Blake Lively Will Star In It Ends With Us Besides Justin Baldoni!


Do you know that the cast for the movie It Ends With Us has been finalized? Based on reports, we will see Blake Lively alongside Justin Baldoni in the movie adaptation of the Colleen Hoover book.

It Ends With Us is a Colleen Hoover romance novel published in August 2016. It is also notable that after the immense success of the novel, a sequel of the book titled It Starts With Us was also published in October 2022. Colleen Hoover is a recent novelist who has gained popularity for her heart-wrenching romance novels. The author has an uncanny ability to weave love stories that lure readers in from the very first page.

Fans of the author are excited about the movie adaptation of It Ends With Us, as it was one of the first successful novels by the author. She published multiple other successful books after the release of It Ends With Us in 2016. Here’s all about the cast of the upcoming It Ends With Us adaptation.

It Ends With Us Cast Finalized!

The famous Colleen Hoover novel It Ends With Us is getting a movie adaptation soon. From what we know, we will see Gossip Girl fame actress Blake Lively in the lead role of the upcoming movie. 

It is confirmed that Blake Lively will be portraying the role of Lily Bloom in the movie adaptation of It Ends With Us. She will be seen alongside Justin Baldoni, who will be in the role of Lily’s love interest Ryle Kincaid. It is also notable that Justin will also be directing the movie. The romance novel presents a difficult and abusive relationship between the lead couple, as Lily compares her relationship with that of her abused mother. Colleen Hoover has also stated that the abusive relationship between her parents inspires the novel.

So far, there have been no announcements regarding the movie’s filming schedule and release dates. Since the movie’s cast was announced, netizens have been commenting on the obvious age difference between Lily’s character in the book and Blake Lively’s age. Some book fans have commented that creators should have cast someone more age-appropriate for the role. Fans of Lively have also commented that they do not want her to be a part of a cliche romance movie.

We do not know whether the movie will follow the book’s story completely or if there will be some changes to the plot. It is also not confirmed whether the sequel It Starts With Us will also be adapted into a movie in the future or not. We will keep you informed about any new developments related to the movie adaptation of the Colleen Hoover novel.

Final Words

This was all about the finalized cast of the movie. It Ends With Us. If you want to know more about any new shows and movies like the M3GAN sequel and Ted Lasso season 3, you can stay tuned with us. We have also covered information related to A Sunday Affair and Marvel’s Phase 5 of MCU.

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