Is The Tooth Fairy Real? It’s Gotta Be Norse Mythology!


Mommy, Is the tooth fairy real? If you are a parent, your kids must have asked you this question every time they lose their teeth. Depending on their age, it’s the curiosity that makes them believe in such age-old tales, just like the existence of Santa Claus. Not only children but many adults also believe that tooth fairies are real. Are they really, though? 

Little ones who start losing their baby teeth are often spoon-fed the tales of tooth fairies, mostly by their friends or family. They are made to believe that if they leave their lost tooth under the pillow, a tooth fairy will come and replace it with money or goodies. In truth, it’s the mom or dad who keeps the goodies under the pillow. While doing so, have you ever wondered where these stories have originated? What made tooth fairy tales so popular? 

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Is The Tooth Fairy Real? What Do The Middle Ages Say About It?

The first-ever article related to the tooth fairy was published in 1908 in the Chicago Tribune. Lilian Brown, the author of the said tooth-fairy article, suggested parents a new trick on how they can persuade their kids into pulling out their baby teeth. The suggestion was to tell their kids that if they leave their teeth under the pillow, a tooth fairy will come and leave 5 cents in exchange for their teeth. In the coming years, many more tales of tooth fairies came out, and that’s how they became a part of everyone’s childhood. 

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The Origins Of Tooth Fairy | Learn About The Legend Of Tand-Fe!

The Origins Of Tooth Fairy | Learn About The Legend Of Tand-Fe! Is The Tooth Fairy Real?

Most people think that the article in Chicago Tribune was the first to mention the idea of tooth fairies, but that’s where they are wrong. The first appearance of a legend similar to the tooth fairy can be traced back centuries ago in Northern Europe. During the late 10th century, little kids received tand-fe (tooth fee) when they lost their first tooth. In the Norse culture, little kids’ teeth were the harbinger of good luck, whereas the Scandinavian warriors used to wear necklaces made with children’s teeth. 

Although with time, the trends kept changing, and different superstitions surrounding the tooth fairy tradition were born. For instance, let’s take an example from the middle ages where kids’ teeth were associated with witches and black magic. It is said that the children were forced to burn their fallen teeth. It was believed that if they came into another person’s possession, they would easily gain control of the children’s minds. 

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Wait, that’s not all! During the same period in England, children were directed to burn their baby teeth to avoid hardships in their afterlife. Some communities of England believed that if the baby teeth were not burned, the kids would have to spend an eternity in their afterlife to find them. It’s hard to believe there was a time when people believed that kids’ teeth could be used to control or punish them, right? 

Coming Back The Modern Tooth Fairy | Tooth Fairy Can Help Kids Understand The Essence Of Oral Hygiene!

Coming Back The Modern Tooth Fairy | Tooth Fairy Can Help Kids Understand The Essence Of Oral Hygiene!

Believe it or not, some records suggest the tooth fairy tradition was true. The tradition of tand-fe is also mentioned in the Eddas, the recorded writing of the Norse traditions. Today, most of you may not believe these age-old traditions, but they can help a lot when teaching kids the importance of oral hygiene from a young age. Fallen teeth may not bring good luck anymore, but if proper care is not taken, they can certainly bring a lot of infections and pain. 

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By telling your kids that a tooth fairy will bring them lots of gifts if they brush their teeth well and take proper care, you can encourage them to maintain a proper routine. If proper care is not taken for the baby’s teeth, the following problems can occur: 

  • Baby teeth can cause immense pain in the gums of your child. 
  • The loss of baby teeth makes it hard for a child to chew food. If proper aftercare steps are not followed, they won’t eat properly. 
  • If it takes a long time for new teeth to grow, your child will be embarrassed to talk or smile in front of other people. 
  • Baby teeth are associated with your kid’s adult teeth. The lack of appropriate care will cause problems with adult teeth in the future. 

How To Take Care Of The Baby Teeth? Healthy Habits That Will Go A Long Way!

How To Take Care Of The Baby Teeth? Healthy Habits That Will Go A Long Way!

It is a well-known fact that habits taught from a young age become a part of our life. Keeping that in mind, ensure that your kids adapt to the following habits from a young age. Children lose their first baby teeth when they are merely between 4 to 7 months old. Start by incorporating these healthy habits so you will always see a healthy smile on your little munchkin’s face. 

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  • Start brushing your baby’s teeth with a soft bristle brush as soon as they come in. 
  • Encourage them to brush their teeth twice a day. 
  • Use fluoride toothpaste and solutions to protect their teeth from an early age. 
  • Eating healthy, low-sugar foods will help keep the pain to a minimum when they lose their teeth. 
  • If your kids eat anything with excess sugar, make it a habit to brush their teeth right away. 
  • Ensure regular dental checkups to avoid pain and any other problems.

Final Words 

The tooth fairy may not be real, not today and not in the past, but atleast maintaining the tradition can be beneficial to you and your kids. Getting small children to start a habit is a tough task, but you can always make it easy by following different traditions like a tooth fairy. 

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