Is We’re Here Real? Bringing An End To All Your Queries!


HBO may not be a global revolution in streaming platforms, but the platform has given us plenty of reasons not to underestimate it from the past few years. After the platform released a heartfelt documentary series on the drag queens tilted We’re Here, it somehow changed our perspective for the platform but left many people wondering, Is We’re Here real? (Reality Show We Are Here) 

HBO’s popular series We’re Here features drag queens Eureka O’Hara, Bob the drag queen, and Shangels from RuPaul’s Drag Race series. The drag queen trio moves across different parts of the United States to feature different people in an episode of their TV series. Johnnie Ingram and Stephen Warren are the creators behind the series and a real-life couple who wanted to bring the stories of drag queens to real-life people. 

Ingram and Warren always wanted to help the LGBTQ+ community, so they agreed to HBO’s offer, to take over the show. Through the series, the couple was able to share real and authentic stories about the drag queens. These stories include everything from what they were doing before choosing to be a drag queen, how they came out, and what drove them to be what they are today. Since the surroundings and the atmosphere of small towns are conservative, the idea of taking drag queens and putting them amidst a small place sounded the best. So, did their idea make any difference? Or better yet, “Is We’re Here even real”, to begin with? 

Now, without wasting any more time, read the article with the details about the series. 

Is We’re Here Real? HBO’s Heartfelt Series Brings a Powerful Message!

The three drag queens roll across the small streets of the United States to mentor people from the LGBTQ+ community with diverse identities- straight, bi-sexual, gay, and even those who are confused about their sexuality. The three queens make sure that each time they appear in the streets as drag queens, ready to let the drag art take over the streets along with the hearts and the minds of the people. Each episode ends with an equally colorful and magical performance that makes the audience forget all about their insecurities. 

HBO’s We’re Here Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes | Creators Are Helping The LGBTQ+ Community!

HBO’s We’re Here Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes | Creators Are Helping The LGBTQ+ Community!

Last year while talking to a leading news magazine ahead of the show’s second season, the creative couple had a lot to say. As per the two, the idea behind HBO’s heartfelt series was taken from RuPaul’s Drag Race series. The couple even shared an interesting story behind the idea popping into their minds. During their holiday in 2018, the couple was engrossed in watching the finale of the 2018 edition when the idea for a new show came to them.

The idea behind the show was incredibly close to Ingram’s heart because he also grew up in the small town of Eastern Tennesse, so he was familiar with the conservative community and how they looked upon the queer people.

We’re Here is a deeply personal show that does nothing less than establish a heartfelt connection between the audience and the people featured in the series. The series is all about embracing your identity with open arms and coming out to the people who love you. The idea of drag queen hosts spending a week in the different conservative communities was established to let them adopt drag children and prepare them for a one-night-only drag show. 

HBO’s We’re Here Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes | Creators Are Helping The LGBTQ+ Community!

The transformation from a shy person to a drag queen even for a day helps them gain confidence, and the makeup, wigs, chunky heels, and flashy costumes also help a lot. The transformation symbolizes the beginning of forgetting about being shy and empowers the queer community in small towns. Drag queen Shangela also expressed her gratitude for the show while talking to a leading media portal and said that the show has started to make a huge difference, especially amongst the small-town people. 

Talking from her personal experience, she also said that,

"Dressing like a  Drag is not all about the performance. Drag is more about expressing your opinion and saying that I love myself, and I take pride in my identity and role in this world. I am going to adorn my look with grace and swell with power because I am not ashamed. I can live my life out loud and proudly.” 

Final Words 

“Is We’re Here real” isn’t a question anyone should ask because the show is every bit real and connects deeply with the people who are questioned every day about their identity. Ever since its release, the show, the creators, and the hosts have done everything in their power to bring out the hidden confidence in people and bring a revolution in the small towns. 

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