Jiraiya Vs Pain | Will Jiraiya Defeat Pain?


Do you wish to know the result of the Jiraiya Vs Pain fight? Which of the two exceptional shinobis will overpower the other?

Naruto is undeniably an amazing anime as it follows the journey of a child who later becomes one of the best shinobis. However, other than Naruto’s journey the series also focuses on multiple other characters, their lives, and how the shinobi world reached the point where it was during Naruto’s time. The show not only shows Naruto and his growth but also focuses on the stories of legendary and powerful shinobis that existed before he was even born. This attention to detail regarding other characters made Naruto an extremely lovable series as fans were interested in exploring the life stories of the characters.

There have been many interesting fights in Naruto like the Naruto Vs Sasuke fight and the Sasuke Vs Itachi but Jiraiya Vs Pain hits hard because of their relationship with each other. Let’s take a look at what happened during the Jiraiya Vs Pain fight and who won it.

Jiraiya Vs Pain | Mentor Against Student

Jiraiya Vs Pain | Will Jiraiya Defeat Pain?

We have seen fights like Kakashi Vs Pain, Pain Vs Itachi, and Kakashi Vs Obito where amazing action sequences were shown and these fights are also some of the iconic fights for sure. There has always been a huge interest in the multiple fights that happened in the Naruto universe. Fans also love to speculate the outcome of fights if they happened during different timelines since the difference in powers changes quite frequently in Naruto.

What will be the result of a Jiraiya Vs Pain fight? Do you think Jiraiya will be able to overpower his student? Pain is one of the strongest Akatsuki members for sure, his interest in naruto is what fuels Jiraiya to look for him. Let’s see what will be the result of the Jiraiya Vs Pain fight.

Who Is Jiraiya | Jiraiya Vs Pain

Jiraiya Vs Pain | Will Jiraiya Defeat Pain?

Jiraiya was a student of Hiruzen Sarutobi who was the Third Hokage of the Konoha village. Jiraiya was also one of the members of the Legendary Great Three Students Of The God Shinobi. He used to be teammates with Tsunade and Orochimaru as the trio was called the Legendary Sannin. Later on, Jiraiya split with his team as Orochimaru eventually became evil in his hunger for power.

Most of Jiraiya’s life was spent roaming out of Konoha village and finding intel on Akatsuki members, and the activities of his old teammate Orochimaru. It is also notable that Jiraiya is the person who taught the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze, and was his mentor. He was also Naruto Uzumaki’s mentor and he also later came to know that Naruto was his godson in his final moments.

As we will be exploring the outcome of the Jiraiya Vs Pain fight, it should be mentioned that Jiraiya was also Nagato’s (Pain) mentor when he was a part of the Konoha village. Later on, it is revealed after Jiraiya’s death that he still considered him a student and believed in him. This knowledge is what results in Pain sacrificing his life to reanimate all residents of the Konoha village after the Naruto Vs Pain fight.  

Nagato Aka Pain | Jiraiya Vs Pain

Jiraiya Vs Pain | Will Jiraiya Defeat Pain?

Nagato aka Pain is one of the founding members of Akatsuki, who was blessed by Madara Uchiha before his death. Due to Madara’s influence on Pain, he eventually becomes obsessed with the idea of bringing peace to the Shinobi world. 

Initially, Pain wanted to achieve peace in the Shinobi world by harnessing powerful shinobis from multiple villages as the Akatsuki organization grew. However, later after the death of one of his friends Yahiko, he becomes quite twisted and decides to force destruction upon the shinobi world if that is what it takes to bring peace to the world. 

It is also notable that Pain ends up using Rinnegan which was bestowed on him by Madra at a young age because he wanted to avenge his parent’s death. This incident made viewers understand why Pain or Nagato was so powerful, and how he has control of amazing and powerful Jutsus despite being way younger than some of the people he had defeated.

When Does The Fight Happen | Jiraiya Vs Pain

Jiraiya Vs Pain | Will Jiraiya Defeat Pain?

The Jiraiya Vs Pain fight happens during episodes 127 to 133 of Naruto: Shippuden. The arc is called Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant and features his story as he fights his student.

This specific arc is quite emotional to watch and is undeniably one of the best fight arcs of the Naruto: Shippuden series that does not involve Naruto himself. It is also notable that Jiraiya also learns during his fight with Pain that Naruto Uzumaki is the descendent of Minato and Kushina.

Ironically, Jiraiya’s student Pain aka Nagato is also a descendent of the Uzumaki clan as well. The fight between the two is instigated by Jiraiya as he breaches the villages where Akatsuki members stayed and held some shinobis hostage to get information on Pain. Even though he succeeds in getting information about Pain, he is intercepted by Konan and Pain himself which starts a fight between the two.

The Legendary Sannin Dies | Jiraiya Vs Pain

Jiraiya decides to infiltrate the Amegakure village in a bid to gather intel on the Akatsuki. However, Pain senses his entry into the village and asks Konan to keep an eye on his movements. Jiraiya then forces some shinobis to spill things about their new leader named Pain who defeated their former leader Hanzo, not knowing that it was his student.

As Konan informs Pain of this incident, he transforms his body while Konan attacks Jiraiya. Jiraiya ends up discussing his three students with her, but pain intercepts the conversation. As Jiraiya asks Pain about Akatsuki and his goals, he informs Jiariya of everything that he plans to do. Since Pain is convinced that Jiraiya will die in a fight with him, he tells him about his plan to form a new kinjutsu with the help of tailed beasts so that the world will be under his rule. 

Realizing that Pain; who is camouflaging himself, is a strong opponent, Jiraiya decides to enter Sage Mode and Pain also summons his paths to fight against Jiraiya. Jiraiya successfully defeats two of Pain’s bodies. However, later Jiraiya realizes that all of Pain’s six paths are people he has known in the past. He also recognizes Yahiko as Pain’s Deva Path. Jiraiya is then stabbed by Pain’s six paths as he realizes that Naruto is his godson and the child of the prophecy. He writes everything on Fukasaku’s back since he is unable to speak. Unknown to pain Fukasaku survives the ordeal while Jiraiya dies as he floats away in the river.

Final Words

This was our take on the Jiraiya Vs Pain fight. Even though Pain had fought many legendary people during his life and defeated them. This specific fight was the reason that led to him sacrificing his own life in an attempt to pay for his sins against his own her. 

What would you want us to cover next. We hope you liked this read on Jiraiya Vs Pain. Stay tuned with us for more of such interesting and entertaining content.  


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