Itachi Vs Jiraiya | Can Itachi Beat Jiraiya?


Did you try thinking about Itachi vs Jiraiya? If not, keep reading this article to update yourself about some unknown aspects of the two. Get set to ponder over an enthralling journey!

Naruto (1999) is a series that documents the ups and downs in the life of Naruto. There are not only a few years but Naruto’s journey from his childhood to adulthood. In addition, some other sub-plots also keep revolving around the primary plotline. Itachi vs Jiraiya is an interesting element of the series!

After watching the series, it’s time to have a glimpse over Itachi vs Jiraiya to better understand both the characters!

Itachi Vs Jiraiya | Who Is The True Winner Of This Shinobi Battle?

Itachi Vs Jiraiya | Can Itachi Beat Jiraiya?

Among Itachi and Jiraiya, there is a close fight to announce the winner between the two. Also, both of them bear no similarities but a lot of differences. To shed light on the same, we will cover details on Itachi Vs Jiraiya!

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 The Life Of Itachi | One Must Learn From His Past Incidents!

Itachi Vs Jiraiya | Can Itachi Beat Jiraiya?

The naked truth of the life of Itachi is potential enough to make your hair stand on end. Despite having witnessed an awful childhood, Itachi was determined to save his village. For this, he was even ready to risk his life. 

First, Itachi killed his clan members and then he proceeded to join a criminal organization (the sole motive was to spy)! Despite being one of the top students in his academy and having the taste of success, people would often question his intentions. Because of this, isolation made a prominent place in his life. 

Due to hardships in his life, Itachi was completely fine with living with the burden of betraying his clan. And he did this so that his village people could have a peaceful life. Therefore, he accepted what all his life threw in front of him. In addition, Obito vs Itachi will help you understand more about him!

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Jiraiya’s Life And His Hobbies | The One With Distinctive Attributes!

Itachi Vs Jiraiya | Can Itachi Beat Jiraiya?

When it comes to Jiraiya, he is the one you will find unearthly. Bare with this, he is a big pervert who finds solace in spying on women while they bathe. In addition, this is something that he feels pride in and rarely gets caught up while doing this. 

Other than this, he is a light-hearted man who travels almost the entire world so that he can assist his friends. During his training years, he was so bad at his skills that he was forced to get inspired by Orochimaru ( he gradually became something new). 

With Jiraiya, you can expect everything that a kind-hearted man possesses. That’s why he tries to comfort one of the orphans, Nagato, during the Second Shinobi World War. Also, Jiraiya refused his position as the Fourth Hokage. 

Besides this, Jiraiya earned a best friend, Orochimaru, who betrayed Jiaraiya for his own selfish means. 

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How Did Itachi Gain Upper Hand In His Fights? Is There A Mystery Behind It?

Itachi Vs Jiraiya | Can Itachi Beat Jiraiya?

Before discussing the powers of Itachi, it’s better to know the secret behind his victories. There’s no rocket science, of course. It was his strategic planning!

Besides this, he is blessed with naturally strong chakras. Also, Itachi is known for his exceptional speed and reflexes. Due to this, you can see him performing quick hand movements (yes, you can consider him the quickest!). 

In addition to the above, Itachi specializes in shurikenjutsu. Since his childhood, he had the potential to hit around eight targets. Being an Uchiha, he has access to fire ( of course, he can release it). 

Some other specializations of Itachi include Genjutsu, Sharingan, and Mangekyo Sharingan. I know what you are thinking. This is beyond imagination!

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Does Jiraiya Stand Equivalent To Itachi In Terms Of Powers? Check Out Yourself!

Itachi Vs Jiraiya | Can Itachi Beat Jiraiya?

Though Jiraiya is a carefree character, this does not overpower that he is one of the most powerful Shinobi. In addition, he is considered one of the greatest ninjas of his generation. 

In addition, Jiraiya has enough reserves of chakras, and his control over his chakras is something that he is master of. Surprisingly, Jiraiya can withstand a lot of damage. And when it comes to Ninjutsu, this is the second power he has mastered. 

Unlike others, Jiraiya can manipulate his hair to destroy his targets. As a result, he can injure anyone who tries to cause harm to him. In continuation, fuinjutsu is another power that strengthens Jiraiya. 

For speed and physical strength, Jiraiya uses senjutsu. Besides powers, Jiraiya is the lead member of his spy network spread across the Five Great Shinobi Countries. This indicates that getting information about someone can be done within a blink of an eye by him.

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Itachi Vs Jiraiya | Who Is The Best?

Itachi Vs Jiraiya | Can Itachi Beat Jiraiya?

Through the lens of a fighter, we will leap to the conclusion of Itachi vs Jiraiya. For this matter, Jiraiya is a fighter, but he is not only skilled in multiple skills, responsible for teaching the same to some of the best fighters (this clearly shows he has more knowledge and hands-on experience). 

In addition, Jiraiya has firm control over chakras and other powers. Where Itachi has the power to think strategically, Jiraiya has the advantage of having all the relevant information to defeat his enemies.

Therefore, it is not tough to announce that Jiraiya is the winner due to his exceptional skills and powers. 

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Final Words 

In Itachi vs Jiraiya in Naruto, there are many aspects that you can consider. But through the point of the plotline, it is better to look at them through the lens of the fighter to eliminate complexities in the analogy. Do share your opinion in the common box!

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