Aquaman Fame Actor Jason Momoa Might Have Other Roles In The DCU!


Rumor is that Jason Momoa might have other roles in the DCU soon. The Aquaman fame actor recently teased that he will always be Aquaman, but he can also have other roles. Based on various reports, it can be said that we might soon see the actor in multiple roles in DCU. If you are a fan of the DC Universe, here’s what you need to know about Jason Momoa’s potential roles in the upcoming DC movies.

Jason Momoa is undeniably a perfect fit for the role of Aquaman, and the actor recently stated in an interview that he will always be Aquaman. However, he further teased the audience by stating that this does not mean he can not have any other roles in the DC Universe. Additionally, there are reports that Jason Momoa might have other roles in the DCU. Momoa made this statement because of recent rumors about him quitting Aquaman.

It is confirmed that Jason Momoa will continue to play Aquaman in future movies. But what about the rumors stating that Jason Momoa might have other roles in the DCU? Did the actor confirm these speculations in a recent interview? Here’s what we know.

Jason Momoa Might Have Other Roles In The DCU!

What will we see Jason Momoa as in the next DCU movie? There are no confirmed reports about the actor being hired for any other roles by DC Studios. But from what we know, James Gunn is considering hiring Jason Momoa for another role.

Fans are thinking Jason Momoa might have other roles in the DCU based on a statement made by the actor himself. In a recent interview, Jason Momoa clarified that he is not quitting the role of Aquaman anytime soon. He added that he could be savage and charming and play other things too. Momoa also confirmed that he has been meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran, and many good things are coming.

After the interview, fans started speculating about the various roles that Momoa could play. According to the most famous theory, we will see Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Lobo in the upcoming DC movies. So far, there has been no cast confirmation for the character of Lobo. Additionally, the character’s animated version is physically very similar to Momoa. James Gunn or DC Studios have not yet commented on this theory, but based on what we know, Jason Momoa might have other roles in the DCU, even if it’s not Lobo.

What do you think of Jason Momoa playing the role of Lobo in DCU? Do you think the actor will be able to pull off two highly demanding roles in the same movie? We do not know whether Jason Momoa will be seen as Lobo in future DC movies, but we will keep you updated regarding any new information.

Final Words

This was about why we think Jason Momoa might have other roles in the DCU in upcoming movies. If you want to know about upcoming shows like Perfect Match, you can stay tuned with us. We have also covered news related to the Sundance Film Festival 2023 and the Golden Globes 2023 winners

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