Is WWE Scripted Or Real? A Million Dollar Question Cleared In 2023!


Is WWE scripted or real? Ever since we first started watching WWE fights as kids (remember when it went live as WWF), this question has been on top of our minds. As kids, we would often engage in debate with our friends and try to find out the answers. Nowadays, if you refer to most Quora and Reddit threads, you will find them quoting WWE as a fake and scripted show. But how much of that is true? Let’s find out! 

Established in 1953 as World Wrestling Entertainment, now more than two decades later, the brand has branched out into multiple different fields. Films, American football, video games, and action figures are some of the commonly known business interests of the brand. But the brand gained a majority of its popularity from wrestling, and nothing can ever beat that. And the popularity brings us back to the biggest question of the decade, Is WWE scripted or real? 

Yes, most of the match that we see in the ring is indeed as scripted like a Hollywood movie, but there are several instances where the situation demands a real blow. But how do the wrestlers know when to deliver a real blow and when to keep the fighting staged? Contrary to popular belief, only the wrestlers fighting the match aren’t a part of the script. Others, including the camera crew, match commentators, and even the umpires, are part of the script. So, it means they also help keep the match in control, or does it? 

To be honest, you can’t get a straightforward answer to the question, Is WWE scripted or real. But here at viebly, we always believe in finding direct answers. So, let’s find one for this question as well! 

Is WWE Scripted Or Real? Let’s Find Out What’s The Real Deal! 

Is WWE Scripted Or Real? A Million Dollar Question Cleared!!

It’s a little strange believing the brutal fights and bloody matches we all grew up watching were fake. With a heavy heart, I have to inform you that it is true. A big memory of our childhood was fake, scripted, and staged. Over the years, several interviews have made it clear that wrestling is an athletic form of entertainment. But does it mean the wrestlers (or the superstars) don’t put in any effort? 

Hey, that’s not true at all! WWE superstars work hard day and night while training themselves. Because of their training, efforts, and dedication, they are able to make fiction look like reality. So, why is WWE scripted? For name, fame, and popularity. Doesn’t this sum up everything? 

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How Are WWE Matches Scripted? 

Is WWE Scripted Or Real? A Million Dollar Question Cleared!!

So what makes WWE matches fun? A detailed dramatic storyline and a well-scripted match are the two important ingredients making WWE a successful business venture. Without these two ingredients, there would be no controversies. And let’s be honest, what is WWE without controversies? Nothing! Many matches are scripted while keeping such intricate details in mind that one can never guess its outcome. In contrast, there are many matches where we already know the outcome and the winner. Trust me. Catching the storyline becomes easier with time! 

Is Everything About WWE Fake? 

Is WWE Scripted Or Real? A Million Dollar Question Cleared!!

There are many things about WWE matches that aren’t fake at all. What, you may ask? First things first, the stunts performed by the wrestlers in the ring are 100% legitimate. The high jumps, the kicks, and punches are genuine while their impact is reduced with lots of practice. However, if there is a little miscalculation at any step on a wrestler’s part, the gravitas of the impact will change, and things can take a turn real quick! The players cannot fake everything in a match and expect the ratings of the match to shoot up.

The bruises and scars you see during the fights are real and not a part of makeup. Even the blood you see is real. For this, some wrestlers secretly use blades to spill our blood. This is actually very inhuman I Guess! And in some intances, you must have seen wrestlers getting hurt badly. So, all these are tactis to spice up the show for audience!

But when it comes to looking at the other side of the authenticity of the show, let me share that matches and fights are entirely scripted. Even the results are part of the script of the show. I know you are a bit confused, read the next pointer to have clarity!

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The Truth Behind Staged WWE Matches 

Is WWE Scripted Or Real? A Million Dollar Question Cleared!!

So do the players come up with the ladder breaking and the idea of high jumps themselves? No, that’s certainly not how things happen in WWE. There are producers, a full-fledged creatives team, scriptwriters, etc., who have helped WWE gain the name and fame. Coming up with an intriguing storyline that stirs drama in the ring is the producer’s work. Controversies like Kane and Undertaker’s rivalry, the marriages between many players, etc., are all part of the big game meticulously planned by the team. 

But there are many occasions when the controversies hold truth and create unnecessary rifts between the players. One such controversy that I can remember from my childhood is the love triangle between Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy. If you are a 90s kid and have seen WWE thoroughly, you might remember this controversy that ended Matt Hardy’s career.

Matt Hardy’s then-girlfriend Lisa had an affair with Adam “edge” that provoked Hardy and pushed his limits. The wrestler did not handle the situation professionally and was eventually fired. While his wrestling career ended, Edge received many more main event contracts and saw a huge rise in his career.  

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What Is The Proof Of WWE Being Fake & Scripted?

Is WWE Scripted Or Real? A Million Dollar Question Cleared In 2022!

Well, I know may of you must be wondering about the authenticity of the show and looking for a proof to conlcude anything. Every gown up fan of WWE is aware of the fact that the contestants of the show actually give an entertainment-based performance. And the matches are a result of brilliant choreography.

Back in 1989, the owner of WWE acknowledged predertmination of professional wrestling. Futher, he claimed his show as sports entertainment and an amalgamation of wrestling and action. Because of this, WWE became a drama to entertain the viewers.

Apart from this, most of you must have noticed wrestlers hitting each other carefully but some act as if they have been actually hurt brutally. This tactic to overeact is called “botches” in professional wrestling. And this word means ‘mistake’. So, I guess these pieces of evidences are enough to perfecive that WWE is a fake show.

What Is Kayfabe? Does WWE Believes In Kayfabe?

Is WWE Scripted Or Real? A Million Dollar Question Cleared In 2022!

Kayfabe is a terms that belongs to the glossery of professional wrestling. This word denotes giving a staged performance in a way that it looks real. It also suggests staying in the character that one portrays in front of viewers.

Further, most wrestlers have gimmicks. For example, John Cena has denotes an ideal man. That’s why you see him most of the time fighting for good.

Why Do People Watch WWE Knowing It Is Fake And Not Entirely Real?

Is WWE Scripted Or Real? A Million Dollar Question Cleared In 2022!

It’s not only you but many people across the world find WWE very entertaining. That’s because the show as humor, drama, emotions, action, and much more. All these elments, make it perfect for viewers of all ages. And those who watch the show find themselves closely associated with fights. So, this makes them unable to stop themselves from watching it.

Some mature viewers who know about the authenticity of the show treat it accordingly. And when there’s something you can watch live, who’s turn his back for it?

Final Words

So, I hope that with this article all your queries regarding, “Is WWE scripted or real” have been cleared. WWE has been a fan favorite among the masses since the beginning and no matter what happens true fans will never stop streaming the matches broadcasted.

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