How Fake Is The Reality TV Show Real Housewives | Is The Real Housewives Real Or Fake?


Are you a fan of reality TV shows and think if all these shows are fully real or scripted? Most audiences love to watch shows that are real and to which people could easily relate their real-life. These are shows that bring out some good knowledge in no made-up way and also with some entertaining factor. If you are the fan of the show and wonder is The Real Housewives real or fake, then you are not alone.

The series documented the lives of a group of housewives who have affluent rich partners residing in a certain city. The show was mostly broadcasted on the Bravo network and was premiered on March 21, 2006, and was inspired by several soap operas and mostly by Desperate housewives.

A show that calls itself a reality tv show should stand on certain aspects like it shouldn’t have pre-scripted conversations or no made-up storylines. Does the reality tv show THe Real Housewives stand on these aspects or it makes you wonder if the show The Real Housewives real or fake because sometimes it’s really hard to find if what happened in the making of a certain scene in the show?

If the incidents that happened on the sets are shared by the cast then you can easily decide if that show is real or not, here are some incidents shared by the cast that gives you a hint that the show is fake

Is The Real Housewives Real or Fake | 5 Popular Incidents May Help!

We researched and found out a few incidents to help you know if the show is real or fake. Read all the pointers and then decide if this show stands to be in a reality TV show category, but let me tell you straight that after going through these incidents you may stop watching the show.

1# Pre-Scripted Conversations

How Fake Is The Reality Tv Show Real Housewives | Is The Real Housewives Real Or Fake?

Reality tv shows focus on bringing out the real character without faking someone’s personality with the help of different tasks (relate it with the show Big brother). The way they share their perspective on various topics, the ideas they share, the knowledge they carry with them are the most critical aspects on which reality TV shows work; what if all the conversations are made up or pre-scripted by writers. In that case, it’s just vague calling these programs reality TV shows.

In the reality TV show, The Real Housewives also has some incidents which point out that the conversations are pre-scripted like when Nene tells of the incident when she and Cynthia bailey were in an argument, and Leakes called Bailey’s husband a few names. On social media, Leakes show her phone screen captions, which made it clear that she and Bailey had already discussed how they would shoot the scene, way before the shoot.

It also turns out that producers love the fight scenes. They are also known to provoke and do whatever to encourage and instigate fights so that to make the show entertaining for the viewers.

2# Made Up Storyline And Preplanned Drama

Made Up Storyline and Preplanned Drama

Sometimes reality TV shows become so bland that it becomes important to give them a twisty storyline to increase the audience’s interest. The Real Housewives follow the same scenario. When they feel the story of a specific episode is too boring, they add up producers to work on creating a quirky storyline.

Each cast member in The Real Housewives has a producer who works with them to create a storyline. At one point, they created drama by faking a whole storyline about Tamra’s judge being unwilling to take part in the filming, and so they made a storyline to cover her up. Another incident of Brooks Ayers from the same show when he faked up to have cancer but was totally fine, later he fully admitted to the lies and deceit.

Cast members usually discuss the next moves to strategize their roles to make it more commendable, worth noting that the actors also discuss what to say, which creates the fuss and stirs up anger. So that the show becomes, entertaining and the viewers remain connected to show

3# On Camera Phone Calls Are Fake And Staged By Actors

On Camera Phone Calls Are Fake and Staged By Actors

If sometimes the storyline is made up and the conversation pre-scripted then there are chances that the phone calls on the shoot are fake too and it turns out that most often the phone calls are staged by the actors.

Yes, it’s true, in the reality tv show The Real Housewives most often phone calls are fake and staged by actors as a result of the orders by the production team, an incident supports our statement in 2014, Vicky Gunvalson accused heather of answering fake calls and declares that phone screen light doesn’t turn up that made it clear that no one was on another line.

4# Stars Pretend To Have A Lot Of Money

 Stars Pretend To Have A Lot Of Money.

The feature ladies of The Real Housewives is not immune to money problems (no one actually is) but in the show, they acted like to be soo rich, that can easily spend a couple of million dollars on perfumes.

Life is unpredictable and money is unstable. Kim Richards is an excellent example, that supports our saying as she is depicted as a very rich lady in the show but in actual she owes a significant amount of money to the taxman. Whatever she owns is purchased on credit.

5# Scenes Are Repeatedly Shot

Scenes Are Repeatedly Shot

Take 2, ROLE, CAMERA, ACTION, and yes, like movies and various other drama shows, real-wife Stories that call itself reality tv shows have scenes that have been repeatedly shot after a lot of shuffling around.

Producers steer the cast by telling them when to start rolling and when to cut giving directions to actors when to start and what to perform a majority of the time

Final Words

To finalize the article according to my understanding, I would say that this show isn’t reality-based. Though there are certain things in the show that are real. Like me this show is also inspired by desperate wives, some drama is intense as what you see on TV but these points do not rule over the very aspects of the reality TV show (pointed above) that is just violated in this show.

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