James Gunn Defended DC For Supposedly Casting Known Faces Only!


James Gunn recently defended DC for casting decisions related to future DCU movies. There has been some internet drama going on regarding the casting process of DC Studios. James Gunn is currently the co-CEO and chairman of DC Studios. He clapped back at the internet trolls, giving them a piece of his mind. We will look at what James Gunn said about claims stating that productions are reusing the same actors repeatedly. There has also been drama regarding James Gunn’s plans for the upcoming DC movies.

DC Universe is a shared superhero universe that includes various characters from the DC comics. The famous DC Studios create the DC Universe and release movies revolving around famous DC superheroes. We have seen various superhero movies, such as Superman, Batman, Justice League, Young Justice, etc., based on DC superheroes. James Gunn became the co-CEO and co-chairman of the studios recently and has been heavily involved in the casting for future DC movies. Let’s look at what the director had to say about people demanding DC Studios make better casting decisions.

James Gunn Defended DC Casting Decisions!

Do you know why James Gunn defended DC for casting MCU actors in their future movies? From what we know, the director merely clapped back at internet trolls for making statements about the casting in DC movies.

It is a given that the internet is no stranger to trolling activities. Recently, many Twitter users have been dissing DC Studios for their casting decisions. People claim that the studio only casts well-known faces to build up a star cast. According to these users, the studio should provide opportunities to new faces rather than banking on popular and well-known actors.

James Gunn defended DC casting decisions by stating that the DC Universe is vast and needs many new characters. He added by stating that the studio will continue to cast people who fit better for a specific role. Gunn also mentioned that the studio has nothing against hiring new faces as long as they fit well into the character. James also said that not all faces could be new, but there will be new faces in the upcoming DCU movies, and he has qualms about the casting decisions of DC Studios.

What do you think about James Gunn’s statement, and do you think we will see new faces in the upcoming DCU movies? It is notable that as long as a character fits the role, even internet trolls will have nothing to say about any upcoming movies. Stay tuned with us, as we will keep you updated regarding any new movies and shows.

Final Words

We have covered everything about why James Gunn defended DC for casting actors that are already popular and well-known. If you want to know about Jason Momoa’s future roles in the DCU, you can check out our other reads. We have also covered the ending of the sci-fi movie JUNG_E and the latest updates on the Sundance Film Festival. You can stay tuned with us to stay informed about the latest news related to the entertainment world.

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