30 Super Cute July 4 Nails Ideas! Designs With Stars, Stripes, And More! 


May I present some July 4 nails ideas to you? Because let’s be honest, you’ve been doing the same nail art for quite a few years now. I understand you’ve got only three colors to create some design with. And I also understand that you think there’s a limit to what you can do with a limited color palette. 

Might I suggest otherwise? Because it’s high time that we switch up our nail art game. There are a lot of July 4 memes, food, and desserts to try. But we have not yet come across super cute 4th of July nail designs. So, instead of simply frowning upon this injustice, I have compiled a list of some easy-to-do nail art designs. 

There’s something for everyone on this list. If you’re a minimalist like me, you can always opt for simple red or blue nails. If you want something effortless but festive, grab glittery nail paint and watch your nails sparkle! But if you want to go over and beyond and have the most unique nails for the Fourth of July, I’ve got you covered. 

Here Are Some July 4 Nails Ideas For You To Try Out This Holiday Season! It’s Time To Level Up Our Nail Art Game, Folks!

Believe me, your 4th of July outfit will not be considered complete without a matching nail art design. So, it’s in your favor to read this article till the end. I’ll spoil you with some highly attractive choices. And believe me, you are going to fall short of hands to try out all these cool nail designs. 

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1# Stars And Sparkles

These nails utilize our limited color palette really well. There are stars, stripes, glitter, and more. If you’re in the mood for something extra and want to stand out in the crowd, give these nails a try! 

2# Glitter With A Pop Of Color 

This nail design utilizes red, blue, white, and glitter nail paint. Try out these nails if you want a pop of color on your nails. 

3# Stars And Stripes

These cute nails are a perfect combination of french manicure but with stars and stripes. Like me, you’ll definitely like these nails if you’re more of a minimalist. 

4# Ombre Nails With Fireworks

Ombre nails but with a miniature representation of fireworks? Yes, please. You’ll like this nail art if you want something minimalistic, but with a dash of golden, this nail art will be the right choice for you. 

5# Abstract Flag Design

Grab white, red, and baby blue nail paint for these festive nails. Recreate this design to flaunt an abstract flag design and your patriotic feelings!

6# Half Red, Half French Mani

These nails are a 50-50 combo of a red and french manicure. This nail art design proves that two classics, all-time favorite nail designs will look even prettier when paired together for the 4th of July. 

7# Alternating Red, Blue Half Moons, And French Tips

No two nails will look the same with this alternating red and blue nail art design. These nails are a simple DIY that requires red, blue, sheer, and nude nail paints. 

8# Everything Is Blue

These nails are probably one of the simplest nail designs on this entire list. To recreate this list, you will need ten different shades of blue nail polish. 

9# I See Red

These nails are similar to the blue ones mentioned above. To recreate this minimalistic July 4 Nails design, you’ll require different shades of red. 

10# Little White Stars With French Tips

With white nail polish, you can create these cute little white stars and french tips for the 4th of July. This nail art is a playful example of classic stars and stripes. 

11# Sheer Nails With Little Golden Stars

When your nails are as perfectly oval-shaped as in the image above, you wouldn’t want to have a lot of nail polish. So, opt for a neutral nail paint and add dainty golden stars on the top. 

 12# 3D Stars On A Basic Mani

These nails make for a fun DIY to level up your plain manicure. After a basic manicure, add dots of nail glue and then drop these confetti stars on them. The process becomes easier if you prefer gel nail polish. 

14# Classic French Look But Levelled Up

You can level up your classic French mani by adding layers of red, white, and blue lines. For a neater result, you can use striping tape between each shade. 

15# Red Oval Nails With White Stars

For the Fourth of July, you can level up your red summer nail look by adding a few white stars! This nail design will suit you if you want something minimalistic for the occasion. 

16# Asymmetrical Space Mini

Contrary to the popular belief, white nail paint doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it fun for the Fourth of July by creating a white negative space design. 

17# Fiery Red Waves On Nails

Next time you get hold of red nail paint, don’t bother with creating straight lines. And if you’re someone like me, you already can’t paint straight lines. But, no worries! You can paint wavy lines like this for the Fourth of July! 

18# Blue Tips With Red Half Moons

If you can’t pick one between a half-moon and a French tip, then it’s okay! Because this two-tone nail design gives you the liberty to have both! You can paint the base of your nail red and the free edge a baby blue. 

19# Red And Blue Flowers

This cute and classy floral look can be achieved by using a dotter tool or even a bobby pin if you don’t have the latter. You have to dip either of the two in your nail polish and put little dots of the color on your nails!

20# Pop Art Nails

Before you argue that Pop art nails were trendy back in the back of 2020, let me tell you that this look can be recreated for the Fourth of July too! There’s a little bit of everything in this look: stars, stripes, gold, polka dots. Apart from nail polishes, you’ll need some patience too though. 

21# Red And Blue Space Mani

Abstract nail art can never go wrong. Period. So, consider creating this negative space mani look using red and blue nail paint. Also, get creative and trade your white nail polish for a light gray one. 

22# Firework Nails

If you wish your nails to represent the sky on the Fourth of July, go for this design that will make your nails look like fireworks. You’ll need colorful, metallic or chrome, and glittery nail polish. 

23# Effortless Stripes

Fiery red, deep blue, simple nude– you can pick either of these nail polishes. Once done, you can draw simple stripes on your nails. You’ll require the extraordinary skill of painting straight lines, though. 

24# Blue Waves

If you can’t draw a straight line to save your life, then these blue squiggles will come to your rescue. With this Blue waves nail design, you won’t have to be perfect. Instead, choose to be playful. 

25# Blue Bold Strokes

This design is similar to the above one because you don’t need to make straight lines. After painting the base blue, you can let your creative side come to the surface. Make strokes, lines, or shapes that your heart wishes. 

26# Blue Twinkles But, Glittery

Use your glittery blue nail polish to create these little diamonds to make your nails sparkle. The diamonds can be of varying sizes. Once you’re done, add a clear top coat to achieve a shinier look. 

27# Captain America Nails

If Captain America was looking for 4th of July nail designs, I’m so sure that this is what he’d choose. But, if you’re a huge marvel fan, you can choose this design too!

28# French Mani With Flag Effect

For the Fourth of July, trade your basic French mani with this playful and artistic flag pattern. This look will go perfectly with round or almond-shaped nails. 

29# Galaxy Themed Nails

Get creative and opt for these tie-dye designs that will make your nails represent the galaxy. You’ll need a little bit of red, white, and blue nail polish in a bowl and double the amount of patience. But believe me, the result will be worth it. 

30# Glittery, Sparkly Blue Nails

If you want something effortless but stunning, grab your blue glittery nail polish and get to work! You can never go wrong with glittery nail paints. They deliver super festive nail looks each time! 

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Final Words  

These were some July 4 nail ideas! Tell me, which one did you like the best?! Which one will you be trying next? The one with wavy lines or the straight ones?! I’m really curious to know! 

So, share your choice (s) with me in the comment section down below! 

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