over the world. The Illuminati members believed that there was a huge need to bring a revolution to the society that would end the monarchy and bring the idea of self-rule.

It is also believed that the Illuminati had a few of its petty reasons to bring change like global domination, control over political decisions, etc. Thus, was followed by a hell number of theories and yes, confusing queries.

Let’s discuss it in detail so that you never end up questioning it again and again.

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Is The Illuminati Real? Do The Conspiracy Theories Hold Any Truth?

Is The Illuminati Real? Do The Conspiracy Theories Hold Any Truth?

By definition, Illuminati is a name given to several real and fictitious parts of society. Over the years, the latter has become a part of several conspiracy theories, whereas the former still holds a lot of truth. Historically speaking, the name Illuminati was given to a secret society formed in the enlightenment era in the 17th century. The main goal of this secret society was to focus on the order of the day and to put down the pillars of injustice. 

The Biggest Goal Of Illuminati | Was It World Domination Or End Of Monarch?

Adam Weishaupt

Founded by Adam Weishaupt, Illuminati was formed in Bavaria and existed from 1776 to 1785 until its downfall by various religious and conservative groups. Inspired by the idea of enlightenment, the main goal of the Illuminati was to promote philanthropy and bring an end to the religious influence, superstitions, and obscurantism in society. Adam and his men wanted to bring a new source of illumination to the society that changed how states in Europe were run. 

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Over the coming years, a major shift was observed in the goals of the Illuminati when they started focusing more on influencing political decisions and destabilizing several institutions like royalty and the Church.

Several Illuminati members became a part of Freemasonry to recruit new members to establish their goals. Count-Palatine Charles Theodore observed these new changes and outlawed both the Illuminati and Freemasonry, thereby bringing an end to this secret society.  

How Did People Become Members Of Illuminati In The Past? Care To Join The Secret Society?

How Did People Become Members Of Illuminati In The Past? Care To Join The Secret Society?

Unlike other secret societies that required a ceremony or a ritual, becoming a part of the Illuminati was much easier. All a person needed to do was have full consent from the existing group members, wealth, and a good family reputation in the society.

As per the archives, the secret society also followed a hierarchical system that could give you easy access to its membership. For a group believed to bring an end to certain societal superstitions, these conditions speak a different story. 

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However, there were a lot of obstacles that each member was supposed to go through to hold a more secure position in the secret society. A member would enter the society as a “novice,” and then he would slowly climb the steps to become a “minerval” followed by the “illuminated minerval.” Although the process was soon upgraded because of its complications, 13 degrees of initiation were required to become a part of the group. 

The Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Illuminati | Assassinations, And Revolutions Were Illuminati’s Doing!

The Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Illuminati | Assassinations, And Revolutions Were Illuminati’s Doing!

Ever since the moment the secret society of the Illuminati was disbanded, several conspiracy theories have emerged. To begin with, the first-ever conspiracy theory that saw the light of the day was in 1797 when French publicist Abbe Augustin Barruel suggested that the group was responsible for the French Revolution. 

Following Abbe’s footsteps, George Washington, the first US President in 1798, wrote a letter in which he mentioned that the threats insinuated by Illuminati were avoided. George Washington’s letter added more fuel to the fire around the Illuminati, and many started believing that the order still existed. 

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In the following years, several articles, books, and sermons were published that condemned the goals of this secret society and called it a big threat to the world. Many people still believed that the secret society was working mysteriously and planning to take over the world. During the same time, citizens of the US also started accusing Thomas Jefferson, the third president, of being a part of the group. 

Does The Illuminati Still Exist? How Does Illuminati Connect To The New World Order? 

Does The Illuminati Still Exist? How Does Illuminati Connect To The New World Order? 

Even after being disbanded, the concepts left behind by Illuminati never left anyone’s mind. Generations after generations were told about the ambitious goals of this secret society which has made it a topic of interest in today’s culture. The Principle Discordia also had a big role in making people believe the concepts of the Illuminati.

Several followers of the alternate group, Discordianism, sent fake letters to newspapers and publishing houses claiming that the assassination of John F Kennedy was the work of the Illuminati. 

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Many people believe that after Illuminati, a new secret society known as the New World Order has taken over their dream of global domination. The New World Over is a secretive power elite group slowly emerging to rule the world through a totalitarian world government. A slew of global personalities, including US presidents, celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Jay-Z, have been accused of being a part of the New World Order. 

Final Words 

A secret society known as Illuminati was indeed a part of our society, but it ended way back in the 17th century, as far as the story goes. In today’s culture, Illuminati has become a foreign concept that is now surpassed by the theories of the New World Order. 

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