Is WWE Fake? Revealing The Truth Behind The Biggest Mystery in 2021


Each one of us has spent our childhood watching WWE, but it is now that we are raising the question, “Is WWE fake? OR Is WWE Real?” Back then, most of us used to think that all the fights were real and nothing was staged. Now that we have grown up, most of us have realized that all the matches are scripted, and none is genuine. 

WWE, popularly known as World Wrestling Entertainment, is a big part of an American media company. Though the company has evolved into different entertainment branches like movies and popular sports games branches like football, it gains most of the audience attraction from professional wrestling. 

To this date, the answer to WWE being fake remains mysterious because many fights seem legitimate while many look like a drag. Many of us enjoy watching the wrestlers fight in the ring, but sometimes these fights become so real that the wrestlers end up in a hospital. So, does this mean that the conflicts and bloodshed are indeed authentic? Or is it all a part of the script? 

Well, different factors can help us find the answers to all our questions. Without wasting any time further, let’s go through these factors and find the answer to the mystery, Is WWE Fake? 

4 Reasons That Prove WWE Is Fake | My Entire Childhood Was A Lie!

Wrestling has been a big part of the entertainment industry since the early 1900s and continues to do so. As WWE is associated with the entertainment industry, this factor confirms that the matches are fake, just like the fights in popular action-adventure movies. 

#1 The Big Fights | Scripted Matches & Punches 

Is WWE fake

Growing up, we have seen a lot of fights that took place in the ring. In general, most of the matches take place between the same gender, but there are many cross-gender fights. If you look at how these wrestlers fight against one another, you can see that it is all a part of a well-written script. The wrestlers begin the match by blowing light punches and kicks and decide their movements according to the directions of the show director, to intrigue the audience. It is a well-scripted match where every movement looks heroic.

In some matches, you may have seen a new wrestler come into the ring from nowhere and become a part of the fight. Even that part is staged because it brings a lot of attention to the match from the audience. 

#2 Risky Stunts | Fatal Injuries & Training 

Is WWE fake

In so many matches, you see different wrestlers putting their lives at risk while performing stunts, such as jumping from the top of a ladder to smashing their heads into the stairs. Think again, how much impact these deadly stunts will leave on wrestlers if it is true. The wrestlers in WWE are professionals, which means they have spent a lot of time practicing the stunts they perform. 

Although, there is a constant threat to the wrestler’s life because of the stunts they perform. Even after countless rounds of practice, there are times when a stunt can go wrong and prove fatal to the wrestler. 

#3 Baseless Theories | Countless Deaths & Rebirth 

Is WWE fake

How many times have you seen Undertaker die in a wrestling match during your childhood? Countless times, right? Can you believe we used to trust the silly stories that revolved around Undertaker and Kane during our childhood? One of these theories was that Undertaker and Kane are blood brothers, while the other was that Undertaker has a deal with the devil, and he has granted him seven lives to live. 

How badly I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from crying over the Undertaker’s death! The number of times Undertaker has died in a wrestling match is the biggest proof that the battles are scripted. The creators purposely add these death scenarios to bring an intriguing factor to the ring. 

#4 Dragging Commentators | Beating Innocent People 

Is WWE fake

Tell me, how many fights in WWE have ended without dragging a commentator into the ring? None, right! Do you think that it is justifiable to drag a commentator in the ring, especially when he isn’t even a part of the match? Again, a big no. So, why do the WWE wrestlers do this? Why bring non-players into the ring who are only doing their job? Well, the biggest reason behind this is to gain audience attraction and increase the ratings of the show. 

Don’t get worried about the innocent souls because they are well aware of what will happen to them in the next moment. Before airing the show on television, a particular match, stunts, and dialogues are practiced countless times to ensure that everything looks 100% real. 

Final Words

Many people will find it hard to accept the answer to Is WWE fake or Is WWE Real? because many of their childhood memories are attached to it. However, that does not change the fact that WWE was everyone’s favorite show to watch, and it still is for many of us. Although most of the part is fake and scripted, some injuries aren’t fake that put a wrestler’s life under a significant threat. 


  1. Of course it’s fake! If those people actually did to each other what they try to make it look like they do, one of them would be dead before the first fall ended.

    …and “Tyrus” has that Linus Blanket, Red Championship Belt with him all the time…like it really means something more than he was chosen to have it for a while. He even appears to burp it (like one would burp a baby) when it’s draped across his shoulder.

    I’ve gotten so sick of seeing him with it that I switch channels when I see he’s to be a guest (again) on Gutfeld.

    WWE is nothing more that well-polished BS!


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