Is The Masked Singer Scripted? | Shocking Revelation in 2021


Fox’s centerpiece The Masked Singer is a singing competition show; the show has celebrities performing with dancers, choreography under special lighting every week. The show has grown popular with every successful season. I know you, too, have the same thought multiple times. Is the Masked Singer scripted? It is common; many times, the panel of judges had guessed the masked singers’ wrong when the answer was easy to predict. 

The rules are straightforward; the celebrities have to dress up in outfits and masks to become unrecognizable. Then they will perform on stage and give clues to the judges throughout the competition. The judges have to guess who’s behind the mask; the celebrity doesn’t take the mask off until they are eliminated. The identity can only be revealed when they are eliminated and are unmasked. They carried out the whole process with the audience votes. Before going for the final call, the judges have given the last chance to guess the celebrity. After that, the superstar is taken off masked and revealed his/her identity. 

As ‘The Masked Singer’ is a reality singing competition, many people believe that the show is scripted. In fact, due to some reasons in some seasons, the show has to be a bit rigged, they sometimes favor weaker performers to make it through just because fans love them. Okay, let’s accept, we all have joked about how the show is scripted and the judges help in being scripted by giving out some guesses that properly pace with the live show airing and all the stuff, but wait, have a thought about how the entire process itself got going down into rabbit hole and just got me thinking how could the entire format of the Masked Singer be scripted?

Producers intervened in the show, so the audience is instructed on how to react. Those who’ve attended the live shows have also commented on how producers control the show’s flow. All these incidents make us believe that the Masked Singer is scripted. 

Is The Masked Singer Scripted or Fake?

Now, let’s talk about the more serious aspects of ‘The Masked Singer’ isn’t actually filmed live. Yeah!!! You read it right, it is pre-taped, and interested viewers can attend the taping session. Many rules to be followed to maintain the secrecy of who’s behind the mask.

I went to the taping of the Masked Singer and have signed a lot of papers that I wouldn’t disclose any secret information, and don’t worry; the Article Is Completely Spoiler Free.

The Show Is Prerecorded 

is The Masked Singer Scripted

Each episode is new to viewers who are watching at home, and the audience on the set makes the show seem like it’s being recorded live. The performances are not happening in real-time; all the scenes were recorded before a week and edited so nicely so that everyone believes that it is a live reality show.  

The editing portion of the show makes it seem that the star takes the mask off in front of the audience, but that is not real. The singer only pretends to take the mask off and then goes away with the host. Another individual comes on stage and mimics the unmasking so audiences can react in front of the cameras.

Celebrities Have An Entire Team That Helps Them

is The Masked Singer Scripted

Every celebrity has a team that helps them to prepare for their performance. It is useful as many of the contestants are not performers and professional singers.

Contestants Get To Choose Their Costumes

The Masked Singer has 20 costume outfits that all are crafted by Marina Toybina. Toybina had designed these 20 costumes, and each of the 12 celebrities can choose the costume they most identified with, said the show’s producer.

Ken Jeong Is The Worst Guesser

Ken always makes the worst guesses, Cannon, the show host, said. Besides, the fact that he’s super intelligent and a doctor all goes out the window because he’s just throwing names out there. But it’s hilarious.

Cannon also said in an interview, Thicke takes the show “extremely seriously,” and he listens to the voice and try to figure out if he recognizes it.  

Contestants Wear Masks During Rehearsals And Fittings

is The Masked Singer Scripted

Do you know that even when the celebs are not performing, they have to wear masks to hide their identities from the show and judges’ staff? They have to hide their faces while on set and during rehearsal. They can rehearse at different locations and arrive on set at different times.

The Audience Sign A Special Contract

is The Masked Singer Scripted

In another interview, Cannon said that our studio audience is also under extreme scrutiny. The audience has to sign contracts binding them to secrecy, and all electronics are banned.

Wrapping Up

The show is carefully pieced up together to portray a sequence of events. The unmasking of stars happened in front of a very close group. All the procedure is done to ensure that the secret of who is wearing the outfit remains on set. The Masked Singer might not tell us the complete truth, but the producers and directors do it to protect its principle, which is admirable. Thus we can conclude that no the Masked Singer is not scripted nor fake. 

Antra Koul
Antra Koul
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