Johnny Depp Verdict For Amber Heard | Still Waiting For The Final Verdict!


Hey, Johnny Depp fans! I know you are keeping an eagle’s eye on the current disturbance in the life of Johnny Depp. That’s why I have brought a bigger picture of all that is happening. Keep a note of Johnny Depp verdict here!

Well, it’s not just you and me. Fans worldwide are trying to understand the rift between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. And the root of the cause is the action of Amber calling herself a representation of domestic abuse. Is this true? The jury is here to give the final judgment on Johnny Depp verdict!

Johnny Depp Verdict | Don’t Conclude Without Knowing Johnny Depp Testimony! 

Johnny Depp Verdict For Amber Heard | Still Waiting For The Final Verdict!

Johnny Depp verdict is getting into the public eye after his wife described herself as a presentation of domestic abuse in The Washington Post. As a result, Johnny Depp has filed suit against Amber Heard. But it will be interesting to see what will be the outcome. Before that, look at the following pointers!

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What’s The Current Status Of John Depp Verdict?

The most recent trial between the lead actor of Pirates Of The Caribbean and his ex-wife took place a few days back. Guess what! It ended with no conclusion. Interestingly, the panel of judges had a word with each other for seven hours on the same day. After that, they decided to sit for two hours more the other day. 

The trial session witnessed several claims of domestic abuse. As a result, there were many counterclaims as well, which made both sides weigh equal. Besides this, Depp has asked for $50 million as compensation for damage to his reputation. 

What Is Johnny Depp Doing Currently?

Johnny Depp Verdict For Amber Heard | Still Waiting For The Final Verdict!

We must say that this drastic move in his life has affected his personal and professional life. It was just a few days back that he moved to England to pay a surprise visit to Jeff Beck’s concert at Royal Albert Hall. Also, many people are simply getting judgemental about the final verdict, which is not out yet. 

Besides this, you must know that Johnny Depp is not only an actor but a guitarist as well, followed by his band (that’s not enough to divert his mind from his current situation). And the name of the band is Hollywood Vampires, which features Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. As of now, there are no plans of Depp to perform with his band

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What’s Amber’s Say On The Johnny Depp Verdict?

After witnessing a suit against her, her reaction is something that will amaze you. She did not reply! Yes, it seems like Amber does not want to waste her time indulging with the practice of allegations. 

The Texas-born, Aquaman actress did not utter a single word in return. But before this, she shared that she was once witnessing “rampant physical violence and abuse” at the hands of Johnny Depp. 

What Happened In The Trials So Far?

Johnny Depp Verdict For Amber Heard | Still Waiting For The Final Verdict!

Here comes the most interesting part! During the trial, many people like bodyguards, agents, industry experts, doctors, and family members were testified.

Both ex-husband and wife spent many televised trials standing in the witness box and claiming each other. Furthermore, there were a lot of fans of both the actors who attended these trials (don’t forget to add home viewers). 

That’s not it! Even the recordings of heated arguments between the couple were also played to help the jury conclude. This must have been a tough time for both of them! Furthermore, Amber came up with many photographs that were evidence that she had been through a violent relationship. 

Even in the last trial, Depp’s lawyers requested Heard to give Depp’s life back as Depp is witnessing major damages.

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Some Unheard Facts That You Should Know About Johnny Depp Testimony!

A twist came in the case when Johnny shared that the tip of his finger was brutally injured after Amber threw a glass bottle carelessly at him. Among other things, it also came out that Depp went on to scrawl messages on walls. 

Moreover, Amber revealed that Depp would transform into a physically and s*xually abusive monster. And this version of Depp would usually come out after consuming alcohol and dr*gs. Even after all this, Amber tried her best to resist this level of torture on her. That’s quite unbelievable for Depp’s fans!

On the contrary, Depp shared that Amber was highly violent and he was all shocked to see the accusations of domestic violence against him. 

Repercussions Of The Filed Suit

Johnny Depp Verdict For Amber Heard | Still Waiting For The Final Verdict!

Regarding the accusation on Depp, he stated that he is not at all a violent person and no one is perfect in life. But he clarifies that he has never been violent in his life to commit physical abuse to anyone (who knows the truth). 

Other than this, you will be surprised to know that the marriage of Amber and Depp lasted only for two years (2015-2017). After spreading the accusation, the British tabloid, The Sun, called Depp a “wife-beater.” Isn’t it highly unprofessional and insensitive to claim a person before the final verdict? In return, Depp filed a case against The Sun but failed to win it. 

Over and above, it’s right to say that both the actors are witnessing an adverse impact of their rift in their careers in Hollywood. 

What Will Be The Outcome Of Johnny Depp Verdict?

Well, it’s hard to predict the outcome of the trial because both sides are giving their best to win the case. But in the next trial, you may expect some more allegations and shocking revelations. 

All in all, it’s the jury panel who is there to announce the final verdict. Till then, let’s not leap to a conclusion. But whoever wins will surely ask for compensation for the damage to their image. 

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Final Words 

The Johnny Depp verdict is set to take a new turn as soon final trial is conducted. Therefore, we hope they handle things maturely and with utmost patience. Do share what you think about them!

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