BN’s Johnny DePhillipo Reveals He Got Closure At The Reunion


I wanted to be in a relationship like that of Johnny and Victoria. But soon I realized I was idolizing the wrong couple! Well, not all love stories are meant to last forever and it’s evident after watching the journey of the famous BIP couple. Most fans are just going crazy as BN’s Johnny DePhillipo reveals he got closure at the reunion. 

After the engagement of Johnny and Victoria, fans speculated about the smooth journey of the two in the real world. But all hopes shattered when Victoria confirmed her relationship with Greg from The Bachelorette (I was taken aback after knowing this). Let’s see what Johnny has to say about what happened at the reunion!

BN’s Johnny DePhillipo Reveals He Got Closure At The Reunion | Johnny Opened Up About Victoria!

Johnny appeared for an interview with and shared a lot of details about what he was feeling for Victoria before the reunion. Here’s some insight for you on how BN’s Johnny DePhillipo reveals whether he got closure at the reunion. 

Know How Johnny Felt

BN’s Johnny DePhillipo Reveals He Got Closure At The Reunion | Johnny Opened Up About Victoria!

On being asked how Johnny was feeling, he said that he is trying to accept what Victoria said. Now, he can finally put an end to his relationship with her and start fresh.

He added “I’m ready to put it behind me. I was surprised a lot at the reunion. For her to go as low as she did and bring up arguments we had in private, it became a bit of a ‘he said’, ‘she said’ situation. I don’t say things like that”. 

Johnny added, he was completely blank after hearing false claims from Victoria and did not want to end their relationship on such a bad note.  

Were There Conversations Before The Reunion Between Johnny And Victoria?

Answering this question, Johnny said that the duo was very much civil before Victoria decided to go to Italy with Greg. When it came to the reunion, Johnny wanted to simply inform everyone that things did not work between her and Victoria. But Victoria had some other plans and she went public with Greg. 

Did Johnny Get The Closure He Needed From His Relationship With Victoria?

BN's Johnny DePhillipo Reveals He Got Closure At The Reunion

To this question, Johnny said, “I feel like I got the closure I needed at the reunion”. Now, he is in a condition where he knows he can move forward in his life. 

He added, “We were on two different levels. She is used to a lifestyle that I wasn’t there for yet. She seemed to need more and it wasn’t supposed to work out right now”. 

Is Johnny Dating Someone Else?

I know this is one of the most anticipated questions for the fans of Johnny. But he is planning to work only on himself as of now. And he is not going to be involved in any romantic engagement anytime soon (don’t lose hope girls!). 

Although he is open to dating, but he’ll be planning it sometime later. And this time, he won’t let himself feel bad about himself. After all, he has learned a lot from Victoria and wishes her all the best for the rest of her life. 

Final Words 

As BN’s Johnny DePhillipo reveals he got closure at the reunion, fans are all set to show their support. And if you also feel the same for Johnny don’t delay in showing your support. If you liked this article, you should also check out the latest article on Is Bachelor In Paradise fake

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