Unlocking Izanagis Burden Catalyst | An Easy Access To The Weapon


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It is always nice to have some exotic catalysts unlocked in Destiny 2, as they can help you quickly progress in the game. One of these is Izanagis Burden Catalyst, is a popular weapon in Season of the Chosen and helps players easily win the Gambit matches. Yes, you read that right, Gambit matches that usually take most of the game time to pass.

It is hard for the pro players to miss Destiny 2, but here is a small introduction if you don’t know about it. Destiny 2 is one of the best multiplayer games available online, developed by Bungie game house. In Destiny 2, players get a chance to play the role of a guardian and save the last hope of humanity from its enemies. As a guardian, you have to wield the power of Light and save the last city of Earth from the darkness. 

Izanagis Burden Catalyst is a sniper rifle that is very useful in the game because of its boss-killing potential. Pro players can also kill the invaders with this sniper rifle in one hit, which is a must to clear the missions. In the earlier season of Menagerie, it was tough to find Inazagi’s Burden Catalyst, but it has become a lot easier with Season of the Chosen. Due to this change, many players take their sweet time getting their hands on this popular exotic catalyst. 

Unlike other players, if you are excited to unlock Izanagis Burden Catalyst and have some fun in the game, then read the entire article.  

Power Of Izanagis Burden Catalyst | How Do You Find It? 

Izanagis Burden Sniper rifle

Before you unlock Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst, it is essential to know more about this exotic weapon. Right? The burden catalyst helps add a perk to your fighting style known as Pearless Edge. With Pearless Edge, you can increase the damage bonus of the Honed Edge with four bullets. Now, you must be wondering about Honed Edge and what does it do, right? 

Honed Edge is also a perk or an ability that lets the players hold down the reload to increase the amount of damage in the next shot. Using Izanagi’s catalyst, players can add a 20% buff to 100% of the Honed Edge per bullet. In easy words, you can attack your enemies with a 400% increase followed by a 20% increase in the overall damage. There is no wonder why Izanagi’s catalyst is known as one of the best weapons in Destiny 2

Finding Izanagis Burden Catalyst | Is It Easy To Get One? 

Playlist matches to unlock Izanagis Burden Catalyst

As discussed already, Burden Catalyst is easier to find in the latest update, Season of the Chosen. All you need to do is get into the Playlist matches and fight the enemies of light. The catalyst will drop from one of the enemies you kill. There is no fixed number for the kills you have to make to unlock the Izanagis rifle. Some players say they only had to kill a handful to grab the catalyst, while others had to kill hundreds of enemies and, in some cases, even more than that. Players can’t even take help from the weekly or daily challenges to increase their odds. 

Upgrading Izanagis Burden Catalyst | Is There A Heavy Price To Pay? 

Unlock Izanagis Burden Catalyst

Once you unlock the exotic Catalyst, you can upgrade the weapon and maximize its potential. To do so, you have to kill five hundred enemies in the game using the Burden Catalyst. The best way to complete this mission is to get into the farming area that has low-level enemies. That way, you can easily kill 500 enemies in less time.

How To Get Into Destiny 2? Different Modes Offered To Play 

Apart from pro players, many newbies amongst us have just started playing the game and need a little help to navigate. Destiny 2 is a shooter-inspired game that you can play with your friends in a shared world. Destiny 2 is available on the gaming platform Steam, which means you can access the game easily. Now, here are a few things that require your attention when you first start playing the game. 

Cooperative Multiplayer World | Create FireTeam To Test Skills  

Destiny 2

In the cooperative multiplayer world, you and your friends can play in the same team and defeat the enemies of humanity easily. From story missions to challenges and raids, you can participate with your team in any event. You can create a small fire team to test your skills against the enemies. 

Competitive Multiplayer World | All Are Enemies In This World 

destiny 2 competitive world

No one is your friend in this world. Even those who you are in your team will betray you to get their hands on the rewards. Don’t trust anyone, and keep all your undivided attention on winning the challenges and receiving the rewards. Once you have improved your skills, participate in Trials of Osiris and prove yourself as the best guardian. 

Final Words

Unlocking Izanagis Burden Catalyst is an easy task and depends mainly on a player’s luck in the game. If you are lucky enough, you will get the Izanagis Burden Catalyst after killing only one enemy. Whereas in other cases, you may have killed thousands of enemies but are still nowhere close to unlocking this exotic catalyst. However, this does not mean you should not give your luck a try. Participate in the playlist matches, kill the enemies of light, and see how much it will take to unlock the exotic weapon.